My great time in Sweden – at the robotics R&D

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Working at the robotics R&D

Hej! So it’s time for an update! Since my last blog-post I’ve had the great opportunity of being abroad for almost six months. More specifically in Huskvarna, Sweden – the place where Husqvarna Group was once founded!

On the professional side I’ve made a shift from the development of irrigation controller software to the development of robotics hardware. So the first thing, when I arrived at our office in Huskvarna was to receive a detailed course about everything that one has to know about robotic lawnmowers. Starting at the product range to the details of the embedded system, which can be described as the brain of the robots.

I started my period in Huskvarna in 18th March and it turned out that I arrived at just the right time to be part of developing a new robotic lawnmower model. Since I’m an electrical engineer my task was the development of the mainboard for this product. For me this was a great chance to gain a very detailed knowledge about the components and technology that is used in our robots. It was a very good experience for me to really participate in a bigger project. It gave me the opportunity to learn the processes and of course more about the Swedish lifestyle. The office culture in Sweden is definitely characterized by a so called Fika, which is having a coffee and chat with colleagues or friends.

Additionally during the project I was able to join a workshop in our factory in Aycliffe (UK). It was really instructive, because I could really see and learn how our robotic lawnmowers are built and what the challenges in the production lines are.

Except for three small weekend trips home to Germany I stayed the whole period in Sweden. Thus I had really a lot of time to spend in, around and outside of the city. So I really felt like I got to know the place. One of the things I liked most about it, was the closeness to nature – even in the city there a lot of small parks with lakes and behind the factory of Husqvarna Group there is a beautiful waterfall.

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Back in Stockholm

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Hi again fans,

I’m now back in Stockholm, and with only a few months left, reality is starting to sneak up on you. We are now in a process of finding our positions after the programme, so life is a bit in limbo at the moment. However, there are still daily tasks to do, and I am now working in the strategy department of the Lantmännen group. My supervisor, Patrik, is the director of strategy in Lantmännen, so by following him around and asking a thousand questions, I’ve learned a lot in the first month. I don’t have one specific project to take care of, rather more ad-hoc tasks, a research project for the food division and assisting Patrik whenever he needs me.

I enjoy being back in beautiful Stockholm, and being able to experience a bit of the summer here is fantastic. Hugo and I were even invited to a Swedish crayfish party by fellow graduate, Johanna, and her old KTH crew. I love the snapsvisor!

Crayish party
This crayfish party location blew away the Dane 😀

Alongside, we (trainees) are working on strategic group assignments, where Hugo, Johan and I are working on a project regarding plastics. As I already worked with the plastic issue when I was at Aspen, I thought it would be interesting to utilise my knowledge and insights on a group level. We have been working on the assignment for half a year now, and have our grand presentation in 3 weeks – exciting times!

That was a quick update from my side

Stay tuned,

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One year anniversary!

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Servus Traineebloggen!

My name is Albin, currently working from Germany as part of the Global Graduate Program – Wave 3 in SKF. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden approximately 6km away from the birthplace of SKF. I have now been in SKF for one year and time flies. The next wave of global graduates starts soon, and I remember thinking when I started, how far away 1,5 years felt like. That’s the length of the total program covering an introduction month and three different rotations, five months each. My fellow global graduate colleagues have been explaining more in-depth about this earlier, so I will focus on some personal reflections instead.

The three Swedish graduates of Wave 3. From the left, me, Josefin, Carl-Philip

So, one year in what are my key takeaways from this program?

  • Exposure. This is not at all as starting as a graduate at a “normal” position. The possibility to get to learn and discuss with people from the very top of the organization from day one is a great inspiration source, especially for a leadership geek like me!
  • Seriousness. This is not like school and despite that the purpose foremost is to learn, you are always working in real, global and very important projects throughout the program. For me, it is easier to learn by really testing or implementing something, rather than sitting in the library reading about it.
  • Happiness. We are a group of ten very different individuals. But every time when we meet up we have a lot of fun together. Also, the support from nine others, going through almost the same roller coaster ride as you, is great. Especially since we all have different perspectives and was to look at things.
Hiking in the alps with some graduate colleagues

And what are my key takeaways about SKF as a company?

  • Transformation. There is a lot of things happening in the industrial sector. If you want to see and learn how digitalization truly can change a business, SKF is the right place to be.
  • Skilled. There is so many knowledgeable people and experts at SKF and you will always be amazed and humbled when meeting different persons. The cool thing though is that everyone is still listening to you as a newcomer, fresh from UNI.
  • Global. Do you want to travel the world? Meet and speak to people from different nationalities and cultures every day? I am feeling blessed by having the possibility to do those things, while I am working. We are present in around 130 different countries. Just take a minute or two to think about that.

