People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it

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Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker, said “people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” when talking about how great companies describe why they exist, instead of what they do. As an engineer, you might be preoccupied with the daily work of product development and what you do, but to be successful you should think of the whole customer journey. Because aftermarket is not the end but rather the beginning of the customer relationship. I think taking the front end perspective of your business is a great opportunity to reflect on why you do what you do. Husqvarna Group has constantly changed what they do, but not why they do it. That remains the same − to create great customer experiences.

I am now 3/4 into my global trainee program at Husqvarna Group and I am recently home from a five-month rotation in Charlotte, NC, USA. I had the privilege to spend time with the Brand & Marketing function there working on how we continue to serve robotic lawnmowers to the North American market. I worked on everything from GTM-strategy to prepping material for product launches. A truly unique experience that I can thank the global trainee program for (now called Global Pioneer Program).

Charlotte, NC – Where Husqvarna’s North America division is represented.
GIE+EXPO in Kentucky: The biggest lawn and garden show in North America.
On a weekend trip to NYC.

Next up for me is with product management, robotics back in Sweden. Hopefully, I can apply some learnings from the NA market and the great people I’ve gotten to know. With a renewed sense of why I do what I do.

Until next time!

Best regards, Erik Jilnö

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How is it like to be a Global Graduate?

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I´m Geannina, Costa Rican Global Graduate based in Gothenburg. I came to Sweden to pursue my Master´s Degree in Leadership and Management in International Context, in one of the most beautiful places: Kalmar. After finishing my degree, I stayed to have the experience of being a graduate at SKF and I am fully enjoying it!

What am I currently doing?

I am part of the Learning and Development department, working with the Leadership Academy. My goal is to create a global learning framework for our leaders in SKF, so they can have formal and digital guidance about which competencies and topics are needed to drive our 2025 strategy. Moreover, I work with side projects such as a non-biased recruitment process. With this, I hope to contribute to building an even more diverse and inclusive workplace, values that I believe in and live every day in my company.

However, not all is only about working 🙂 I also enjoy Gothenburg a lot, meet new friends, do weekend trips and learn about Swedish culture.

Where am I going next?

A lot of travelling and projects are coming this year! as my first rotation abroad, I will go to South-Africa and Kenya. My project is about e-commerce and sales and we are coordinating all the final details. After this travel, all the graduates are gathering in Gothenburg for two weeks and I am already looking forward to sharing with all of them again! We are from all around the world: China, Kazakhstan, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Costa Rica. This guarantees to each of us a truly international network, not only for business but also for friendships!

My third rotation is in Pune, India. My project will be within HR but there are no specific details already set and I am open to listening to what do my Indian colleagues need my collaboration with!

So far, this experience has been one of the most enriching times of my life. Working and travelling at the same time gives you a unique perspective of the business. I feel that I have a place at SKF, where my colleagues are always open to listen to my opinion, to teach me and to support me to grow as a professional.

If you like challenges and personal and professional growth, I would definitely recommend you to be part of a Global Graduate Programme 🙂

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Sport as inclusion enabler

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My name is Hossem. Recently involved at SKF as a Global Graduate, I am based in St Cyr factory in France! I have a mechanical engineering background from the University of Technology of Compiègne. During my studies, I spent 2 semesters abroad: in Dresden (Germany) and in Pohang (South Korea).

Before joining SKF, I was working in Morocco as a project manager to launch a new factory in the aerospace industry with french and german experts.

I developed a passion for international industrial projects thanks to 2 french professors I met during my engineering studies. Since, I am always looking for new challenges in international projects: That’s why I joined the Global Graduate Programme!

My first rotation – St Cyr France

I am doing my first rotation in the Deep Groove Ball Bearing (DGBB) factory in St Cyr, close to Tours in France. When I joined SKF, I directly asked my manager to be involved in a project close to the manufacturing operation, that’s what I got!

Some words about the project: Enhancing the competitiveness of a specific channel

To put it simple, factories have 2 big challenges:

  • The first challenge is the capacity to serve the market. In otherwords, being able to produce the right products for the right customers on time and with the quality expected.
  • The second challenge is to be able to control manufacturing costs.

Being able to control and manage this tandem-challenges is a key success factor for a factory.

