Our first training session

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Hi again!

Last week we had our first training session, which was great! This training was about self leadership and professional accumen. We focused a lot on getting to know each other better as a group and feeling secure with each other. We also talked a lot about how to utilize our strengths.

Many things that we discussed turned into the subject of showing vulnerability, and how it is the key to connecting with others. When feeling connected and secure you perform better, and you express your thoughts to a greater extent.

Dinner together (Mikkel is behind the camera)

The training session was in a really nice area close to the water. There was also a sauna where we spent our evenings together, disussing important and less important stuff.

The view from the ballcony

Moa getting some fresh air between the sessions

A tip from the training is to write down what you need to work on, for example asking for feedback, setting reachable targets, dare to ask for more specific coaching, and finally set a target and a timeframe.

Until next time, take care!

/Lovisa and Johan

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My first project at Cerealia

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Hi everyone!

The first half of the first project has now gone by, and it’s my turn to say hi!

Last week Johan wrote about his project at Unibake, and now the honor of writing the blog has turned to me. I’ll tell you about my first period in the other part of the food division, Cerealia 🙂

Moa, Johanna and I

My mission is to study our warehouse in Järna, where Cerealia is holding inventories for well-known brands such as AXA, Kungsörnen and GoGreen. The purpose of doing so is to evaluate if there is potential for an even more optimized way of managing the inventory.

I studied business and management control at Lund University, so supply chain management is pretty new to me, but it is a lot of fun. I am part of the planning team, which is located mainly in Malmö. I am located at the HQ in Stockholm, so it has been some traveling to Malmö and also to the warehouse in Järna. The first couple of weeks I interviewed several people to get a picture of the current situation, and to get an understanding of the scope of my project. Feeling a sense of the current situation, I dug into the data of the warehouse in Excel. In the beginning of the project, Excel and I were not such good friends, but as the time has gone by, we have started to become really good friends.

During these last weeks I have learned that supply chain management and inventory optimization are complex topics, and they need to be studied from several perspectives, for example the perspectives of several stakeholders. What I really like about the trainee program is that we have the chance to see several different perspectives that exist within a company. We experience different perspectives from working with various cultures, having several roles and working in cross-functional teams. That enables us to get a more holtistic view of the company.


Sebastian, Johanna, Mikkel and I are having a workshop discussing our projects to give each other new perspectives and feedback

Last week we found out our next project – I am heading for Copenhagen and Unibake!

All the best!


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Nu har sista javaveckan passerat, vi har knackat kod hela veckan i de små projekten som vi blev tilldelade av våra kursledare samtidigt som de har föreläst för oss om olika java-koncept med mera. I mitten av veckan fick vi även byta projekt mellan grupperna, där vi fick sitta i någon annans kod och försöka förstå den samt fixa det resterande features som skulle implementeras. Det var bra att få träna på att även hoppa in direkt i ett projekt och först förstå koden och sedan utveckla därifrån. 

En annan bra grej med Javaveckan är att vi har arbetat i GIT, det känns som en bra övning inför framtiden då det troligtvis blir mycket integrerande med hjälp av GIT och GitLab. slutligen fick vi presentera våra projekt för varandra här på fredagseftermiddagen.

Nu blir det afterwork för att glömma bort allt vi lärt oss för en kväll! 😉


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En månad på Jordbruksverket!

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Nu har vi avslutat våran fjärde vecka på Jordbruksverket och den har varit fullspäckad med information!

Vi har fått lära oss en massa om Jordbruksverkets IT-infrastruktur och enheter som jobbar med bland annat IT-support, incidenthantering och driftsättningar. Det var riktigt intressant att höra om hur organisationen hanterar sin hårdvara, datalagring, och nätverk. En annan rolig grej den här veckan var att vi fick besöka Jordbruksverkets kundtjänst och lyssna en del samtal som de tog emot. Idag startade vi även igång vårat Java-projekt som vi kommer att arbeta med dom närmaste veckorna när vi har möjlighet. Vi har under veckans gång enats om vilken typ av projekt vi ska göra och planerat grundligt med bland annat diagram, user stories och krav. Idag tog vi tillfället att börja koda genom s.k. Mob-programmering!

Nästa vecka fortsätter vi lära oss om infrastruktur och annat gött.

Som en bonus får ni en bild på när vi skriver go kod.