So, what have I been up to? My first rotation took place in Gothenburg at our head office, working with product data and implementing an information management system. My second rotation is close to an end now. I have been spending five months in Germany at our biggest site in Schweinfurt. Here I have been working with the Internet of Things team on a connectivity project as a part of our journey to Industry 4.0.

Cinnamon buns made by me and my Swedish graduate colleague Philip

For my third and final rotation, I will be moving to Jakarta, Indonesia. There I will spend five months driving different digitalization projects related to our customers. I am sure that it will be a big challenge, both culture and technology-wise since the Indonesian market is very different in those aspects comparing to both Sweden and Germany. However, I am excited since I believe that we can produce a great amount of value by sharing thoughts, ideas and best practices in a multi-cultural environment. With SKF being present in more than 130 countries, we are truly multi-cultural. But still, we share the same values: high ethics, empowerment, openness and teamwork.

Would you like to be a part of the SKF family? Do not miss out the great opportunity to become a Global Graduate. I know at least that I have not looked back with regrets.

All the best,

Albin Sävhage

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Going nuts in CPH!

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Hi all,

Time for me (Hugo) to share my latest experience with you! Since last time I’ve left Finland and Agro Oy, had a nice summer vacation and then moved to Copenhagen to join UBI (Unibake International). A few weeks into this project and it feels as if I’m beginning to get my speed up with the project and getting to know the city. Actually, have already bought a bike and weared it out, had it repaired and collected it, so it feels as if I’m a true Copenhagian already!

Sightseeing in CPH never lets you down

My project at Agro Oy was to look into the seed business and where to produce and pack it. Now at UBI, my project is also focusing at seeds but this time seeds that go on top of the Danish rye bread, and not seeds that are sown in the Finnish fields. More specific, my project is part of Unibakes overall procurement strategy and in order to align the Nuts & Seeds category with that strategy some analysis needs to be made – that’s where I come into the equation! So far that has led to some deep dive in spend data and to reach out to colleagues and suppliers. Also, especially in the role as a trainee rotating within the group, it is really interesting looking from a “helicopter view” identifying other parts in the Lantmännen Group were we procure similar products and where we could find potential synergies.

But, even if the office is great there’s also a lot going on in the rest of the city. For example, this week a big running event took place where pretty much all companies from CPH participate. A great event where you team up with 4 other colleagues and run a relay (5×5 km), and then hang out by the tent with the rest of your colleagues, grill some burgers and drink some Tuborg while cheering at the passing runners. Fun thing!

Many excited Unibake-runners!
Great job by team Supply Chain – Jóhann, Anne, Katja, me & Frank

Finally, even if it’s still the beginning of this fourth period, it is quickly approaching the end of this trainee program. Thinking back to a year ago when starting this program I really thought I would have figured out what I wanted to do by now, but after three great projects and one going in the same directions, i must say it will be difficult to decide!

Well, next time we meet we’ll know, exciting!

Until then,


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From Ukrainian cereals to Swedish fuel

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Hi again!

Last time I wrote, I was in Kiev (where Sebastian is at the moment, as you can read in his last blog post). After returning to Sweden, I had some vacation before it was time to move again. This time to Gothenburg!

I have been to Gothenburg several times, but only for a few days each time, so it is going to be great to experience this city for a longer period. Even though it is the second largest city in Sweden, my first impression is that it is not as hectic as Stockholm can be sometimes. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Stockholm, but Gothenburg has a slightly different vibe and I believe I will really enjoy these three months here.

The reason for me going to Gothenburg is to work at Aspen, located in Hindås (about 30 min outside of Gothenburg). Aspen’s most well-known product is an alkylate fuel, which means it is basically free from sulfur, benzene and solvents. Hence, it is better for human, machine and the environment.

My exact assignment at Aspen will be determined along the way, depending on my initial findings. But broadly, I will look at potential new segments for Aspen or existing segments that are worth pursuing even further. So far, I believe it is a very exciting project that will hopefully be valuable for Aspen in the future. Also, I really like the atmosphere at Aspen. Even though it has grown to a large company, it still has a kind of entrepreneurial spirit, which suits me very well. I will let you know more about my time here in my next blog post in a few months.

Allt gött!


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Swecon and SGA

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Hi everyone!

