Starting my journey as a Global Graduate at SKF

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sören and since August 2019 I am a Global Graduate at SKF. Though originally from Germany, I have spent the last 5 years studying in Sweden finishing with a master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.

The First Rotation

During my first rotation, I am at my “home” department in Gothenburg working on technologies that are enabling SKF’s Rotating Equipment Performance (REP) strategy. With REP we are moving from selling bearings to our customers to selling reliable rotation. This means that we apply our knowledge from many years in different industries and cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to keep the machines of our customers running as long as possible. Thereby we create a win-win for our customers and SKF.

As my first project, I am investigating the business impact our machine learning models are having. This is a very interesting project since it includes finance and technology across different parts of SKF. This was one of the major reasons for me to apply to the graduate program at SKF. It is possible to use your knowledge and skills in different environments.

The program gives us a truly holistic view of SKF. Last week, I had the chance to experience working as an operator in one of our factories. Here, I could see how large-size bearings are produced and assembled. Especially, the assembling can be a tough job with bearings weighting more than 300kg and the shift starting at 05:48 in the morning. However, I could also witness that the operators are happy working for SKF. Not only the focus on safety but also the amount of responsibility and trust given to the operators create a great working climate. In SKF, empowerment is definitely not an empty word but is applied throughout the company!

What’s to come

While I am enjoying my time here in Sweden, I am looking forward to my upcoming rotations. My next stop will be China where I will be leading my own project developing a computer vision application using artificial intelligence. I am excited to be deep-diving into our manufacturing process in the context of Industry 4.0. Since my rotation is split I will spend 2 months in India working with improving our bearings’ quality, getting yet another perspective.

For my third rotation, it is time to return to the REP. This time though, I will be working in our sales unit in Latin America learning about our customers’ needs in different industries. As you can see, the program throws you into different demanding challenges. However, my experience until now has shown me that we always get great support. This can be from our managers, mentors or co-workers.  

SKF Global Graduates Wave 4

As you probably already guessed from the posts of the others, having a group of graduates going through the program with you makes it an even better time. Judging from the introduction month, all the gatherings between the rotations here in Gothenburg will be a lot of fun which is definitely not limited to regular working hours 😉. Additionally, it is great to exchange experiences we make in our monthly online meetings. This gives us an even broader view of the company and shows us we are not the only ones facing challenges!

Daria and me at the student fair GADDEN at Handelshögskolan

In conclusion, even being at SKF for a fairly short time I have gotten a good insight into the company and it is fun to work here. I am looking forward to the next 2 rotations in 3 different countries getting an even more global perspective.

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight into the life of a graduate at SKF.



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My Shot!

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Hey everyone, my name is Jakub, but everybody call me Kuba. It’s my first post here, and I wanted to give you my impression on the Graduate Program, some challenges I faced and a final thought for you.

I’m from Poznań, Poland. I have a background in Mechatronics and Engineering Management. Starting this year I’m part of SKF’s Global Graduate Program Wave 4.

Time to get serious for Challenges to come

My impression on the Graduate Program

Each Wave in the Global Graduate Program lasts for 1,5 years. During that time we are supposed to work in three different locations, with different people and on different projects.

My impression – diversity, different cultures working together

Why is it cool for the Company? We can get a great start in the company and get the immersion in different cultures and working environments. I honestly believe that experience gained in this Program will be beneficial to the site we will end up in, we can provide a great outside in perspective, and use the takeaways we got from our rotations.

Ok, but what is cool for us in it so far? We get an unique opportunity to get a head start in the company. During our first Gathering in Goteborg we got the chance to meet each other…but also every member from our Top Management. To say that they are inspiring is really an understatement. We got really a lot of positive energy and encouragement from them. Since the beginning we got to meet people from different countries, cultures and environments. And we didn’t start our rotations in foreign countries yet.

Don’t get me wrong there were also some challenges on the way.


I’m a first Graduate coming from Poznań. Understanding of this Program, it’s purpose and deliverables wasn’t that high when I started my journey here. Getting to know the company and explaining the difference between a Graduate and a future employee in a specific department was challenging. How we handled it? I suggested to my Manager that I could go to different sites we have in Poland, to see different departments and how they work. That led to the discussion of the Program and the outside-in perspective.

