End of the Trainee Program…


Time is flying and the end of the trainee program is coming to an end.

I have been in the US for approx 3 months now and it’s been a great experience with hard work, laughter, and a lot of travelling. I have been in charge for the business development for the Southern US market so you can imagine the traveling I have done during 11 weeks now.  The great memories that I’ll take with me involve for example morning surf in La Jolla, San Diego, saying grace with a customer in the desert :-), and having a nice coffee break among the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Both Johan and I have been working very hard and it’s been paying off so we can leave US with our heads held high! We are about to finalise our project and looking forward to a nice Christmas party with not only our American colleagues but also people from HQ and their families.

Our Company Owner flew over to US in the beginning of November to discuss our future at Handheld. The positions are not official so I won’t be able to mention the outlook yet but what I can say is that it is a great program and hard work really pays off.

Happy thanksgiving!


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Handhelds IMTP involves both national as well as international presence.  So far I have been exposed to numerous European countries while also being Country Manager for an Asian country.

It’s been approximately 9 months since I started at Handheld, and 9 incredibly interesting months.

I’m currently in USA where we finalize our program. I’m still working on a few projects that were established earlier this year but the main focus here in the US is to boost our presence on the US market. Our US subsidiary has been in business for almost 3 years now and it is extremely interesting, challenging and fun to be a part of something rather new and successful.

My main task while I’m in the US is to segment, evaluate and establish business partnerships with the most potential business partners for Handheld. So right now I’m in San Francisco where I had a few meetings + Trade Shows and now on my way to catch up with a few mates from Australia and go and watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball. Next week I will be in San Diego…

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Theoretical training provided by ITM, Exportstiftelsen

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ITM, Exportstiftelsen

It hit me that you might wonder how the theoretical training is provided and by whom. Handheld decided to let ITM Exportstiftelsen provide the theoretical training during the 12 months trainee period. This decision was made due to the fact that the trainees receive an outside perspective where we apply Handheld as a real-time case during the 12 diverse seminars.

The seminars that ITM offer include e.g. International Trade Management, International Payment & Financing, and International Law. You might think that “oh I have already done those” but so have I and I can assure you that these seminars are highly valuable since the professors are incredibly talented, reputable and have extensive work experience. These seminars are held by industry professionals and reputable professors from all across the world.

The idea behind ITMs concept is to offer SMEs a full trainee program similar to the trainee programs offered by large corporations. ITM offer 4 different concepts where we are enrolled in the “International Management Trainee” program. So, ITM assist Handheld with most of the recruitment process along with theoretical training during the trainee period. We just finished our last seminars and received a diploma from ITM which is also a part of the Executive MBA program that ITM will offer in a short period of time.  Below I have attached the link to ITMs webpage. http://www.itmworldwide.org/Default.aspx?objectID=80

Ps just arrived in the US, will talk more about that in the next post…


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