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Ciao, hej and Nǐ hǎo TraineeBloggen!

My name is Nicola Brioschi and I’m part of the SKF’s Global Graduate Programme. I’m from Italy, with a background in mechanical engineering, ICE and turbomachinery specialization.
It’s been already 9 months that I joined SKF, having the fabulous opportunity to be part of this journey with other 10 colleagues from all over the world. Let’s go deeper into the details together…

The programme starts with a brief period in your home country (Italy for me) to get in touch with the local SKF and its environment. Suddenly, the real programme starts with an introduction month at the SKF headquarter in Gothenburg. I can’t imagine a better way to start your career in a global company: in this weeks you have the chance to meet the senior management, get the vision (A world of reliable rotation “) and mission (“The undisputed leader in the bearing business”) of the company and its way to achieve it.
The first impression that I had of the company made me feel that I made the right choice: SKF is a family, where there aren’t any barriers between employees, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, it doesn’t matter what is your job role; whoever you are in the corporation, you can get in contact with anyone to share knowledge, experience, ask questions about a particular stuff or just for a coffee during a break.
The time in Gothenburg was awesome and we participated in several trainings about Business Acumen, Finance, REP, products reviews and also a visit in the factory where bearings are manufactured: from raw material to a high-quality product. Furthermore, it gave me the possibility to meet the other 10 graduates as well as the previous SKF graduates. Funny activities and moments of reflection are mixed together and suddenly a great chemistry and synergy is created.

Wave 3 graduates with Alrik, SKF CEO

After the introduction month, I came back in Turin to start my first rotation, working on my own project. I was in the Product Development team for Super Precision Bearings, a product which requires a high level of running accuracy at high to extremely high speed (mainly spindles for machine tools, but you can find them also in racing, medical equipment…). I worked on a really technical project and I don’t want to annoy you with too much technical details: what I can say is that it gave me the chance to learn so many things about bearings, measuring systems, machine capabilities and 6 sigma principles. I am really grateful to all the people involved for giving me that opportunity, even if I was a fresh graduate.

Beside the bigger project, I was involved in the daily work of the office such as drawing preparation for customers or software simulations. During these 5 months I had also the opportunity to take several trainings on PLM, design courses and to take part at BIMU, the biggest fair in Italy on machine tools, robot, automation and digital manufacturing. The time flew and soon it was time to get back in Gothenburg for 2 weeks to share our experiences with our colleagues and have other powerful trainings as the GPM2 and the Agile way of working.

SKF Villar Perosa factory

As a trainee you are expected to be very flexible, that’s why I made luggage again for the second rotation: 5 months in Taiwan, at the machine tools solution factory. Here I am involved in different projects and activities with a close relationship with customers. If they experience problems in their application, mainly grinding, milling and turning, the solution factory can help them to find the root cause. In addition, we also design and mount spindles and components at the factory, selling to customers the assets and providing them monitoring services: only SKF can provide such a 360° offer!

But the journey in Asia is not yet finished for me… In June/July I am going to Shanghai for several customer visits where we will follow tests regarding SKF new products and solutions to reduce Noise & Vibration. Beside that, we want also to develop a more structured dialogue with customers to go deeper in their real needs and understand how SKF can help them when it comes to rotating parts. All the acquired information will be then passed to Product Development and Process to align. I am excited about seeing a new country and their way of doing business.

Trip with colleagues (or should I say friend?)

And after?

Another great point of the Programme is that you can actually choose your rotation and explore the most suited role for you. My next step will be in Steyr, Austria, working in manufacturing environment. Another part will be related to ReMan; this is quite a new business for SKF where basically we offer to customer remanufactured bearings, as well as service and condition monitoring to get more knowledge about the condition of their assets. If customer knows the condition of its asset in real time, he can also foresee maintenance period and change bearings without losing time; the used bearing can later be send to SKF Reman Centers to be inspected and remanufactured, giving them a new life. Can’t wait to set up another challenging project with my future manager!

Hope you have enjoyed the reading and gain some insights about the Programme and SKF in general!



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Hello neighbor!

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Hugo here and great to be back in the blog-warmth again! After two periods in my hometown Sthlm it was time to pack my bags and head over to our dear neighbor in the east, and more specific to Helsinki!

Here in Helsinki I’m working at Agro Oy, the finnish leg in our agriculture business and I’m looking into their seed business and its production plants, volumes and cost structure. The project has been really interesting and quite closely related to my studies within supply chain management which have been a great experience to try it out in “real life”. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not been new territory for me, born and raised in Sthlm my agriculture knowledge was on the same level as my finnish, combine the two and you have quite a suuri (well, I’ll just let you guess) adventure in front of you!