What is more in my first Project I was put in a role of a Project Manager for improving the efficiency of one of our new production channels. Not having an actual team, getting to know the people, the process and the company, all from the position of a newcomer and being put in charge of the whole project was challenging. These were my challenges, but it was also My Shot to develop.

My Shot!

Even if you are not that much into musicals I still encourage you to listen to “My Shot” from Hamilton musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s one of my favorites, and I think it fits really well with the Graduate Program. The general idea is to come from the position of the Underdog and aim as high as possible, and then even higher. If there is a challenge face it and gain from it. If there is an opportunity size it.

In my opinion and from my experience so far, being a Graduate is an unique opportunity for self-development, gaining knowledge and new experiences. It’s a great head-start in your carrier and in your whole life, at least that how it was for me. Sometimes it’s challenging, sure, but it’s a lot of fun. I took My Shot, and I really hope you will take yours! If you need any support, have any questions or want to know more from me, feel free to reach out and contact, I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can.

Until next time,

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From automation to saving polar bears, My SKF graduate journey

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Hi all,

My name is Carl Philip Fredborg and I am a Global Graduate at SKF. I’m an engineer from KTH in Stockholm where I studied production engineering & management. Let me tell you about my journey in the SKF graduate program.

First rotation

When I joined SKF the first weeks were reserved for getting to know SKF, the other graduates and trainings. These weeks were intense in many ways but also rewarding.

Wave 3

I spent my first rotation at the central function Manufacturing and Process Development. Here my main project was to map the gap between today’s automated production and full autonomy. The project gave me a lot of insights into the bearing production of SKF, automation and obviously bearings. But more importantly, learning about the importance of effective and high-quality production plants.

Second rotation

In my second rotation I joined the IoT development team in Schweinfurt Germany. Here I was working with a connectivity project for our factories. Briefly explained; we were developing a device that enables SKF to utilize the power of the cloud on a shop floor level. My responsibility was to finalize the operation model for this device. This area was something completely new for me and I learned a lot about IT, IoT, industry 4.0 and what all of this means for SKF, both in terms of opportunities and challenges.

Photo of me, Albin, Ginevra, Melissa and our new German friends in Munich

Third Rotation

On my third and last rotation I am working with our latest acquisition, RecondOil. This is a clean-tech startup that has invented and patented a process that enables circular recovery of oil and the re-use of industrial oils with its original properties. In other words, we can use oil again, again and again where traditionally it has only been used once. By utilizing this technology, we can cut carbon emission with up to 90%.

Oil from a customer before and after treatment

At RecondOil I’m working with the implementation into our own factories where we are consuming industrial lubricants. We are expecting to see benefits in three areas: less spend on industrial lubricants, less CO2 emissions and better process quality. I’m really excited about this sustainable technology and I believe we can make a difference for our own manufacturing plants and customers but also the polar bears.

Tomas, R&D manager of Recond Oil, explaining the technology

That was all from me, If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Over and out!

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Take a chance to go out of your comfort zone

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Hello everyone! My name is Daria and I am Global Graduate in SKF company. This time I want to tell you about my journey in SKF and how it is exciting and important to be a part of such a good program!

So, let’s begin! I am from Russia, but during this program, I can say that I am the world citizen:) I graduated from the university Higher School of Economics with Master degree in Strategic Logistics and Supply chain management. I applied for this program with no clue about what kind of experience would it be. But, for this moment I am 100% sure that to go out of my comfort zone was worth it and below I will tell why:)

What happened?
1 Year in the Global Graduate program

For this moment I spent three gatherings in Sweden, where I met key SKF managers and met my colleagues from the Global Graduate program. It was amazing! Because they are all from different parts of the world and each of them is so interesting to talk and work with! We had a lot of fun together during gatherings and also while traveling to other cities.

During this period I already had two rotations. My first rotation was in Russia in Industrial sales for Railway business. It was my first time when I worked with customers directly and had a project in the engineering and sales fields. This rotation helped me to see inside part of Railway business and together with the team we launched a new kind of bearing on the Russian market.

