Andra praktikperioden påbörjad på Jordbruksverket!


Hej igen!

Det var ett tag sen jag bloggade..
Missade mitt förra inlägg då jag var på Grönland. Riktigt häftig upplevelse, rekommenderas, men nog om det för nu är ni såklart sugna på att veta hur det går för mig på Jordbruksverket!

Den andra praktikperioden är nu påbörjad, vilket innebär att jag bosatt mig hos ett nytt team!

Först och främst vill jag säga stort tack till mitt förra team, Team Seals.
Det var ett riktigt välkomnande, härligt och hjälpsamt gäng som bjöd på spännande arbetsuppgifter, sprintplaneringar, möte med kund m.m.
Sen får vi ju såklart inte glömma fika, glöggmingel och julstämning!
Jag har lärt mig otroligt mycket under min tid hos detta team och haft väldigt roligt.

Det nya teamet jag hamnat i heter ICC (Integration Competency Center) och för att göra en lång historia kort kan man säga att det är teamet som sitter i mitten och hanterar kopplingar mellan olika system.

Jag närmar mig nu att ha varit hos ICC en hel vecka och jag måste även här säga att jag har tagits emot med ett varmt välkomnande och spännande uppgifter. Det är alltid klurigt i början, men jag får den hjälp jag behöver, så so far so good! 🙂

Jag hoppas alla har haft en bra jul och jag önskar er en god fortsättning!

Jag avslutar detta blogginlägg med några bilder från Kangerlussuaq – Grönland

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What I’ve been up to, SKF Global Trainee Programme

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Hi Traineebloggen, it’s me Carl, previously just a reader, now a writer.

A little more than a year ago I was a reader of Traineebloggen, but then as a senior in Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. I had just started to feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement about the future, what do I want to do, with whom and where? And who would want me to do something, somewhere with someone?

Traineebloggen gave me answer to what I want to do (become a trainee), and SKF gave me the possibility to discover new somewheres and someones, so I’ll try to help you guys out, by sharing.

I started as a Global Trainee in Application Engineering, in August of 2017 together with my ten trainee colleagues from across the globe. Would love to tell you more of our intro-month, but Saien and Henry has already got that covered (click here for Henry’s & here for Saien’s posts).

From the intro month: Off work challenge, escape room with Saien, Li, Allan and Dennis.

Clarification of tasks and short description of what I’ve been up to.

Application Engineering: Working very close with the customer to optimize the bearings arrangements. Could be in different phases, either in development phases with Original Equipment Manufacturers, improving current arrangements or root causing failures and prevent them from occurring again. This means that it’s both a strong customer and technical focus. The teams the customer meets consist of Sales, Customer Service and Application Engineering, to be able to cover their needs.

Customer visits: After a couple of years buried in literature, it was really exciting to get out in the real world, at our customers. Sounds pretty cheesy, but working in the engine bay of a towing vessel together with two 37 litres diesel engines was a blast. We conducted service on the drive-train, which included physical inspection of bearings, housing, lubrication and mounting of seals. The service job gave me valuable insight in both the technology and customer relations.

Project: In Sweden, we are set to increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry. Meaning that we need to be in the forefront when it comes to technology, organizational efficiency and being able to deliver the solutions our customers expect. To facilitate for this, several improvement projects are ongoing, and mine is focused on how to increase the value to the customer by having a closer collaboration, and how to set up the business for such a collaboration.

Education: Hybrid bearings in Steyr, Austria. SKF’s site in Steyr develop and manufacture bearings with ceramic rolling elements and coated steel bearings for electric insulation. As an engineer, this is really exciting, since the properties of such bearing are vastly improved in some areas compared to all steel bearings. These bearings are lighter, can run faster, with less lubrication, in more contaminated environments without the risk of being damaged from electrical currents. Meaning that these bearings are the “pièce de résistance”, located in some of the toughest places, such as F1 gearboxes and aerospace applications.

A demanding application and a long collaboration, SKF and Ferrari.

What happens next: In April I’m moving to Brazil for five months, to get to know another part of our global organization. I’m really excited about the journey, since I’m convinced I can contribute to their daily operations and challenges, and also to grow and learn as a global citizen. Hopefully, next time you hear from me, I have more to tell you about this experience.