Fields, fields and more fields, here at the Hauho Trial farm where Lantmännen Agro are doing research to offer the best products for their customers!

Trying to summarize my last few months here in Finland I would say that it’s been a real pleasure, meeting a lot of great colleagues patiently describing the finnish agriculture, living in a real nice city (underestimated!) that offers a lot of city sightseeing as well as some accessible nature and genuine finnish sauna (can’t write a blogpost about Finland and not mention sauna…). And of course, living in Finland when they win the World Championship in hockey, well that just doesn’t happen every year!

Me together with Finland, waiting for the National Hockey team

Take care and see you at the next place!


PS. And a picture from the first week in Finland:

Conference in the finnish winter gave time for some teambuilding activities – apparently they put the slowest driver in the front, who could have thought!

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Supply chaining the silos

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Hej blog readers, it’s Vanessa who will take over this week’s blog post! After spending previous period in Stockholm at Group Function (GF) R&D, I decided to extend my stay here in the capital and join another GF: Supply Chain.

The reason behind this is because I want to experience how it feels to work in a supply chain field since I only got a little glimpse of supply chain while pursuing my Bachelor degree. Initially, I would like to move to Malmö and be part of Lantmännen Agriculture business area, however there was no project within supply chain area available for me. But, lucky me, there is a joint project between GF Supply Chain in Stockholm and LM Agriculture in Malmö regarding supply chain, in which I immediately said yes to! 😉

At my current project, which has been running since late March, I was assigned to look at possible relocation of one of our biggest grain silos in the West region of Sweden. I learn (and am still learning) so much more than I expected! Starting from looking at one subject from different angles and interests, developing strategic thinking, incorporating external yet relevant insights into current data flow, and so on. Soooo many considerations need to be involved before we decide on one thing and so many information to be confirmed as well in order to guarantee its validity. In conclusion, I really like this project because it matches my interest and the outcome.

I haven’t really taken many pictures from this project (oops), so here is a picture of Stockholm in the spring and sunny weather.

See you around! /Vanessa

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Starting global!

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Ciao everyone!

I’m Ginevra from Italy, I am an engineer and I am part of the SKF Global Graduate Programme wave 3. Being half way through the programme, I feel like it’s time to share with you how my experience has been so far.

I am sure that you already know how the programme is structured, but in case you don’t, I will summarize it briefly for you:

  • 1 introduction month in Gothenburg
  • 3 5-months rotations in different business units
  • 2-weeks gatherings in Sweden with all your graduate colleagues between the rotations

The start – Rotation 1

I’ve joined SKF in September 2018, and after a quick week in the office in Milan to know my colleagues and get my pc and mobile, it was already time to fly to Gothenburg for the introduction month! Needless to say that it was great experience. What really impressed me at the time was the availability and willingness of the senior management to meet us and share with us their views. As a young professional, it doesn’t happen that often be given a 360° overview of the company and of its strategy.

It was then time to go back to Italy for my first rotation! In Milan I joined our Industrial Sales team for 5 months. During this time I mainly worked on a market study project which included database analysis, future trends in the segment, our value proposition and the go-to-market strategy. In the meantime, a lot of customer visits with our account managers!

All wave 3 during the introduction month

What’s happening now – Rotation 2

After the gathering in Sweden with the other graduates (so nice to meet everyone again!) it was time to start a new experience: I moved here in Gothenburg to start my second placement in Business Development in one of our factories!

I was expecting to have a slow start, being the new one that is staying in the department for only some months but it was not the case. Here I found a team that has involved me in all the activities from day one – asking for my opinions and challenging my views – the best start I could ask for!

I am currently working on three different projects regarding our self-aligning roller bearings, and everyday I find myself working with people from all over the world. Plus, I get to spend some time in the factory, getting my hands dirty and understanding how our bearings come to life.

In the factory with one of our large size bearings

What will happen next – Rotation 3

In August I will move to Katrineholm to spend the last part of my second rotation in our housings factory, and I am looking forward to understanding more about our manufacturing.

In the last few days I have also started planning my third rotation, which will probably be a split one: 2 months in China, joining the Product Development team, and 3 months in Germany.

I am extremely excited about the next adventures, wish me luck!



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Change Management Training

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This week’s blog is written by Sebastian. I wrote my previous blog post in the fall when I was placed at AS-Faktor working in business development, but a lot has happened since then.