My second rotation was in France in Logistics and Demand Chain department. It was my first experience in life to work in another country and culture. I can say that it was really great!

I was not only had a chance to work with French colleagues but also to understand their culture and to make friends! I had the opportunity to work on the warehouse productivity and also to be a part of the Lean material flow team.

What’s happening now/next
6 months more and exiting career after

During this month I met my colleagues from the Global Graduate Program in Göteborg, where we shared our abroad experiences. Two weeks with my colleagues were very inspiring! Now I have a lot of energy to start my new projects in the new fields. My last rotation will be split into two experiences, one project will be on the factory and another in the purchasing department. I will not only work with my colleagues on global projects but also will learn about Swedish culture!

Just to summarize my story I want to say that the main highlight during this program is that you are consciously developing. It is not only about your results in the projects, but it also is more about knowing yourself and your passion, listening to others and be empathetic, becoming a more open-minded, qualified and reliable person. When you really know yourself, love what you do and appreciate people with whom you work, everything will be fine and you will succeed! Just keep my words in mind;)

If you are still thinking about what should be your next step in life after university, read my post once again and feel free to contact me!

All the best,

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Learning through experience

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Ciao, hej and Nǐ hǎo TraineeBloggen!

My name is Nicola Brioschi and I’m part of the SKF’s Global Graduate Programme. I’m from Italy, with a background in mechanical engineering, ICE and turbomachinery specialization.
It’s been already 9 months that I joined SKF, having the fabulous opportunity to be part of this journey with other 10 colleagues from all over the world. Let’s go deeper into the details together…

The programme starts with a brief period in your home country (Italy for me) to get in touch with the local SKF and its environment. Suddenly, the real programme starts with an introduction month at the SKF headquarter in Gothenburg. I can’t imagine a better way to start your career in a global company: in this weeks you have the chance to meet the senior management, get the vision (A world of reliable rotation “) and mission (“The undisputed leader in the bearing business”) of the company and its way to achieve it.
The first impression that I had of the company made me feel that I made the right choice: SKF is a family, where there aren’t any barriers between employees, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter what is your job role; whoever you are in the corporation, you can get in contact with anyone to share knowledge, experience, ask questions about a particular stuff or just for a coffee during a break.
The time in Gothenburg was awesome and we participated in several trainings about Business Acumen, Finance, REP, products reviews and also a visit in the factory where bearings are manufactured: from raw material to a high-quality product. Furthermore, it gave me the possibility to meet the other 10 graduates as well as the previous SKF graduates. Funny activities and moments of reflection are mixed together and suddenly a great chemistry and synergy is created.

Wave 3 graduates with Alrik, SKF CEO

After the introduction month, I came back in Turin to start my first rotation, working on my own project. I was in the Product Development team for Super Precision Bearings, a product which requires a high level of running accuracy at high to extremely high speed (mainly spindles for machine tools, but you can find them also in racing, medical equipment…). I worked on a really technical project and I don’t want to annoy you with too much technical details: what I can say is that it gave me the chance to learn so many things about bearings, measuring systems, machine capabilities and 6 sigma principles. I am really grateful to all the people involved for giving me that opportunity, even if I was a fresh graduate.

Beside the bigger project, I was involved in the daily work of the office such as drawing preparation for customers or software simulations. During these 5 months I had also the opportunity to take several trainings on PLM, design courses and to take part at BIMU, the biggest fair in Italy on machine tools, robot, automation and digital manufacturing. The time flew and soon it was time to get back in Gothenburg for 2 weeks to share our experiences with our colleagues and have other powerful trainings as the GPM2 and the Agile way of working.

SKF Villar Perosa factory

As a trainee you are expected to be very flexible, that’s why I made luggage again for the second rotation: 5 months in Taiwan, at the machine tools solution factory. Here I am involved in different projects and activities with a close relationship with customers. If they experience problems in their application, mainly grinding, milling and turning, the solution factory can help them to find the root cause. In addition, we also design and mount spindles and components at the factory, selling to customers the assets and providing them monitoring services: only SKF can provide such a 360° offer!