For you: If you also want to spend 18 months: challenge, learn and develop, both yourself and SKF, apply “here” (for applicants based in Sweden).

SKF Wave 2 Trainees


If you have any questions, feel free to use the comment section.

Take care!


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From Fika to Electrification

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What do Swedish coffee breaks, internet of things, chainsaws, lithium batteries, and robots all have in common?……….me. I have interacted extensively with all of these things and many more through my time as a Global Trainee with Husqvarna Group.

I joined Husqvarna Group after finishing my electrical engineering bachelors at Georgia Tech in the summer of 2016. My trainee journey began at the R&D test department of the North American headquarters based in Charlotte, NC. It was a wonderful way to get hands on exposure to the products and begin building, what was to become, a very extensive network of useful connections.

Product training in the forest of Huskvarna –   Battery Chainsaw

Come September I traded in my steel toed boots for a pair of tight jeans and a parka, then boarded my first flight for Stockholm, Sweden.

In Stockholm, I joined up with the other trainees for a week of introduction to the global organization. Here is where I had my first experience with the Swedish tradition of Fika: a coffee break with colleagues and friends that’s often accompanied by a nice pastry (to really understand just check out the Fika song

Breast Cancer Awareness in the Stockholm Office

I jumped right into my next rotation with the Stockholm based Technology Office. In the technology office, I worked extensively with the Battery Box project. An exercise in IoT, sharing economies, and strategic corporate partnerships. It was an exciting experience to stretch our thinking around how we interact with our customers.

After a few months, I headed south to the thriving metropolis of Huskvarna, the namesake and largest Swedish site of our Group. In Huskvarna I worked initially with the Pro Battery test team. I got to work extensively with our line of professional lithium powered hand tools and their related products. This gave me a terrific opportunity to familiarize myself with the lithium batteries systems that are rapidly changing the face of the industry. While in Huskvarna I also had the privilege of working with the Automower development team. The Automowers are easily the most electrically complex products in our portfolio and many will argue that they are the future of several segments of the industry. Here I was given the opportunity to help map the development process for the hardware team and in doing so became quite familiar with all the onboard systems.

Before I knew it 9 months had passed and it was time for me to head back to my home base in Charlotte. I ventured out from my technical background to spend 6 months working with our purchasing team. It is always important to work outside of your comfort zone sometimes and I found that I very much enjoyed the face time I got with our current and potential suppliers. I have gained a new appreciation for what they do and I am very glad I had the chance to experience a new perspective.

Trainee Project Management Training in Ulm, Germany

As I am wrapping up my time in Charlotte and preparing for my next and final international rotation in Germany, I look back on the last year and a half. My time in Sweden was a fantastic cultural experience. My world view has been expanded and I made friends and connections that will follow me for a lifetime. What stands out most clearly is just how valuable that cultural experience is, especially in this international work place. I am so grateful for all the technical knowledge that I’ve learned in my time so far. It is obvious that the future of this industry is intertwined with technology such as lithium power and IoT, and it is imperative that we facilitate development in those areas. However, what I value the most from my time as a trainee and what I believe will take me the furthest, are the relationships I have developed along the way.

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Working as a Trainee at the Swedish Board of Agriculture


The IT-trainee programme at the Swedish Board of Agriculture (SJV in short for Statens Jordbruksverket) is a wonderful opportunity to kickstart a career in IT sector. It is 9 months long training programme with a clear intention to recruit all who participates in the programme. In 2017, almost 60 graduates competed for this programme and only 6 people were selected including me. The selection process was in Swedish and it included several interviews, a written programming test, and several group work tests. The six of us has graduated from different universities in Sweden and comes from different cultural backgrounds. My personal feeling is that we have one quality in common and that is being ourselves.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture is a government organization where approximately 1300 employees work. It works very closely with the European Union and the Swedish government. The purpose of this organization is to build a good natural environment, to help the farmers, to boost rural development and much more. Read more about it at the following link.

Since September this year, I am working here as a trainee and it has been very productive in terms of competence growth and team collaborations. I find it very exciting and interesting to work with other trainees and people who have been working here for a long time. We recently had a Christmas party which was festive, gorgeous and fun. We also participated in bowling with colleagues, Halloween party, breakfast club and lots of quality fika time within very few months at the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Personally, I think it is a very alive place and I have experienced that the working culture of this organization includes a great deal of respect for each other, positive attitude, fast and honest feedback and solving problems together.