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Taking the construction equipment industry into a digital era

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Hi blog!

This week it’s me, Hugo, who will tell you about my first time at Lantmännen and my position for the first rotation, which took me to Swecon.  For those of you that are not fully familiar with the construction equipment industry (as me for example, at least not yet!), Swecon is the reseller of Volvo Construction Equipment in Sweden, a large part of Germany and the Baltic states.  I will be stationed at the Swecon Headquarters which is located in the same building as the Lantmännen HQ in Stockholm, which also means moving back to my home town after five years of studies in Linköping, exciting!

A Volvo wheel loader at the Nordbau fair in Germany

At Swecon I will conduct a market and competition analysis within the mySwecon-project, which is a digital platform developed to give the customer an overview of its machine fleet, and simplify and digitize the customer’s relation with Swecon. For me, somewhat of a rookie in both digitization and (especially) construction equipment it’s been all about diving into an ocean of new terms and concepts in order to get an understanding of the task and structure the execution of the project. This will certainly be a recurring theme during the trainee program and it feels really exciting to get the chance to explore a number of completely new territories during the upcoming 15 months!

The first three weeks have been just as fun as hectic, and already at the second day at Swecon we went to Germany to participate at Nordbau, a large fair for construction equipment, exhibiting everything from wheelbarrows to excavators. Really an amazing start in order to get an initial understanding of what the business and competition is all about! At Nordbau mySwecon had a booth in the Swecon-tent in order to show customers the soon-to-be-launched mySwecon, and even myself held a few customer demonstrations.

Me (left) discussing all the perks of a digital platform in general, and mySwecon especially, with Robert (my instructor and former trainee) and Christina

So in short, it was a couple of days full of learning, customers educated about the mySwecon-platform and me picking up my first german words: baumaschinen (construction equipment), kraftstoffverbrauch (fuel consumtion) and betriebstunden (operating hours), who would have thought! 🙂

That’s all from me now, take care & stay tuned!

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Tracing protein up to Norrköping

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A warm hello from sunny Norrköping,

Vanessa is here and on this post, I am really excited to share my experience as a trainee at Lantmännen!

For my first rotation, I get the privilege to do the assignment at Lantmännen Agroetanol, an energy division located at Norrköping, eastern Sweden. (Fun fact: Agroetanol is the largest bioerefinery in the Nordics with production of almost 25 tonnes of bioethanol (yes, that fuel that you add to your gasoline) per hour!). Apart from bioethanol, we are also producing feed products for livestocks and liquified CO2 known as carbonic acid that attracts customers from food industry.

For my assignment, I will investigate the traceability of protein content in our feed products, right from the delivery of the raw materials up to the loading of logistics to the customers. Sounds trivial, but I can assure you it is absolutely not :p

The perks of working on a production site: this is my everyday view at work. In front of distillation tanks.

This field is completely new for me, but this is when the fun parts come 🙂 My project instructor has given me a free space so I can decide how I would like to execute this project. Therefore, I could be creative, show some initiatives, and point out critical points since this project is basically my “playground”, but of course from time to time I still need his supervision. Also an important part in this project is networking. To be able to collect data, I need to talk to a lot of people from different professional areas. This is the part where I got to polish my communication skills and an opportunity to start building contacts. Some can be approached through lunch, mails, or as simple as coming by their offices. To have their various insights and linking them together on this project is interesting but also tricky 😉 All in all, so far I can say Agroetanol provides a friendly environment and a welcoming atmosphere for a new employee like me.

In front of fermentation tanks, where all the magic happens

For me, being a trainee (even though it has been 2 weeks only) is definitely pushing me out of my boundaries, in a good way of course 🙂 I don’t mind at all because I realize this is one of the ways to enhance self-development, so I am up for the challenges! Bring it on!

Time to wrap up my post and head straight to the weekend!

Until next time,


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3…2…1…and we’re off!

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A big welcome to Lantmännen’s trainee blog! During the following 15 months you will be able to follow nine excited, eager and curious trainees during our rotations within the Lantmännen group.

It has now been little more than a week since our three introduction days that initiated the programme. These were spent at Säby Säteri (40 min outside Sthlm) and were packed with fun! Interesting lectures about the company´s vision and strategy, its diverse business and the strengths of dedicated owners (25 000 farmers!) were alternated with team building, farm visit, photo shoots, and meetings with parts of the Group Management Team and former trainees.