But the journey in Asia is not yet finished for me… In June/July I am going to Shanghai for several customer visits where we will follow tests regarding SKF new products and solutions to reduce Noise & Vibration. Beside that, we want also to develop a more structured dialogue with customers to go deeper in their real needs and understand how SKF can help them when it comes to rotating parts. All the acquired information will be then passed to Product Development and Process to align. I am excited about seeing a new country and their way of doing business.

Trip with colleagues (or should I say friend?)

And after?

Another great point of the Programme is that you can actually choose your rotation and explore the most suited role for you. My next step will be in Steyr, Austria, working in manufacturing environment. Another part will be related to ReMan; this is quite a new business for SKF where basically we offer to customer remanufactured bearings, as well as service and condition monitoring to get more knowledge about the condition of their assets. If customer knows the condition of its asset in real time, he can also foresee maintenance period and change bearings without losing time; the used bearing can later be send to SKF Reman Centers to be inspected and remanufactured, giving them a new life. Can’t wait to set up another challenging project with my future manager!

Hope you have enjoyed the reading and gain some insights about the Programme and SKF in general!



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Starting global!

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Ciao everyone!

I’m Ginevra from Italy, I am an engineer and I am part of the SKF Global Graduate Programme wave 3. Being half way through the programme, I feel like it’s time to share with you how my experience has been so far.

I am sure that you already know how the programme is structured, but in case you don’t, I will summarize it briefly for you:

  • 1 introduction month in Gothenburg
  • 3 5-months rotations in different business units
  • 2-weeks gatherings in Sweden with all your graduate colleagues between the rotations

The start – Rotation 1

I’ve joined SKF in September 2018, and after a quick week in the office in Milan to know my colleagues and get my pc and mobile, it was already time to fly to Gothenburg for the introduction month! Needless to say that it was great experience. What really impressed me at the time was the availability and willingness of the senior management to meet us and share with us their views. As a young professional, it doesn’t happen that often be given a 360° overview of the company and of its strategy.

It was then time to go back to Italy for my first rotation! In Milan I joined our Industrial Sales team for 5 months. During this time I mainly worked on a market study project which included database analysis, future trends in the segment, our value proposition and the go-to-market strategy. In the meantime, a lot of customer visits with our account managers!

All wave 3 during the introduction month

What’s happening now – Rotation 2

After the gathering in Sweden with the other graduates (so nice to meet everyone again!) it was time to start a new experience: I moved here in Gothenburg to start my second placement in Business Development in one of our factories!

I was expecting to have a slow start, being the new one that is staying in the department for only some months but it was not the case. Here I found a team that has involved me in all the activities from day one – asking for my opinions and challenging my views – the best start I could ask for!

I am currently working on three different projects regarding our self-aligning roller bearings, and everyday I find myself working with people from all over the world. Plus, I get to spend some time in the factory, getting my hands dirty and understanding how our bearings come to life.

In the factory with one of our large size bearings

What will happen next – Rotation 3

In August I will move to Katrineholm to spend the last part of my second rotation in our housings factory, and I am looking forward to understanding more about our manufacturing.

In the last few days I have also started planning my third rotation, which will probably be a split one: 2 months in China, joining the Product Development team, and 3 months in Germany.

I am extremely excited about the next adventures, wish me luck!



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Global Graduate IT – My Journey

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Hej Hej and Servus, my name is Alex and I’ve joined SKF’s Global Graduate Program in September 2018. Let’s take a look at this exciting journey step by step.

I’m originally from a mid-sized town located in the southern part of Germany. In summer 2018, I graduated from the Julius-Maximilian’s University in Würzburg with a master’s degree in business information technology (Wirtschaftsinfomatik). While waiting for my final grades, I started to look around for possible job opportunities all over Germany.

At that moment I did not have a strong focus on a particular company, but what I was sure about, is that I wanted to work in an international environment and within the IT field.

During this time, I was on my way to visit a friend in the close by city of Schweinfurt. Coming from the highway, you can’t miss seeing SKF Germany’s HQ from afar, especially because it is written with huge letters on the building!

