Hello everyone!

As the headline is referring to, during my current project, I got the opportunity to work with the division where it all started – the Agriculture division, in Malmö. I would say that if you get the chance to work for the agriculture division, you should take it. It is really an interesting area with a lot of different businesses, where no one is the other alike. We have the grain unit, which buys and sells grain, both internally and externally. Secondly, we have the feed unit, something I didn’t know before is that the feed recipes are changed every other week because of supply of raw material. Thirdly, we have the unit selling seeds for both grass and grains. In this unit the commodity goods are also a part, for example fertilizer and niacin. And fourthly, since some years ago, Machinery is also a part of the agriculture division.

My current project is an operating capital project. This is a really interesting project since Lantmännen is putting more focus on the operating capital. Up until now I have worked on a model with how all agriculture units should budget the operating capital. This model will being tested this week with the purpose to set the budget for 2020. Now my focus will be on providing a tool to simulate the working operating capital.

During our first week at Agriculture, Moa and I went threshing with Joel (previous trainee) – a lot of fun!

Otherwise, a lot of exciting things are happening at the moment, as previous trainees have mentioned, we are in phase of applying for positions after the trainee program. Also, we are approaching the end of our Strategic Group Assignments, and in a few weeks we will present our findings for several other representatives at Lantmännen.

Next time I’m writing a blog post it will be the last week of the trainee program, until then – have a great time!