We have had 3 months learning period and now we are in the practice period which is also 3 months long. After that, we are going to have trail employment period for 3 months.

I worked in a team called POF during the first part of the practice period. My key responsibilities were frontend Javascript (Angular JS and Typescript) development and backend Java development. I have implemented 3 new features and one bug fix in a period of 13 working days for the release in February 2018 called Flit 2.9. FLIT is a big system for managing and controlling EU funds for a wide range of projects and distributing support money to farmers and companies. It contains hundreds of Java web services, a simple frontend with Angular JS and Typescript, Postgres database, Java message services to communicate with other internal and external systems and much more. It took a few days of time for me to get the development environment properly up and running. My mentors Magnus and Jane explained to me how this huge system works and answered all my questions. From first-hand experience, it seems to me that Java EE and Maven modules are a complicated combination and a considerable amount of time is required to get things up and running during installation, compiling code during development and testing the tests.

The working flow starts from a Jira issue, it can be a new functionality, correcting fail implementation, bugfix or something else. Then we start a Git branch with a reference to the Jira issue. When programming is done for the requirements, tests are written to validate and verify the usability of the code. Usually, tests require more codes than the requirement itself. When tests are passed, we push the code to remote branch and open a merge request to the targeted release branch. At this stage, a Jenkin instance automatically begins to build the new code into the expected release branch and tests all sort of tests. If there is no problem or errors up to this stage, a code reviewer will review the code and merge it into the targeted release if everything is alright with the code.

Other than programming, I have been to spring planning, kompismöte where we discussed Jira issues, utvecklingsmöte where we discussed best programming practices. The team has a few software development consultants who work for other or own companies.  Also i have worked with two trainees from last year who has got a permanent position in this team. Overall, I have enjoyed the time at team POF, my colleagues were very helpful, special thanks to Magnus, Jane, Pierre, Peter (Developer), Michael and Peter (Team leader). I have definitely learned a lot and I feel myself one step forward in terms of my competence, personality, and professional growth.

Christmas and New year holidays starts from this weekend and after that, I am going to continue the practice period at team SEALS where new challenges awaits for me. I wish everyone a happy new year 2018.


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Praktik på ICC


Hejsan! Nu har vi traineer splittrats och skickats ut till olika team på IT-avdelningen för praktik. Jag och Jakob har hamnat på ICC, Integration Competency Center, som ligger under Jordbruksverkets IT-ArkitekturenhetICC ansvarar för integrationer (tänk “kommunikation”) mellan många av Jordbruksverkets system. I rummet där vi jobbar finns en skärm som visar hur mycket ICCs integrationer används per dag och den siffran brukar vanligtvis ligga runt 320-350 000. Det rör sig alltså ganska mycket information genom ICC och de kan beskrivas som spindeln i nätet. Det första Jakob och jag fick göra när vi kom till ICC var att bygga en egen integration. Det var en lärorik uppgift som visade tydligt hur olika system kommunicerar med varandra. Sedan integrationen blev klar har vi suttit med riktiga ärenden (JIRA) som behöver göras på ICC, men som inte är särskilt brådskande. Jag har suttit med en JIRA gällande “Techradar” det är ett program som visar vilka tekniker, plattformar, språk och verktyg som Jordbruksverket använder, prövar, evaluerar eller fasar ut.




Problemet förut var att prickarna kunde hamna ovanpå varandra eftersom deras positioner slumpades fram, vilket kunde göra kartan svår att tyda om det förekommer många prickar. Ibland var man till och med tvungen att gå in och manuellt “dra isär” prickarna för att kunna se vad det står. Ett tidsslöseri, helt enkelt. Lösningen jag kokade ihop placerar istället prickarna i ett cirkulärt koordinatsystem (se bilden ovan). Det har varit klurigt att få till det, men samtidigt väldigt roligt. Jag tycker om problem där man tvingas analysera, tänka fram en design och slutligen implementera en  lösning.

Människorna på ICC är också väldigt trevliga och tar väl hand om mig och Jakob. Det är ett bra gäng med mycket humor (både bra och dålig) så den återstående tiden på ICC kommer nog att flyta förbi galant. Jag tackar för mig. Här är en bild på Jakob. Adjö!