Source:pbp SKF Germany HQ in Schweinfurt, Germany

That was the moment, when SKF crossed my mind. The next day I sat down and started my research about the company, and what a lucky coincidence! Right at that time, they were looking to fill a Global Graduate position in the IoT Development team in Schweinfurt. I sent my application the same day and just a few days later I received an e-mail with an invitation for the first interview.

The first interview was with an HR representative as well as my future manager. The whole conversation as well as the atmosphere were friendly and relaxed, yet professional.

That day I left the interview with a good feeling and just a few days later I was invited for the second interview with some representatives from the Global Graduate Program in Sweden via Skype.

After this skype meeting, there was a third and final meeting with the local HR, as well as with the manager of IoT Technologies. A few days later I received the final job offer.

Introduction Month

The trainees and I spent the first month at the HQ in Gothenburg, where we met the whole top management team. We also had a factory tour to understand our manufacturing process, in addition to several sessions on the company setup and strategies. All in all, the introduction month was a great opportunity to meet the other trainees and start creating a network within the company.

First Rotation

I started my first rotation in my home unit; IoT-Development, in Schweinfurt Germany. In our project, we were working on a solution for Machine-to-Cloud connectivity. Besides that, I was involved in designing a concept for the service and operation model for the factories and the IT organization to support the industry 4.0 approach.

It was a great experience working with such a nice, professional and extremely knowledgeable team. They were supporting me along the way and I’ve learned a lot of new skills and topics. One of the highlights of my rotation was the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in Berlin, where we joined with the whole team listening to different sessions about Cloud Computing.

AWS Summit Berlin 2019

Time passed by really quickly and just a few days after the summit, I was on a plane headed to Sweden kick start my second rotation in SKF’s Headquarters.

Second Rotation

Currently I’m in my second rotation in the Business Process Solutions team, working on a Robot Process Automation (RPA) initiative. Setting up a digital workforce will increase efficiency and allow my colleagues to focus on other important tasks. Working with different stakeholders from different departments is sometimes challenging but also really rewarding once we can present results and create value. I really enjoy working in the new team and getting more insights on SKF as a company.

What’s next?

In September I will head to Canada, to support the Digitalization team there for 5 months and learn more about SKF’s Digitalization strategy. I’m looking forward!

Being with SKF for now eight months, I am sure that I took the right decision to join this company. An intercultural and truly global company with demanding and diverse projects which allows me to grow and take responsibility.

I hope this post gave a small insight to my trainee journey with SKF! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Cheers und bis bald 🙂


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SKF Global Graduate – the growing never ceases

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What’s up, TraineeBloggen?

My name is Morris Tong, part of SKF Global Graduate Programme of Wave 3. I have a background in mechanical engineering. And I am from Shanghai. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to kick off the wonderful journey in September last year with other fellow graduates. And I am very glad to tell you about my journey so far and share some insights toward this program.

All of wave 3 enjoying the lunch together

The Program started in September last year, soon after I joined SKF. I could easily recall how excited and thrilled I was back then. The introduction month in Gothenburg was sensational. Not only did I get the chance to meet other graduates from all over the world, but the nice overview of the whole corporation. That month was so well organized that I also got the chance to meet those cool guys from wave 2, from whom I got multiple valuable advice on rotations. The diversity of our wave impressed me most. We come from different parts of the world with different backgrounds no matter in culture or in major. It is always interesting to learn different things or see things differently by collaborating with them.

The first 5-month rotation started right after the introduction month was over. I am currently working in my home unit as part of Product Line Management team. Soon after I came back, I was assigned to be the project manager to take charge of the development of a new ball bearing by my manager. To be honest, the pressure was a little bit overwhelming and the project was also challenging to me in the very beginning. However, one of the best things of this program was the connection with other graduates and my own mentor. We could share our concerns, discuss our problems with each other. Also, my mentor gave lots of ideas on how to run the projects. Now, the project is ongoing well. The factory is producing the samples. Once they are done, we will deliver them to our customer for the validation test. My first rotation is coming to an end. Looking back at the past five months, I tried to make small progress every day, even though sometimes they just turned out to be baby steps. And now I have got a better understanding of both product knowledge and project process.