The first challenge, basically having the capacity to serve the customers, is a never-ending process that every factory employee has to keep in mind. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and all the teams are fully involved to reach it.

My project is completely under the second challenge scope. I am leading a project of cost reduction in one of our DGBB factory channel. The idea is to investigate in the complete value chain to find new cost reduction levers. Design, material costs, channel organization are the big topics I am working on. With the St Cyr teams, we really did great work, and I am now implementing the activities that we have identified to reach our target!

Sport as inclusion enabler

My home town is quite from St Cyr, I am coming from Grande-Synthe near to Dunkirk in North of France. When I arrived, I had no friends and no family here. So I decided to be part of the SKF football team to meet new people and also to maintain my Zeus divine body”.

It was definitly a good idea. When you are practicing sport, there is no hierarchical or social position, the only objective is to play together and win the game! Then, it is easier for you to make friends!

As Plato advised us, it is also a way of having a balance between the body and the mind: “We should not exercise the body without the joint assistance of the mind; nor exercise the mind without the joint assistance of the body.”

So let’s exercise!


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Connecting in China

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Ni Hao,

As I am writing this post, I am sitting at home working and will only be back in the office next week Thursday. What happened? Last week, I ended my rotation in China prematurely because of the Coronavirus and went back to Sweden. The last couple of weeks, I will finish my rotation remotely and already transition into my new rotation.

At Husqvarna Group, we follow a local production strategy meaning that we try to produce products for the local markets tailored to the local needs. We produce many entry level products in Changzhou for the global market and some semi-professional products for the APAC market.

Me in a temple in Changzhou

I was in Changzhou to learn more about our manufacturing plant in China during a six month rotation. Once again, I had the opportunity to discover a new culture, a new environment and meet new people. But this time was different. Relocating to China, even if it is only for some months, brings a lot more challenges than moving to Sweden.

Visiting Japan

Our factories are tightly connected and supply many components to each other. As a matter of fact, our Japanese factory in Kawagoe is one of our biggest suppliers and vice versa. And since I came to learn all about the manufacturing in APAC, I went to Japan for two weeks talking about our business together and visiting suppliers. Our plant in Japan produces mostly for the Japanese market and mainly the brand Zenoah (Red Max in the US).

Testing our japanese ride-on mower

After two months in China, Japan felt like the opposite in many aspects (a little bit like Sweden if you ask me). Especially business meetings with suppliers are certainly an experience in Japan. There are many etiquettes one must stick to. For example: Before the meeting formally starts, everyone will introduce themselves to everyone formally handing over their visiting cards (hold them with both hands and study the content when you receive them). Then hand over your card and say a few words about yourself and your title. I really should have been more aware of that and I should have packed my visiting cards when I went to Japan. It was quite awkward to tell everyone that I do not have my visiting cards with me. But I am a trainee to learn, so it’s fine.

Learning to adapt in China

What you need to know about me is that I am fairly self-reliant. I have learned from early on to manage by myself. But with a strategy of being self-reliant you run into a wall in China. That is for two reasons: 1. You cannot manage on your own there. Even the most trivial things become major challenges. How do you find a supermarket? Google maps? Doesn’t work. Then the Chinese maps. Search term? It will not find supermarkets for you. But if you translate supermarkets into Chinese you get results. But then you get like 100 results and most of them are these super tiny kiosks. Long story short: I learned to rely more on my colleagues. 2. The Chinese are very happy to help out. Asking for help also helps making friends there. They want to build a trustful relationship and if they can help you with something, it’s a start. Also in a work context I rely on team work much more in China than I used to in Sweden.

There are obviously many more dimensions that require adaptation when you move into another culture that I will not mention here but I think it is important to adapt, not assimilate. I, for example, will always keep my personality and my directness or bluntness at times but I can carefully choose when to show it. If you want to read more about this I recommend the book “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer.

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The Fujitsu Grads

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Nu börjar våren närma sig och det är snart ett år sen vi som blev antagna i graduateprogrammet 2019 sökte våra tjänster. Så nu när det drar ihop sig för 2020-gänget att skicka in ansökningar så är det väl hög tid att vi presenterar oss.