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En vecka fylld med härliga kollegor, utbildningar, studiebesök och afterworks passar fint som en beskrivning av vår teorivecka i Stockholm!

Veckan började med ett spännande studiebesök på Arlandas flygplats, där JM Entrepenad har en obeskrivligt stor byggarbetsplats just nu. Det var riktigt häftigt att se något så stort i ett område som dessutom kräver en väldigt hög säkerhet! Mikaela som är trainee inom JM E gav oss en väldigt intressant presentation och guidning genom bygget.

Av säkerhetsskäl så kunde jag inte ta så mycket bilder, men en reflexstark gruppbild som förmodligen syntes från månen lyckades vi få publicera.

Vi har haft mycket ledarskapsutbildningar där vi utöver alla föreläsningar om ledarskapsteorier fick tillämpa dem genom att bli utmanade av skådespelare i olika case. Sjukt effektivt att lära sig på detta sättet!

Utbildningar inom ekonomi var också stort fokus på i veckan. Vi har fått lära oss allt från hur aktiemarknaden kan påverkas till en mer detaljrik genomgång av projektekonomi på JM. Grymt bra och lärorikt.

Sista dagen fick vi även vårt första business case, som vi gruppvis ska presentera om 5 månader.  Här uppe ser ni en bild på min härliga grupp som tänker så det knakar.

Avslutningsvis så får jag inte glömma att skriva om hur härligt vi har haft det utanför jobbet. Vi var på middag och spelade biljard, bowling, shuffleboard och lite dart. Här under ser ni en riktigt fokuserad Adam när shufflespelet var igång, och tävlingsinriktade Frida och Ingvild under bowlingen.

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First Rotation in the SKF Global Trainee Programme

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Hej Hej TraineeBloggen!

About Me

My name is Henry, and I am one of the new trainees to start at SKF. I am passionate about travelling, meeting new people, and I love trying to learn new languages (no success in being fluent yet though!). Up until 2011, I was living in the Middle Eastern country Qatar but came back to the UK to study at the University of Greenwich. Whilst at uni, I managed to achieve a FdA in Transport, Logistics Operations and Administration, my BA (Hons) in Project Management and finally, In 2016, I had graduated from Greenwich with a Masters degree in Engineering Management, and was hungry for my next adventure!

Graduation Day!


Que SKF…

Back in July, when a recruiter phoned me and gave me an “employee description” that a Swedish ball bearing manufacturer wanted, which included words such as “entrepreneurial mindset” “cross cultural experience” and “globetrotter” (no joke), I was baffled at how such an opportunity existed. Spiking my curiosity and excitement, I went along to the assessment day and wound up in the best job I have ever had!

Quite literally on my first day, I was sent to Heathrow Airport to join in on a 2-day business trip up in Scotland to get an understanding of the service industry that SKF has up there and meet one of our clients that we were working on a project with. Not a week later I was on a road trip to Wales with an Industrial Market Manager to join in with training for other customers at several different sites. when I got back it was only one more week before I was sent to Gothenburg, Sweden for the trainee induction month.

Gothenburg harbour at sunset

Wave 1 and 2

It was in Sweden that I have met some of the best people I have worked alongside. We spent a month understanding the ins and outs of SKF, what projects are being worked on, where the company envisions itself to be in the future, and where we, the trainees, could help. We were sent on factory tours and learnt about innovations that SKF are currently working on and were sent to foundries to see how the raw product was made. It wasn’t all work though, as when we had finished for the day, we all met up and had dinner, explored the city, joined in in escape rooms and got well acquainted with O’Leary’s!

Wave 1 and 2 Outside of the SKF HQ in Gothenburg

What the Future Holds

At the moment, everyone has gone back to their home unit, or have been sent on their first rotation… But that doesn’t mean the fun has stopped! I am currently operating in the Industrial Market (IM) Sales division in the UK, working on identifying current and emerging markets in the UK where SKF could use its world class products and in which industries to use them in, all the while still being sent out and exploring SKF around the world. In 3 months time, I will be back at Gothenburg with my friends, and then onto Belgium where I will be working in a world class logistics team.

SKF European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Belgium. This will be my second rotation placement!