Head office of SKF China, where I work everyday for my first rotation.

Next month, all of us will gather together in Gothenburg again. I’m looking forward to seeing them. My next rotation will be in France. Although the first rotation in my home city was enjoyable, I am now super excited to come out of my comfort zone and explore more. It’s going to be another challenge. And it’s the challenge that let you push forward. Thus, it’s a process of growing that never ceases.


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Exploration and experience through job rotation

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Hello all,

Welcome to my blog post! I am currently situated at the SKF headquarter in Gothenburg, Sweden and I just had a very inspiring day in the factory in Gothenburg. However, I would like to start with introducing myself and giving you some insights from my first time at SKF as a global graduate.

Me at the SKF headquarter

My name is Josefin Locking and I have a Masters degree in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations from the University of Gothenburg. As Aline, who wrote the previous blog post, I am also part of wave 3 of the global graduate program and I started in the end of August last year. This means that I am currently in my first rotation. It is an exhilarating time at SKF as the organization is undergoing a lot of interesting changes to make sure SKF is in the forefront also in the future. Right now, I am working with several strategic global and local HR projects supporting this. Gamification, digitalization and new ways of working, just to mention a few areas of super exciting initiatives going on. To take part in that feels great! Adding the global dimension makes it an intriguing challenge, as SKF colleagues from almost the whole world becomes part of your scope. I would say it is a truly developing and great learning experience. With me, I have great senior and global professionals with immense experience and great energy!

The first impression of SKF

All the girls together during the graduation dinner for wave 1

My first impression of SKF as a global graduate actually started before my first workday. My manager invited me for a lunch, briefing me about my personalized program, and gave me an office tour to see my future desk and meet a few colleagues. It was great and I remember myself being very excited before my starting date. Since the first day I have received a very warm welcome and the graduate program and SKF are doing their utmost to make it as great for us as they possibly can. As Aline wrote in the previous blog post, we had a great introduction month, all global graduates from wave 3 together, and everyone is now in their first rotation in their home country. We are still keeping in touch though! Working at a global company, I am often in contact with people situated in different countries. This is something I really enjoy, and it is one of the reasons I applied for the SKF graduate program in the first place.

Job rotation, job rotation, and more job rotation

The global graduate program is an intriguing 18 months journey, which I am now in the midst of. While the program is tailored for everyone, the common part for everyone is job rotation. It is really in the heart of the global graduate program. As you probably already know, the graduate program consists of three different rotations, five months each. Usually, it is one in the home country and two in other countries. For me, my second rotation will be in Turin, Italy. In just two months I will go there, and I am looking forward to it a lot! The third rotation is not yet decided, but I am also very excited about that. I am sure it will be great. My manager is giving me such a great support in setting up the rotations for me, and she is really making an effort to make it as great as possible.

All the graduates in wave 3 – along the beautiful coast in Gothenburg

However, for me, the job rotations are not ending there. On top of the three rotations in the different countries, I am also doing a lot of rotations and shadowing within each rotation to meet many of my colleagues and to get an overview of their areas. Currently, I am joining the local HR team in the Gothenburg factory for three weeks. I get the opportunity to develop my knowledge about their areas and the factory, while also getting to know the people. It is set up with a combination of shadowing of my colleagues and I am also managing my own work in a few smaller projects. It is very interesting to work by myself in the area which I am rotating to, and it gives me the opportunity to get to know the people in action. To give you some insights in what projects I am working with, I can say that the topics range from digitalization and competence development to talent management and global change initiatives. Complementing the smaller projects, I also have projects running through my whole rotation, and one which I will have through the whole graduate program. This creates a good balance, not making it too scattered, and still giving me the opportunity to really experience the local areas where I am situated.

Today I have talked with some of the managers here and I have also joined a cross-the-site HR meeting. A lot of things are happening. On a personal side, I am starting to get used to being constantly new in different environments. And while it is sometimes a bit tough when I feel that I don’t understand everything, it is also very nice to learn this much. The experiences I make now, I will have with me for the rest of my life. Moving around a lot in the organization also means that you get to meet a lot of colleagues, and while I have to be open and bring my energy to all new places I rotate to, I think SKF is a very easy organization to get to know new people in. The culture is very open, and I am often invited to different meetings, lunches and happenings. It is super nice, and I feel thankful every time I am in a new part of the organization and I get such a warm welcome.