After leaving the introduction days filled up with Lantmännen-wisdom, new friends and latest clothing trends (see picture for proof) it was time to relocate to start our first 3-month position.

Johanna, Anton, Vanessa, Johan, Sebastian, Lovisa
Moa, Hugo, Hampus (Program Manager), Mikkel

So, who are we? Here’s a short presentation about our background and our first position at Lantmännen:

  • Johanna
    • Education:
      • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
      • MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management
      • Specialization: Efficient Energy Utilization
    • First trainee position:
      • Common Function, Brand and Communication, Stockholm
      • Further dev of Lantmännen cutivation concept Climate & Nature
  • Anton
    • Education:
      • Linköping University
      • MSc. in Industrial Engineering & Management, International (Chinese)
      • Specialization: Biotechnology, Strategic management and corporate governance
    • First trainee position:
      • Agriculture, Malmö
      • Commodities climate performance as a competetive advantage
  • Vanessa
    • Education:
      • Chalmers University of Technology
      • MSc. in Industrial Ecology
    • First trainee position:
      • Energy, Agroetanol, Norrköping
      • The effect of raw material variation in a biorefinery
  • ​Johan
    • Education:
      • Stockholm School of Economics
      • MSc in Accounting & Financial Management
      • Specialization in Accounting & Financial Management and Finance
    • First trainee position:
      • Food, Unibake, Copenhagen
      • Execution of innovation strategy
  • ​Sebastian
    • Education:
      • Uppsala University
      • MSc. in Business and Economics in Strategic Marketing Management
    • First trainee position:
      • R&D, AS-Faktor, Stockholm
      • Functional and medical foods in Sweden and internationally
  • Lovisa
    • Education:
      • Lund University School of Economics and Management
      • MSc. in Accounting and Finance
      • Specialization: Accounting and Management Control
    • First trainee position
      • Food, Cerealia, Stockholm
      • Financial planning development
  • Moa
    • Education:
      • Linköping University
      • M.Sc. in Electrical engineering
    • First trainee position:
      • Increase sales of the right products by improving the Product Information Management platform
      • Food, Unibake, Copenhagen
  • Hugo
    • Education:
      • Linköping University
      • MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management
      • Specialization: Supply Chain Management, Mechanical Engineering
    • First trainee position:
      • Swecon, Stockholm
      • Global competition and market analysis for mySwecon
  • Mikkel
    • Education:
      • Copenhagen Business School
      • MSc. in Business, Language & Culture – Business & Development Studies
      • Specialization: International Business & Economic Development
    • First trainee position:
      • Food, Cerealia, Stockholm
      • Re-position the MIX portfolio in the Nordics

Hope you will follow us throughout the program for interesting updates from each of our position, stay tuned! 🙂

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Anställning och leveranser

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Traineeutbildningen börjar lida mot sitt slut – men tiden på Jordbruksverket har bara börjat. Samtliga av oss traineer har erbjudits anställning efter traineeperioden (och tackat ja).

Från och med 1 juni kommer vi vara anställda på riktigt, vilket naturligtvis känns väldigt roligt! Vi kommer att fortsätta jobba i de team där vi nu är utplacerade. Detta innebär att jag kommer fortsätta i Atlas.

Vi i Atlas har tillfälligt fått rycka in i projektet Jorden för att hjälpa dem att hinna färdigställa funktionaliteten som ska vara klart till sommarens driftsättning. Det är en hel del nytt för oss att sätta oss in i. Men vi har ett bra samarbete med Jorden utv2 så vi får den hjälp vi behöver för att kunna sätta oss in i uppgiften.

Utöver det som är nytt med jorden försöker jag även sätta mig in i hur arbetet med driftsättningar fungerar. En av mina kollegor i Atlas som har haft ansvar för leveranserna kommer att sluta vilket innebär att jag och min handledare Lotta tillsammans kommer att ta över det ansvaret. Det känns spännande! Igår var jag för första gången med på en driftsättning, och överlag gick det bra. Det strulade lite, men det löste sig ganska snabbt. Något av det bästa med att jobba med leveranser är att jag får bredda mitt kontaktnät och lära känna fler sköna människor här på jordbruksverket.

Det var allt för den här gången. Nu blir det tillbaka till kodknackning i Jorden.


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Jordbruksverket på HackForSweden!