This 18 month programme is everything innovators, team members, workaholics (with a social life) and of course, “globetrotters” could ever ask for. This is also why I love my job.


I hope if you read this and were interested in this post you leave your questions below, because I would be more than happy to answer them for you and let you about what it is like in the life of an SKF Global Trainee.


I look forward to updating you with more adventures in the future!





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Living it up in Japan

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こんにちわ みんなさん!

My name is Jacob Eriksson and I’m a global trainee in R&D, Husqvarna Division. I am currently six weeks in to my third rotation in R&D in Kawagoe, Japan, located roughly 1h by train from central Tokyo.

Besides working as an engineer in ongoing projects, part of my assignment is to look for opportunities to improve cross-site collaboration between our R&D departments and how we work with knowledge management. This gives me an opportunity to assist in strategic and administrative work while also working on the nitty gritty details in form of engineering work. A good balance of micro and macro so to speak.

Being able to spend 6 months living and working in another country is an amazing opportunity that comes with the Husqvarna Group Global Trainee Program. My first weeks here in Japan has been nothing short of fantastic. My weeks have been packed with exploration, dinners with colleagues, important learnings and the occasional culture clash (some of them being synchronized exercise twice a day and pizza with corn and mayonnaise). To learn about the differences between the Japanese market compared to the other ones we operate in has been especially interesting. The terrain, ageing population and agricultural system gives the Japanese market its own set of unique challenges that we need to tackle.

To make a list of all the great experiences I have had here so far would take too long, but some of the favorites are: 20m Gundam statues, hundreds of years old temples, Tokyo motor show, cat cafés(!), hot springs,  meandering through a pulsating night time Tokyo and fantastic food.

My time so far in the Husqvarna Group Global Trainee Program has been full of awesome experiences together with my fellow trainees and coworkers. My personal development curve has been the steepest that I have experienced so far and the opportunities for challenges and growth is second to none. I can guarantee that if you join the trainee program you will get the opportunity to make your own set of awesome experiences while traveling the world and maximizing your personal development.

P.S A bonus is that when working in Japanese R&D you get a cool uniform D.S

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Sista veckan på första perioden



Nu har vi snart gjort vår sista vecka på första delen av traineeprogrammet. Det känns mäktigt att blicka tillbaka tre månader i tiden och se hur mycket vi har lärt oss. Det har varit mycket teori, men också en hel del praktiskt. Ofta i form av självstudier. Vi traineer har växt samman till en tight grupp så det är med blandade känslor som vi nu ska skickas ut i olika team.

Alla av oss är givetvis väldigt taggade på att få komma ut och jobba på riktigt, men det känns samtidigt lite tråkigt att vi traineer inte kommer jobba lika tight med varandra framöver.

För min del kommer första praktikperioden spenderas på ICC, ett team som jobbar med systemintegrationer. Det kommer förhoppningsvis (och troligtvis) bli mycket lärorikt!

I veckan har jag och Johan (tillsammans med cheferna Markus och Sandra) fått representera Jordbruksverket på Karriärum. Det är en mässa på Jönköping University där studenter får chansen att knyta kontakter till olika företag.

Johan och jag var där som representanter för traineeprogrammet, och det kändes som att vi fyllde en bra roll då studenterna kunde få direkt information om våra upplevelser som traineer.

Nedan ser ni en bild på Johan och Sandra.

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Praktik incoming!


Då var det min tur att blogga ännu en gång, tiden går fort!

Denna veckan har vi fått mycket information inför praktiken som närmar sig, där vi bland annat har fått träffa lite olika teamledare.
Jag kan inte med ord uttrycka hur taggad jag är, samtidigt är det tråkigt att det goa trainee-gänget kommer splittras och hamna på olika håll.

Utöver att förbereda oss inför praktik har veckan bestått av lite andra informationspass och självstudier.
Vi har pratat säkerhet, utvecklingsmetod , fikat med förra årets traineer och träffat enhetschefer.
Under säkerhetspasset fick vi även lite övningar som var väldigt roliga. Väldigt bra och nyttig information.
Veckan har varit väldigt givande och det har varit en bra balans mellan självstudier och informationspass.

Jag avrundar detta korta inlägg med en vacker bild på Ivar och Jakob som så snällt ställde upp!


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