Vanessa is here and I will be taking over the blog for this week. As Sebastian indicated before, the trainees are now moving on to the fourth and last rotation of this program. Woopwoop. For me, I am heading to Swecon in Düsseldorf, Germany. I will be working on making improvements for customer satisfaction assessment on Swecon’s service work. Since I studied in Germany and already speak the language, it is easier for me to adapt to the new environment.

It has been almost two weeks since I moved in here and I can surely say that Düsseldorf is a lovely place. The city is bigger than I thought, very multicultural and lively as well. Most of people here are still in vacation/summer vibes since summer is still around the corner. Swecon office itself lies a bit outside the city and has nice colleagues. There is no common breakfast session like in Stockholm office, but lunch always works, which is my chance to get to know people (and remember their names as well).

Beside our main projects, we are also assigned to another side project called Strategic Group Assignment (read Anton’s story about his SGA here). For me, Lovisa, and Moa, we are looking at production of biochar at Lantmännen and its potential markets. Since mid-March, we have been reading a lot of information about what biochar is, how to produce them, interviewing people within and outside of Lantmännen, following up information to our stakeholders, attending a workshop on biochar, meeting experts, making different analysis of our findings, and the list goes on. At our surprise, many people put actual interests in this 🙂

Also, we got a chance to visit biochar production site located in Stockholm, which was our first time to see how biochar production plant looks like.

You can take biochar for your plant at home here for free

Now that we are approaching the end of SGA, we are really excited to see end results. Working on SGA has been a nice experience and I think my trainee colleagues would agree with me as well. Not only the networking part, but also working on a real business case that Lantmännen truly wants to develop, which is great!

I am now signing off for the weekend, hope you all have a great one!


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Next Stop: Ukraine

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Greetings from Kiev!

This week on the Lantmännen trainee blog: Sebastian makes his third appearance – this time from Ukraine.

After a great summer filled with various vacation activates, it was time to get back to work this week. For me that meant packing my bags, downloading Duolingo, and getting on a plane to Boryspil Airport in Kiev. My dear trainee colleague Johan was here during his third trainee assignment, and after hearing his wonderful tales about this magical place, I simply had to follow in his footsteps.

As I am writing this, I have only been in Kiev for five days so I don’t have a firm grasp of this city quite yet. My first impression, however, is that Johan was right about this place – it has great people, beautiful scenery, and amazing food. I cannot wait to explore this country further over the next three months.

The main reason Lantmännen sent me to Kiev, though, was not to develop a deep appreciation for borscht, but rather to develop a business continuity plan. Lantmännen is the Ukrainian market leader in breakfast cereals and all products here are locally produced. That means that Lantmännen has a factory as well as a sales/marketing office in Kiev.  

Creating a business continuity plans means working with the local operations director to ensure that the local business can get back on its feet as quickly as possible after major interruptions. In order to do this, I will first need to identify potential risks that could lead to major interruptions, such as natural disasters, loss of utilities, or major machinery breakdowns. Then, I will determine what the most critical business functions are and how said risks could impact each critical function. Finally, I will develop strategies for each critical business function to get back to normal after potential interruptions. Doesn’t it sound fun?!

Since I only have three months to accomplish all of that, I should probably get back to work now.

Until next time!

З повагою,


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This is just the beginning

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Hello, I’m Melissa from SKF’s Global Graduate Program – Wave 3, representing the USA! As you already know from past posts, the Global Graduate Program is a rotational program, which includes 1 month of training in Gothenburg and 3 rotations (5 months each) in different locations and business units.

In May 2018, I graduated from Temple University, in Philadelphia, with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

How and why SKF?
I always knew about SKF, but for some reason never thought to apply. Through word-of-mouth I found out about an internship opportunity at SKF, so the summer prior to graduation, I got some experience in SKF’s MarComm department. I went back to school, but kept in close contact with HR. This is how I heard about the Global Graduate Program and a short time later, I was hired by SKF USA Inc. in Business Consulting.

And so it begins…
Training: September 2018
Of course before the rotations began, all the trainees from Wave 3 gathered at SKF HQ in Gothenburg. These 4 weeks were filled with trainings, inspring words from top-management and fun bonding activities! I’d have to say, Wave 3 is a pretty good group of people – 10 graduates from 6 different countries!

Rotation 1: October 2018 – February 2019
After training in Sweden, I headed back home (USA) for my first rotation in Business Consulting. My main project was Supply Chain 4.0. With little knowledge about supply chain and logistics, it was quite challenging and I needed to step outside of my comfort zone. The goal of this project was to shorten the supply chain and create end-to-end visibility (from an SKF planner all the way to the customer). In this project, I was able to visit Motion Industries, SKF USA’s largest distributor, in order to see and actually experience the distribution process.