After Stockholm, I went to Unibake in Copenhagen where I worked on a project for their fast foods division. I looked at the northern European market for hamburger and hot dog buns to find out what opportunities Unibake have to expand in the segment. Did you all know that Lantmännen Unibake is the market leader for fast food buns in Sweden with Korvbrödsbagarn (read: MAX Friscobröd) and has a big presence in Norway, Finland, and Denmark? I keep thinking that it would be amazing if you could find our delicious buns all over the world though. Well, maybe one day…

Now I am at Lantmännen’s energy division, which just expanded by acquiring a British company’s factory outside of Norrköping. We are famous for our imagination here at Lantmännen (not really), so we decided to call the new company “Lantmännen Oats”, as the factory refines oats. The energy division also consist of “Lantmännen Agroetanol” (ethanol), “Lantmännen Aspen” (alkylate fuel), and “Lantmännen Reppe” (gluten, starch, and drinking alcohol).

Instead of joining one of these companies, I was fortunate enough to work with the energy division’s management team in Stockholm. I am “uppe i smöret” (“up in the butter”), so to speak. On a daily basis, I am helping out where needed, but I am mostly working on a market analysis for starches and the integration of “Lantmännen Oats” into Lantmännen. I also get to sit in on a bunch of meetings to really understand what happens in a management team, which is really cool.

The trainees in beautiful Skåne

However, this post was supposed to be about the training we just had about change management, and not about me. The topic of change is both incredibly relevant and interesting. We got to learn about useful theories on change management, and lead change through simulations and real life scenarios. A lot of the issues we came across were very relatable, as they are issues we all continuously face in our projects. Change is truly a part of everyday life, at least here at Lantmännen, so learning how to deal with it will probably have some pretty fantastic consequences.

We took the time to excercise a lot during the training. Here Johanna is trying to kill us with a cross fit workout.

Learning about change was great, but it wasn’t even nearly as good as meeting up with the whole trainee-gang at a vineyard in sunny Skåne. Summer finally arrived! We always have a great time meeting up, and even if we learned that there perhaps is a reason to why Sweden isn’t famous for wine, the beautiful scenery along with the company made these three days absolutely amazing.

Until next time!


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Slutet på Traineeprogrammet

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Nu är traineeprogrammet snart slut här på Jordbruksverkets IT-avdelning för den här gången, och tillsvidareanställning tar vid, den här veckan har jag som tidigare jobbat i ett av utvecklingsteamen där jag även skall stanna när praktiktiden tar slut den 1 juni. Det känns kul att traineetiden är slut och att vi alla har fått anställning, mycket kunskap har sjunkit in under dessa trainee-månader. Nu ser vi fram emot att fortsätta utvecklas som tillsvidareanställd samt att få träffa de nya traineerna om några månader!

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Business Development and Personal Development at Husqvarna Global Trainee Program

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Hi/Hej/Hoi readers!

I am Henrik Wallander, and I am the Global Trainee in Business Development for the Husqvarna Division. Connecting to something that my fellow trainee Raphael mentioned in an earlier post of working in a different country than you were born: I am originally from Sweden, but I am based in the Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam, as Husqvarna Group offered me the opportunity to make my home base Dutch, instead of Swedish.
During my masters studies in Innovation and Industrial Management at the School of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Gothenburg, I realized that what suited me best would be a dynamic career, requiring me to own dedicated projects with the associated responsibilities and somewhat fight for the possibility to support and drive change and improvement in an organization. That last part might seem discouraging or negative, but it is actually the opposite. I want to be challenged, and when I have the support from my manager and team to positively affect the organization I work for in a meaningful way, I thrive.

For my first six-month assignment, I got the responsibility to drive a project investigating online sales opportunities, with a lot of helpful support from my team, my assignment manager, and my home manager. With the golden support internally, I was given the chance to progress professionally and personally with more responsibilities and trust than I could have ever hoped for going into this position. For the various stakeholders, the assignment was successful and created valuable insights which I can only be proud to have been a part of.

I am currently on my second assignment within the Global Trainee Program, working on another Business Development project in Global Sales and People & Organization. What is extremely exciting about this project is that it is nowhere limited to a single country or region, it’s focused on global employee development, which is a topic I have not worked with extensively before.

Evidential for the delegated responsibilities for this assignment, I can highlight that I am currently finishing this blog post from my hotel room in Olathe, Kansas. I am here for a week-long business trip to gather and share experiences with our colleagues in the Construction Division in the US. To explore and collaborate on what they have done related to the project, input that I can bring back to Europe and share with our division, fostering and strengthening global collaboration.

Outside the Husqvarna Construction Products Headquarters in Olathe, Kansas.

Working at Husqvarna Group has led me to take on more responsibility than expected and capitalize on professional development opportunities, all thanks to remarkably supportive and engaging coworkers and managers. However, one should always remember that in order to achieve what one wants, continued effort and dedication is needed to reach one’s goals. Bring it on!