Jag som skriver heter Kajsa Hultén och jag pluggade Civilekonom med inriktning management i Jönköping. Där gjorde också Jana Schwarz sin master inom International Business, dessförinnan läste hon sin kandidat i Business Administration and Economics i Tyskland på Universität Passau. Vi är båda projektledar-graduates och jobbar för närvarande med olika typer av projektstöd internt och mot kund.

Vi har även våra två Civilingenjörer i Industriell Ekonomi som är på konsultsidan – Kajsa Eckerwall som läste i Luleå och Oskar Hagman som sitter på Göteborgskontoret där han säkert känner sig hemma efter fem år på Chalmers. De har dock lite olika typer av tjänster då Oskar jobbar med Business Consulting och Kajsa med Strategy Consulting.

Wilmer Tjernberg (System Design Consultant) som även han är placerad i Göteborg är kanske den mest tekniska av oss med sin examen i User Experience Design från Högskolan i Skövde.

Sist men inte minst är Daniel Eklund. Daniel läste Service Management på Lunds Universitet vilket tog in honom på banan Service Sales och Business Development.

Att jobba på Fujitsu är på många sätt lärorikt. Vad jag ser som den stora fördelen, framförallt som första arbetsplats efter examen, är att det är väldigt högt i tak och det är en miljö som andas ödmjukhet. Man får möjligheten att arbeta med kunniga människor inom olika områden som alla erbjuder en hjälpande hand och jag har aldrig känt att man inte kan visa sin osäkerhet när man börjar på ett uppdrag. Tvärtom är folk väldigt måna om att man ska förstå grunderna och är därför stöttande i ens utveckling framåt. Det är också väldigt kul att arbeta med den typ av kunder vi har och det stora spann av tjänster och produkter vi erbjuder gör att inget konto kommer vara det andra likt.

Graduate programmet är inte Sverige baserat utan är ett samarbete mellan flera av de Europeiska kontoren. Detta innebär att man får möjlighet att åka på olika utbildningar i Europa, för vårt år är det framförallt Storbritannien och Tyskland. Min andra månad på företaget var jag i England i tre veckor tillsammans med de andra projektledar-graduatesen från Tyskland, Finland, Irland, Frankrike och Storbritannien för att ha en snabbgenomgång i projektledning och Fujitsus processer. Detta avspeglar den internationella miljö vi jobbar i varje dag då man har kollegor som är placerade runt om i världen.  

Jag hoppas du fått en liten bild av Fujitsu som företag och programmet vi erbjuder nyutexade. Håll utkik här för fler uppdateringar!



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What it’s like moving from Charlotte, U.S to Huskvarna, Sweden

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I started my second rotation at Husqvarna Group in Test Engineering before moving on to Product Management and my third rotation. Both of these placements have been in Charlotte, North Caroline. In the Product Management rotation I worked with robotic lawnmowers and battery-handheld products. I worked with a couple of different universities, attending field days and talking to professors about different research opportunities. Also assisting with the launch of robotic lawn mowers in North America.

I helped build a few displays, like shown in the image, for Lowes in the Charlotte area as well as one in our Research and Development office in Charlotte. For the battery handheld part of the assignment I focused on the current landscape of battery handheld tools and the different trends in the market.

In November 2019 I moved to Huskvarna, Sweden and started with Drive Systems Engineering. As a part of the Drive Systems Engineering team I am working with new battery development from a hardware and systems perspective.

So, what is it like moving to Huskvarna after living in North Carolina and Georgia USA? After living in two places that are not very cold in the winter and normally sunny meant quite a change to Sweden in November. However, whatever I lost in terms of lack of sun and the cold weather, I gained in a very warm welcome from my Swedish colleagues and fika. I was able to walk to work with the snowy view portrayed in the photo.

Then Christmas time came and I was greeted to this amazing tree.

For the rest of my trainee journey I will join the Primary development group for robotic lawnmowers. I am excited to see what this rotation will bring. Until then I look forward to learning and being able to provide my input in the battery development.

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Starting my journey as a Global Graduate at SKF

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sören and since August 2019 I am a Global Graduate at SKF. Though originally from Germany, I have spent the last 5 years studying in Sweden finishing with a master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers.