Making a difference

Bringing the iPad robot to GADDEN

For me it is also important to be able to make a difference. Being new in the organization it is of course much about learning and developing yourself, but to be able to contribute is also very important I think. Working for a company that encourage people to take initiatives, empowering them to try their ideas is key. During our introduction month I think almost every senior executive encouraged us to do so. Exemplifying all their words, I later had a great experience when I proposed to bring one of our iPad robots to the student career fair Gadden at the Gothenburg School of Business, Economies and Law. I saw this as a great opportunity where the graduates out in the world could move around using the iPad robot and share their experience about our Global Graduate Program remotely, to the students, right from the reality. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how the idea was going to be received, but I was so happy when I got a lot of positive feedback and great encouragement from many of my colleagues. Together, we prepared everything, and the other graduates also made an effort to support. Such an energizing experience.

With this, I hope you have got some insights into the world as a global graduate in SKF. I hope you enjoyed the reading and I wish you a nice time ahead!

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Fast start in Purchasing – SKF

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Hello everyone!

My name is Aline Novaes and I am part of wave 3 in the Global Graduate Program at SKF. I am originally from Brazil and I studied a master in Logistics and Transport Management at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg.

Starting in the program 4 months ago, I spend 1 whole month with the other graduates from different parts of the world. We had the opportunity to meet several of the high-managers and directors who had inspired us with their personal/professional paths. Workshops regarding behavior acknowledgement and case solving were also part of the schedule. Furthermore, it was very interesting to have a short trip inside Sweden to visit SKF Mekan, located in Katrineholm, where we learned about casting iron components. Additionally, we had time to do fun activities after working time and discover Gothenburg. After spending this period together, we started our rotations energized, with new global friends who are the support for good and hard times

Everyone at this program starts the first rotation in their home country. I know it can be hilarious but my home country is Sweden ! Yes!! I was hired just after finishing my studies in Gothenburg.

Purchasing is the first department I am rotating and so far I have been working on two parallel projects. The first one has its focus inside both factories and it involves processes mapping, total cost of ownership, risk assessment/mitigation plan and… believe or not, an implementation plan involving all the factory stakeholders. At first sight, this project seemed to be very challenging for a newcomer and, at the same time, an opportunity to improve my supply chain skills and show what I am capable of deliverying. With help of my mentor, my manager and my factory host manager, I could set myself an action plan and proper timeline. I am still working on it and it feels great to be learning so much!

My second task is a contribution for SKF risk mitigation plan for Brexit. It is regarding how our supply chain will react considering different suppliers, factories, warehouses and clients. This is a very interesting project because is giving me the chance of working with experienced colleagues from other departments and have an overview of all aspects in such a big project. My contribution is to control overtime actions regarding risky suppliers to avoid supply chain stops all around the world. Parallel of those activities I have been trained to be a world-class buyer! I have been doing request for quotations, visiting suppliers, learning how to do internal and external analysis, participating in various trainings, etc.

Me and the experienced buyer Thomas Loong in one of our business trips.

I am not going to lie, a Graduate life at SKF is busy! In addition to the already explained tasks, we join career fairs all around Sweden to talk to students about the opportunities in the company. In the evenings, we sometimes attend to fancy banquets representing SKF. It is an honor usually a lot of fun!

Me and the other graduates – Josefin Locking and Emilio Echalar, now located in Argentina. We were testing our robot for the career fairs.
Me and Veronica Rodriguez being super fancy and attending to one of the evening banquets.

One thing that surprised me is the type of leadership culture we have in the company. So far, I have been experiencing accessible managers who shows interest for my ideas and insights. They also empower me to think and decide. I am very glad to be part of an organization that have this mindset and I feel energized every day I wake up to come to work.

In 2019, I will go for my second rotation in Singapore inside the logistics department. I am looking forward for my first time to Asia when I will spend 5 months experiencing a new culture, new ways of working and living.

Wish me a good luck!!!

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