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End of an era

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Nu är det även dags för mig att skriva det sista blogginlägget här på Traineebloggen, eftersom jag snart inte är en trainee längre. Det är en märklig känsla att tiden har gått så fort och att jag snart faktiskt lite mer på riktigt kan titulera mig som systemutvecklare snarare än trainee. Vi är rätt bra ändå!

Denna veckan har jag varit ledig två dagar och hälsat på Mittuniversitetet i Östersund, där jag läste på distans och tog examen från för ett år sedan. De har där en årlig informatik-konferens och jag var inbjuden för att komma dit och prata i år om hur det har gått efter studierna. Det kändes ganska stort att stå där och prata inför studenterna och berätta om hur livet kan se ut efteråt. Jag fick även en god chans för reflektion och se tillbaka över traineeperioden.

Ärendet jag sitter med nu är i vårt behörighetssystem där det skall in lite ny funktionalitet. Det känns som en väldigt bra uppgift för att lära sig mer , då det innebär både backend, frontend och databas/sql. Det är bra att få vara inne i alla delar och lära sig se kopplingarna. I det här teamet så kan det variera väldigt mycket mellan hur uppgifterna ser ut, vilket jag verkligen tycker är en stor del av charmen!

Jag ser verkligen fram emot de nya utmaningarna som kommer och jag är oerhört tacksam för att ha fått den här möjligheten på traineeprogrammet. Jag är många erfarenheter rikare och gissar på att det framöver kommer att bli ännu mer. Vi är alla lite nyfikna nu på hur det går i rekryteringen nu och vilka nya traineer vi får se i höst och bli faddrar åt. 🙂 Stort tack för mig!

Sen första veckan har jag haft denna sittandes på min dator för att hålla koll på mina bloggveckor. Det känns lite märkligt att den nu åker av.
Det är dags nu!

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Broadens my perspectives

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Hi again everyone!!

Since last time I’ve been to really interesting and exiting events! Last week I participated at Handelsrådets workshop about innovation in retail, where people both from the industry, the government and academia joined to discuss the future within retail. The dynamic group really generated good and interesting discussions with many different perspectives – it’s really interesting to be a part of discussions where the competences are so different. The discussed topic’s was about a seamless commerce, sustainability and also the need of raising the importance of retail in our society. The trade sector accounts for 11% of Sweden’s GDP and 1 of 5 young and foreign born get their first job within the retail sector, which means that this sector is an important employer in social perspective. This can give us an issue when the new digital technologies are introduced to our market, what will the first jobs be then?

The lunch view at Mordärna Museet where Matdagen was hosted

The day after I joined Matdagen 2019 which is a day hosted by Livsmedelsföretagen who is a branch organization for the food industry in Sweden. The focus area for this year’s event was public health. What can the industry do to contribute to good healthy lifestyles, spread evidence-based knowledge about food and health, create more food joy and simply help people feel better?

The winners of “Årets Livsmedelsexportör”

One exciting thing during the day was the award of the prize “Food Exporter of the Year” where Viking Malt was the winners who is partly owned by Lantmännen. Viking Malt has an export share of 80 % and annually exports 600 000 ton Swedish malt to breweries and distilleries worldwide.

In between the exiting events I’m still mapping up the value chain for oats – it is incredible how much you can do with oats and how many health benefits there are with oats.

Have a great week everyone and until next post, eat some oats – it’s good for you!

Best Regards,

PS. Did you know that the Food industry is the third biggest industry in Sweden?

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Tack för mig

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Detta är mitt sista blogg-inlägg som trainee hos Jordbruksverket. Om knappt en månad är trainee-perioden över och därefter intar vi alla rollen som systemutvecklare på heltid. Det känns smått overkligt att det snart har gått nio månader sedan jag började här, men jag känner mig samtidigt trygg och nöjd med allt jag har upplevt och lärt mig under resans gång. Nu pågår dessutom rekryteringen av nästa omgång traineer, vilket är väldigt spännande!

I början av veckan höll jag och mina trainee-kollegor en presentation om goda exempel vi upplevt under våra praktikperioder. Detta gjorde vi dels för att sprida lärdomar mellan teamen och dels för att potentiellt kunna förbättra förutsättningarna för nästa grupp traineer. Under presentationen lyfte vi bland annat exempel på saker som gjorde att vi kände oss extra välkomna och involverade, samt exempel på respektive teams styrkor, unika egenskaper och fika-vanor. Det tycks ha varit en uppskattad presentation och vi hoppas att vår lilla reflektion kan vara till nytta för både nuvarande och framtida kollegor.

Och med det vill jag tacka för min tid som trainee. Det har verkligen varit ett nöje och jag hoppas innerligt att nästa grupp kommer att få en minst lika bra upplevelse som jag har fått. Stort tack och lycka till med rekryteringen!


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