The First Rotation

During my first rotation, I am at my “home” department in Gothenburg working on technologies that are enabling SKF’s Rotating Equipment Performance (REP) strategy. With REP we are moving from selling bearings to our customers to selling reliable rotation. This means that we apply our knowledge from many years in different industries and cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to keep the machines of our customers running as long as possible. Thereby we create a win-win for our customers and SKF.

As my first project, I am investigating the business impact our machine learning models are having. This is a very interesting project since it includes finance and technology across different parts of SKF. This was one of the major reasons for me to apply to the graduate program at SKF. It is possible to use your knowledge and skills in different environments.

The program gives us a truly holistic view of SKF. Last week, I had the chance to experience working as an operator in one of our factories. Here, I could see how large-size bearings are produced and assembled. Especially, the assembling can be a tough job with bearings weighting more than 300kg and the shift starting at 05:48 in the morning. However, I could also witness that the operators are happy working for SKF. Not only the focus on safety but also the amount of responsibility and trust given to the operators create a great working climate. In SKF, empowerment is definitely not an empty word but is applied throughout the company!

What’s to come

While I am enjoying my time here in Sweden, I am looking forward to my upcoming rotations. My next stop will be China where I will be leading my own project developing a computer vision application using artificial intelligence. I am excited to be deep-diving into our manufacturing process in the context of Industry 4.0. Since my rotation is split I will spend 2 months in India working with improving our bearings’ quality, getting yet another perspective.

For my third rotation, it is time to return to the REP. This time though, I will be working in our sales unit in Latin America learning about our customers’ needs in different industries. As you can see, the program throws you into different demanding challenges. However, my experience until now has shown me that we always get great support. This can be from our managers, mentors or co-workers.  

SKF Global Graduates Wave 4

As you probably already guessed from the posts of the others, having a group of graduates going through the program with you makes it an even better time. Judging from the introduction month, all the gatherings between the rotations here in Gothenburg will be a lot of fun which is definitely not limited to regular working hours 😉. Additionally, it is great to exchange experiences we make in our monthly online meetings. This gives us an even broader view of the company and shows us we are not the only ones facing challenges!

Daria and me at the student fair GADDEN at Handelshögskolan

In conclusion, even being at SKF for a fairly short time I have gotten a good insight into the company and it is fun to work here. I am looking forward to the next 2 rotations in 3 different countries getting an even more global perspective.

I hope this gave you a bit of an insight into the life of a graduate at SKF.



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My Shot!

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Hey everyone, my name is Jakub, but everybody call me Kuba. It’s my first post here, and I wanted to give you my impression on the Graduate Program, some challenges I faced and a final thought for you.

I’m from Poznań, Poland. I have a background in Mechatronics and Engineering Management. Starting this year I’m part of SKF’s Global Graduate Program Wave 4.

Time to get serious for Challenges to come

My impression on the Graduate Program

Each Wave in the Global Graduate Program lasts for 1,5 years. During that time we are supposed to work in three different locations, with different people and on different projects.

My impression – diversity, different cultures working together

Why is it cool for the Company? We can get a great start in the company and get the immersion in different cultures and working environments. I honestly believe that experience gained in this Program will be beneficial to the site we will end up in, we can provide a great outside in perspective, and use the takeaways we got from our rotations.

Ok, but what is cool for us in it so far? We get an unique opportunity to get a head start in the company. During our first Gathering in Goteborg we got the chance to meet each other…but also every member from our Top Management. To say that they are inspiring is really an understatement. We got really a lot of positive energy and encouragement from them. Since the beginning we got to meet people from different countries, cultures and environments. And we didn’t start our rotations in foreign countries yet.

Don’t get me wrong there were also some challenges on the way.


I’m a first Graduate coming from Poznań. Understanding of this Program, it’s purpose and deliverables wasn’t that high when I started my journey here. Getting to know the company and explaining the difference between a Graduate and a future employee in a specific department was challenging. How we handled it? I suggested to my Manager that I could go to different sites we have in Poland, to see different departments and how they work. That led to the discussion of the Program and the outside-in perspective.

What is more in my first Project I was put in a role of a Project Manager for improving the efficiency of one of our new production channels. Not having an actual team, getting to know the people, the process and the company, all from the position of a newcomer and being put in charge of the whole project was challenging. These were my challenges, but it was also My Shot to develop.