Gathering: March 2019
During the first two weeks of March, all Wave 3 graduates headed back to Gothenburg to debrief about our first rotations and to watch Wave 2’s graduation presentations, as they just finshed their third and final rotation.

Rotation 2: April 2019 – August 2019
And this brings us to my second and current rotation… In Gothenburg, Sweden in Communications Studio. I am the Project Manager for Meet the World. This project is like no other in SKF. It’s SKF’s largest CSR project. Gothia Cup is the world’s largest youth football tournament and SKF is the main sponsor (since 2007). Held every summer, Gothia Cup is a meeting place for kids (ages 11-18) from all over the world to come together, not only to play football, but to experience a new culture, meet new friends and create memories of a lifetime – irrespective of skin color, religion, etc. As SKF shares the same values as Gothia Cup, it is the perfect partnership.

Now what’s Meet the World? It’s a “pre-tournament.” With SKF being present all over the world, it allows our local units to host pre-tournaments of underpriviledged teams. The winner of this locally organized tournament wins a fully paid trip to Gothenburg to compete in Gothia Cup!

This year, 22 teams represented SKF in Gothia Cup, totaling in over 400 people from 21 nations. As project manager, I was responsible for the launch of a digital campaign (Instagram dance competition) and for the communication between all stakeholders, including Gothia Org, AMEX (travel agency), Sandberg Trygg (Ad agency) and all local SKF project managers. SKF Since Gothia Cup have recently passed (July 15-20), I am now working on a Project Management Guide so the project can be easily replicated.

SKF activation at Gothia Cup. This is where we ran the Instagram campaign!
Dinner with local SKF Meet the World project managers

This was truly and experience of a lifetime. Incredibily eye-opening and heartwarming. It is so hard to put the experience into words because Gothia Cup is something you have to experience for youself!

My manager and I at the SKF Arena.

What’s next?
After the next gathering for Wave 3 this coming September, I will head off to my third and final rotation… in SKF Canada. I will be located in the Calgary office in the Digital Solutions department!

Overall SKF is a fantastic company to work for. And yes, this is truly just the beginning!

I hope you enjoyed learning about my journey through SKF so far! That’s all for now!

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Hej alla bloggläsare!

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Sommaren är här och traineeåret börjar gå mot sitt slut. Jag heter William Lundqvist och är sist ut här på TraineeBloggen under årets upplaga av Swedavias traineer. Mitt hemmakontor ligger på Arlanda, där jag till vardags arbetar på strategiavdelningen. Tycker du det verkar spännade att jobba på en flygplats? Då har du hittat rätt! Förhoppningsvis kommer det här inlägget ge dig inblick i vad du kan förvänta dig som trainee här hos oss!

Vårt ljusa och luftiga kontor som inspirerar mig varje dag! Vi har fri placering och flertalet bokningsbara rum i olika storlekar.

Under ditt år som trainee kommer du få en bred kunskap om vad det innebär att driva och utveckla en flygplats – tro mig, det är mer än vad många tror! Inom Swedavia ryms allt från långsiktig strategisk planering till minutoperativ drift, samtidigt som vi ständigt jobbar med exempelvis hållbarhetsfrågor och att erbjuda attraktiva resenärsupplevelser, med allt vad det innebär. Listan över de områden vi rör oss inom kan göras lång, vilket medför att du själv har möjlighet att påverka din inriktning under årets gång.

Just strategiavdelningen där jag sitter spelar en central roll i organisationen, då vi genomför och driver strategiska processer, projekt och analyser. Avdelningen är ett stöd för både ledning och verksamhet i den strategiska planeringen, vilket innefattar att driva processen för exempelvis affärsplanering och den strategiska hållbarhetsplanen. Vi genomför även trendanalyser för att förstå omvärldsförändringar. Hur kommer dagens trender påverka marknaden imorgon, och hur skapar vi förutsättningar för att agera ur både kort och långt perspektiv? Spännande och viktiga frågeställningar.