Jag tänkte ta tillfället i akt och berätta om en fantastisk resa till Stockholm och HackForSweden som ägde rum nu i helgen!
Vårt lag bestod av sex glada traineer (en som var trainee förra året) från Jordbruksverkets IT-avdelning.

Det har varit en intensiv helg med många lärdomar och framförallt så har vi haft väldigt roligt.

Innan jag går in mer i detalj på vad vi hackade på vill jag rikta ett stort tack till HackForSweden, Norrsken House och alla som var med och gjorde detta event möjligt.
Jag vill även rikta ett stort tack till alla i Team Wärket som gjorde denna resa så otroligt rolig.
Sedan vill jag även tacka mitt underbara team i Jönköping, ICC, för att ha sponsrat oss med Nocco!

Så, vad jobbade vi i “Team Wärket” på under eventet?
Vi jobbade på något vi kallar för Kriskartan.

Tanken var att skapa en lösning som gör det möjligt för människor att informera sig om viktiga saker som händer kring dem, genom att visualisera ställen för olika nödsituationer som kan uppstå, på ett och samma ställe. Det uppstår ofta många frågor i samband med en nödsituation eller kris och syftet är då också att också kunna bidra med information som kan svara på så många frågor och oroligheter som möjligt.

Hur långt hann vi då?
Resultatet blev en karta, ett feed till höger om kartan, och möjlighet att filtrera till vänster om kartan.
Feeden uppdaterar användaren med information från Krisinformation.se och vädervarningar från SMHI.
Användaren kan sedan markera olika händelser i feedet för att markera det drabbade området på kartan.

Vad hann vi inte med?
Kriskartan öppnar upp för otroligt många möjligheter där endast fantasin sätter stopp. Tänk dig att det det uppstår en gasläcka eller en skogsbrand, då skulle man kunna använda sig av luftdata / vindriktningar för att förutspå spridningen. Vad händer om Sverige blir attackerat och internet går ner? Med Kriskartans app i telefonen skulle användaren kunna få nödvändig offline-information om vart skyddrum och dricksvatten finns.
Crowd-sourcing är också något man skulle vilja få in, så att vi alla kan hjälpas åt att samla in nödvändig information.

Vad kunde vi gjort bättre?
Med facit i hand skulle vi nog lagt mer tid på en riktigt snygg design / mock  och lagt mer tid på att sälja in idéen än vad vi faktiskt gjorde.
Vi jobbade väldigt mycket tekniskt med transformering av data och att omvandla koordinater från olika datakällor för att få ut länsgränser / kommungränser, för att sedan kunna rita upp detta på kartan. Detta gjorde att vi tekniskt sett hann bygga en bra grund, men inget som lockar en användare vid första anblick.

Det har iallafall varit otroligt roligt och väldigt inspirerande att träffa andra drivna människor och se hur dom tänkte och vad dom tog fram under 48 timmar!
Om du som läser detta någon gång har möjlighet att åka på HackForSweden, tveka inte!

Med det sagt så skickar jag med en länk till Kriskartan på Devpost och bifogar även lite bilder från eventet nedan.


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One company, endless possibilities

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8 Months and counting, Experience from SKF Sweden, Finland, Indonesia and Brazil
Olá para everyone! My name is Benjamin and I’m composing this small update from our factory located near the rainforest in Brazil. As a Global Trainee in SKF my new challenge is distributed across Latin America where I’m learning how we are handling our customer interaction and how to identify their needs, my next stop is SKF Chile!

A fish out of the water, from robotic to software
Working at the software centre in Gothenburg, Sweden was for sure an exciting and challenging first rotation. As a mechanical engineer previously researching robotics, my jar was empty, but to be challenged in a true agile environment suited me well. I had the opportunity take a Product Owner Certificate which helped me to assist the development of the agile framework. To receive such working experience and have the possibilities to challenge the status quo in such a big global company is very exciting!

A responsibility for the future
Managing the SKF Remote Presence had for sure been the most challenging and developing part of my journey, and still is. I’m fortunate enough to be working with state of the art technologies within digital communication, augmented and virtual reality. This technologies is used to enhance the internal and external communication. Example: the reduction of cost/time related to travel, and the increase of the operation up-time by solving disturbances faster. I consider this to be of key importance for a more efficient and sustainable future.

Over and out,
Benjamin von Schmuck

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