My Shot!

Even if you are not that much into musicals I still encourage you to listen to “My Shot” from Hamilton musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It’s one of my favorites, and I think it fits really well with the Graduate Program. The general idea is to come from the position of the Underdog and aim as high as possible, and then even higher. If there is a challenge face it and gain from it. If there is an opportunity size it.

In my opinion and from my experience so far, being a Graduate is an unique opportunity for self-development, gaining knowledge and new experiences. It’s a great head-start in your carrier and in your whole life, at least that how it was for me. Sometimes it’s challenging, sure, but it’s a lot of fun. I took My Shot, and I really hope you will take yours! If you need any support, have any questions or want to know more from me, feel free to reach out and contact, I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can.

Until next time,

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Being a Global Trainee at Husqvarna Group

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Hi readers!

It is time to give you an update of my trainee journey so far. Let me tell you what has happened since my last post in February.

Doing E-Commerce in the UK

Straight after my time in the E-Commerce team at GARDENA in Germany, I went to the UK for my second assignment, working for the Flymo sales team. Besides our core brands Husqvarna & GARDENA, our Group also has strong additional brands as Flymo in its portfolio. Flymo, which is mainly active in the UK, has not only invented the first ever hover mower, it is also arguably UK’s best-known lawn care brand!

During my stay there, I mainly worked on the set-up & launch of a direct-to-consumer business for the UK market. I was involved in all relevant functions from Supply Chain & Logistics to Sales, Marketing and even Customer Service, which was overall a great opportunity. Besides working on the project, I supported the marketing team in some promo and trade show events and even helped out as a photo model! If you live in the UK & want to buy fantastic Flymo products just go to .

In a nutshell, I had a great time in the UK. I was part of a fantastic team and together we successfully launched a new Consumer Website.

Top Management Meeting in Stockholm

This year in May I had, as one of us Global Trainees, the privilege to participate in this year’s Top Management Meeting in Stockholm, where the whole Group Management was gathering for some days.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Being as a Global Trainee on a Top Management Meeting. You can imagine, how inspiring that event was for me. I met all the Executives from the divisions, got to know our strategy for the upcoming years and even had fruitful conversations with our CEO. I am very grateful to have had that opportunity.

Testing Zero-Turns in the US

After my assignment abroad in the UK, all trainees gathered for a training week at our US offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. There we met the whole management team, got introduced to our US operations and visited also our factory in Orangeburg. We even made time for testing thoroughly the Zero-Turn lawnmowers, which is one of the most popular lawncare products in the US. All in all it was very interesting to see how different the US market is in some respects to the European.

Posing with a zero-turn lawnmower

After the training I went back to Germany, starting my third assignment in the Digital Marketing team of the GARDENA division. The team is leading globally our digital marketing initiatives and engages with our customers in the online environment. I’ll keep you updated on that!

If you are interested in the Global Trainee Program and consider joining Husqvarna Group, check out We are already looking for a new generation of pioneers, starting in September 2020!

All the best


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Intevju med nuvarande LUMA #34 – Viktor Grell

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Vad gjorde du innan du kom till Kinnevik?
Jag läste min kandidat i Lund innan jag tog min master i International Business i Köpenhamn. Har även bott och jobbat i Hong Kong samt Sydafrika och drivit eget bolag sedan gymnasiet. Så sammantaget – en rätt praktiskt lagd person som gillar att jobba nära kund vilket är till mångt och mycket drivet av att jag är nästan besvärande nyfiken.

Ansök från den 16:e december – 26:e januari

Definierande ögonblick:
När jag efter första året på gymnasiet köpte en husvagn från 1984 tillsammans med en vän och parkerade den på Ullareds camping. Utanför varuhuset GeKås spenderade vi därefter hela sommaren i vår hemmabyggda monter säljandes fiskmassage till folk med skoskav efter att ha spenderat timmar shoppandes i butiken.

