Hi, my name is Rachel Dee Thor and I’m one of the five new Fujitsu Sweden graduates. Originally from Toronto, I recently graduated with a MSc. General Management from the Stockholm School of Economics. I’m really happy to share my experiences with those of you looking for your own fantastic trainee position after graduation!

It’s been just two months since I started here at the Stockholm office and I’ve already learned so much. My position is within our Managed Infrastructure Services (MIS) area where I work with a large retail customer. My team manages a range of services for this retailer such as Service Desk, Technical and Maintenance, Data Center and Network and Communication services. The plan for me as a trainee is to experience all the different areas of this account throughout the program before deciding which role will be a good fit. Since my team is spread out across Europe, this also means I get to do some travelling.

To understand the ways of working at our Fujitsu Service Desks, I visited my colleagues up in Östersund last month and then made my way to Poland for a few days last week. Both visits were super valuable in understanding what services we’re managing from headquarters. For the remainder of this month I’ll be attending different trainings. First a three-day Lean course in Gothenburg, then back to the London for a couple days focusing on innovation before rounding off the month in Linköping doing the next module for the graduate program. On a normal day at the office in Stockholm I have a variety of projects and responsibilities. Several of these tasks involve implementing standardized processes at the team management or service delivery level, while I also have the chance to shadow and assist my manager in some day-to-day activities and customer relations.


I hope this gave you a little insight into what it can be like as a graduate within MIS, Fujitsu!

Visiting the Service Desk :)

Visiting the Service Desk 🙂