ITM, Exportstiftelsen

It hit me that you might wonder how the theoretical training is provided and by whom. Handheld decided to let ITM Exportstiftelsen provide the theoretical training during the 12 months trainee period. This decision was made due to the fact that the trainees receive an outside perspective where we apply Handheld as a real-time case during the 12 diverse seminars.

The seminars that ITM offer include e.g. International Trade Management, International Payment & Financing, and International Law. You might think that “oh I have already done those” but so have I and I can assure you that these seminars are highly valuable since the professors are incredibly talented, reputable and have extensive work experience. These seminars are held by industry professionals and reputable professors from all across the world.

The idea behind ITMs concept is to offer SMEs a full trainee program similar to the trainee programs offered by large corporations. ITM offer 4 different concepts where we are enrolled in the “International Management Trainee” program. So, ITM assist Handheld with most of the recruitment process along with theoretical training during the trainee period. We just finished our last seminars and received a diploma from ITM which is also a part of the Executive MBA program that ITM will offer in a short period of time.  Below I have attached the link to ITMs webpage.

Ps just arrived in the US, will talk more about that in the next post…