Låter märkligt jag vet, men efter att ha spenderat många långa dagar utanför varuhuset pratandes med lite för många av de 20.000–25.000 kunderna som kom dit dagligen, var det en tid jag är väldigt stolt över idag. Det lärde mig sälj vid en tidig ålder och kicken av att erbjuda något som fyller ett behov hos människor. Jag spenderade ytterligare tre somrar utanför varuhuset tillsammans med totalt 12 av mina vänner som jag anställde. Jag var den enda som var underlig nog att stanna kvar alla år…

Varför sökte du dig till Kinnevik? 
Detta har växt fram under en längre tid. Redan vid en tidig ålder såg jag dokumentärerna om Kinnevik och hörde talas om bolagen som kom från denna grupp. De andades utmanare, entreprenörskap och internationella ambitioner. När jag satt i ansökningsprocesser förra hösten och råkade trilla in på Kinneviks hemsida fick jag tillbaka den känslan. Bolaget är idag och har alltid varit i ständig förändring, vilket är enormt spännande och lärorikt att få vara en del av.

För en person som egentligen aldrig hade tänkt jobba för någon annan och ibland gått lite annorlunda vägar, kändes det väldigt naturligt att hamna på ett ställe med ett litet och avslappnat team som tillsammans med passionerade entreprenörer bygger bolag som fokuserar på att hela tiden göra livet lite bättre för konsumenter.

Vad tilltalade dig med LUMArollen?
Först och främst fanns en spänning i den mytomspunna historien kring LUMA-tjänsten som funnits sedan 70-talet och innehavts av 33 personer före mig. En sak är säker – det råder inte brist på roliga historier kring Lumarollen här på Skeppsbron 18 och tro mig, de skapas än idag.

Ju mer jag började förstå om hur Kinnevik ser ut idag och fick träffa människorna som jobbar här desto mer insåg jag att det i slutändan främst handlar om ett gäng väldigt duktiga människor som har kul ihop och vågar sticka ut hakan. När jag förstod det under rekryteringsprocessen blev det en avgörande faktor –  jag kände att jag måste få den här tjänsten.

Vad tror du att du kommer lära dig av detta år?
Man får ofta höra att det viktigaste man kan göra när man väljer sitt första jobb är att försöka hamna bland duktiga människor som man kan lära sig av – sådana finns det gott om här. Sen tycker jag att det viktiga på en traineetjänst är att få tillämpa teorin jag lärt mig på universitet i praktiken. Det gillar jag skarpt med Kinnevik, här vill man bygga långlivade bolag som verkligen förändrar branscher på riktigt.

Tittar jag framåt, så uppskattar jag att Luman efter året som trainee uppmuntras att söka sig vidare inom något av bolagen i gruppen. Att där få praktisk erfarenhet samtidigt som man har kvar ägarperspektivet i bakhuvudet känns som en oslagbar kombination för ens framtida karriär.

Beskriv rollen:
Jag skulle säga att det finns två huvudsakliga delar som man arbetar med. Den ena delen är det nära arbetet med ledningsgruppen där mycket är kopplat till nuvarande löpande projekt. Här ligger återkommande uppgifter som att förbereda material till ledning och styrelse, och man får även exponering mot diskussioner på högsta strategiska nivå. Det är ibland lite surrealistiskt för en nyexaminerad student men framförallt otroligt givande. Här ligger även något av det mest intressanta – mentorskapet med Kinneviks vd Georgi Ganev.

Den andra delen som man går in i mer och mer under tiden är projektbaserad och styrs både av vad som händer i bolaget och vad man själv tar för initiativ. Hittills har jag bland annat arrangerat workshops för våra portföljbolag och suttit med i en jurypanel för den ideella organisationen Reach for Change som Kinnevik varit med och grundat. Men jag har även röjt på lagret och hanterat tekniken på vår kapitalmarknadsdag, så det är verkligen högt och lågt. Det är en del av charmen och kräver att man är handlingsorienterad, nyfiken och har en ”can do”-attityd.

Ditt intryck efter fyra månader:
En talande kommentar som jag fick höra rätt tidigt under rekryteringsprocessen var att ”det enda som är konstant på Kinnevik är att allting alltid är i förändring”. Det var inte sista gången jag fick höra det och nu hör jag mig själv säga det rätt ofta när någon frågar om Kinnevik. Det är verkligen en dynamisk miljö och det är just det som är kärnan. Man växer lite varje dag och finner till slut ett lugn i att allt går att lösa med lite viljestyrka och när man tar hjälp av varandra. 

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