Som trainee har jag även arbetsuppgifter kopplat till andra avdelningar, där jag gjort projekt inom bland annat Innovation, Ekonomi och Marknad & Kommersiell utveckling. Jag har även varit med i ledningsgruppen för Strategi & hållbarhet samt medverkat under forum där frågor av hög strategiskt vikt diskuteras. Jag har lärt känna personer på alla nivåer i organisationen, från operativ drift till koncernledning. Att ha förståelse för hur olika avdelningar arbetar är idag en stor tillgång i arbetet, och med ett brett kontaktnät finns det alltid någon att kontakta vid frågor. Arbetsklimatet är varmt och välkomnande, så du kommer garanterat få det stöd du behöver för att känna dig trygg i din roll och dina arbetsuppgifter.

Utöver detta tillkommer givetvis roliga resor och utbildningar kopplat till traineeåret, förra veckan var vi exempelvis i Visby under Almedalsveckan för att hjälpa till på flygplatsen och rapportera från seminarium där Swedavia medverkade. En härlig inledning på sommaren!

Jag och min traineekollega Agnes en solig måndagsmorgon på Visby flygplats.

Efter sommaren väntar nya utmaningar för oss alla. Efter semestern kommer jag börja som projektledare på Swedavias IT-avdelning, och de andra inom andra spännande delar av organisationen. Swedavia har varit mycket lyhörda för våra önskemål och aktivt deltagit i att lägga grunden för vår fortsatta utveckling även efter traineeårets slut, vilket känns fantastiskt bra! Avslutningsvis vill jag tacka mina härliga kollegor för det här året, och tack till dig för att du tog dig tid att läsa detta blogginlägg. Ha en underbar sommar!

En blandning bilder från året som gått.

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Traveling the world of Lantmännen

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Hallo, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, привет, привіт, Halløj!

So you might wonder why I am using so many languages. Well, since last time I posted here at the blog, these are the languages I have encountered and I thought that I would tell you a bit more about my travels and how international Lantmännen is.

Hallo and Bonjour are both coming from the languages I hear every day here at the office in Belgium. Since last time I have had the opportunity to see the Brussels office where Unibake BeNeFrItEs had an employee gathering for all the employees. It was a great opportunity to meet employees from all the different countries within this cluster (Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Spain). During the evening we listened to interesting lectures, played games and attended our own street food festival with Unibake products! I thought it was particularly interesting to see examples of how to bring brands “alive” and give them a story, as compared to just telling the consumer that the product is good.

The lecturer told us to tell your customers why your brand is different. Does your brand have a purpose? 

A Unibake Street Food Festival with colleges from the Unibake BeNeFrItEs countries 🙂

But how on earth does привет and привіт come into the picture?! Well, as Anton posted earlier, all trainees have a SGA (Strategic Group Assignment) in parallel and me, Anton and Sebastian are looking at Cerealia’s International Growth model. This project took us to Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine where Cerealia is active, in order to see how the markets are developing. In Russia, Cerealia is selling both Axa museli but also Finn Crisp. Unibake is also on the Russian market and we had the opportunity to visit their office and learn more about Russian trends. One thing that was clear was that Russian people love Georgian food and we just had to try it. I totally understand the hype, as it was one of the most delicious foods I have ever tasted! Me, Anton and Sebastian started planning on opening our own Georgian restaurant in Stockholm when we retire! Exciting times!

Delicious Georgian food! We couldn’t wait to dig in…

Off course we took the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Moscow and in Kiev we met up with Johan who is doing his third project there. He showed us around the beautiful city and you can see some of it in the pictures below.

Me and my SGA-team at the Red Square in Moscow 🙂

Moscow gets 5 out of 5 toasters, a great city!

Above you can see some of the very beautiful buildings in Kiev!

Visiting Johan in Kiev. And yes, I am short, but that is only half the story in this picture 😉

After this trip, it was time to meet up all the other trainees in Copenhagen for a recharge = Halløj Denmark! At the end of each project we always have a recharge where we tell each other about our projects, we visit one of the businesses and see some of the production and listen to employees telling us about the business itself and about their own careers. This time we visited Unibake and we got to hear about their strategy, see bread production, as well as hear more about one employee’s interesting career. During the evening Mikkel had arranged a boat tour in Copenhagen and dinner at a great Italian restaurant! Thank you Mikkel!

Happy trainees on a boat tour around Copenhagen! 🙂

Also, the evening before the recharge, eight out of nine trainees met up in Copenhagen and we went to an outdoor concert, we swam and had dinner together. And rode a lot of electric scooters.

Above: Touring around Copenhagen 🙂

Above: Concert and trainees enjoying dinner together!

Meeting up with all the trainees and hearing what they are up to is always so much fun! But for now, we will all have some well deserved vacation! See you in August! /Johanna

Have a great summer everyone!

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