Amazing five months as a global trainee

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Hello everyone,

This month, it is my turn for the takeover as the fourth global trainee of SKF! I would like to introduce you myself briefly and share how my first four months in SKF went as a trainee.

My name is Ezgi and I am 23 years old. I also have an engineering background as the majority of our global trainee group but I am the only Industrial Engineer. I got my bachelors degree from Boğaziçi University which is located in Istanbul, Turkey. I am originally from Izmir which is a beautiful city in the west coast of Turkey but I moved to Istanbul to complete my degree. I am currently located at the headquarters of SKF Turkey in Istanbul. After spending a month in SKF Turkey, I went to Gothenburg for our introduction month. I really enjoyed the time I spent there, it was amazing to meet a lot of friendly people with different backgrounds and have trainings about different areas of SKF. You probably read about our fantastic introduction month before from my colleagues’ blog posts!

After the introduction month, I came back to my home country for my first rotation and I am now working on my first project. I am working close to the sales unit and learning a lot about the market. I haven’t worked in sales department during my previous experiences so it was new to me to go on customer visits when I first started so it is really good to me to see sales side also. As the next step, my second rotation will be in Prague. I have never been there before but I hear a lot of good things about the city and the organization in there so I am excited about that!

I am so happy and proud to be a part of the global trainee program and I believe SKF gave me the opportunity to challenge myself while having fun! I am sure my other trainee colleagues feel the same way. Right from the beginning, this program gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all around the world. I always believe that you have a lot to learn from different people and cultures so I can say that SKF is kind of a school to me. As I will move forward with my rotations, I have high hopes in the days ahead of me. I think that living and working in different countries are excellent opportunities for me in terms of my personal development and also for exchanging experiences and best practices.

Lastly, I want to share a selfy (I am on the top left) with you from our introduction month 🙂

If you have any questions to me, please comment and I will be happy to reply!

Have a good day!


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High-phase within SKF’s VSM unit

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Dear readers,


It is finally my time to post and detail some trainee experiences. My name is Henrik Sandén and I am a previous business student now taking part in SKF’S Global Trainee Program.
Currently, I am at the first trainee rotation, the first out of three, which is taking place at our headquarter in Gothenburg. You might have already seen the tall SKF building in Gamlestaden? The office view over the city is fantastic to say the least!

My placement is within the Automotive & Aerospace division and more specifically within what we call VSM, the Vehicle Service Market unit. This part of SKF serves the automotive industry (cars, trucks and busses) with bearing replacement parts. So for example if you need new bearings for your gearbox or wheelhouse, we should be your top of the mind.

Moreover, my first assignment circulates around strategic business development within VSM. So far it’s been very exciting! Although it’s only been about five months since the program start, I have already learned a massive amount of new things related to our corporate strategy and how to run a project.


Each rotation offers the opportunity to drive and complete your own project. Thus, a normal day often includes phone or email contact with my German or French colleagues, steering group presentation, participating in client meetings and mentor coaching sessions. Lately, I have also discovered our training facilities, so during lunch I try to squeeze in a gym session every then and then.

Otherwise, there is also a wide range of restaurants to explore in the area. My favorite is the one called backside serving Swedish husmanskost, there me and my trainee colleagues sometimes meet to catch up on each other’s work. In other words, the days are running by quickly, I feel enthusiastic and get to have a lot of fun!


During my next posting I will share my experiences from the second rotation, taking place in the Bavarian town Schweinfurt, Germany. Until then, take care and have a fantastic day!


Best regards,



(Office view picture from Gothenburg!)

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After the Introduction Month

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Hello Again,

Now the introduction month is over and all of us are placed in our “home units”. The introduction month was a great experience, we met SKF group’s management team, visited two factories (whereof one foundry, which was super cool), had a lot of trainings about different subjects and got to participate in a business simulation at the IMP. The IMP is a program aimed at managers who are recognized as having a bright future with SKF. The program exposes the participants to the global picture of SKF and gives them the opportunity to create their own international network within SKF. The business simulation was the part of the introduction month that I appreciated the most. In the simulation teams act as companies competing for the same customers in a fierce marketplace. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control. The goal? Earn short-term profit while creating long-term value.


                  The business simulation game that took place during the IMP.


I left Gothenburg for Schweinfurt the day after the introduction month was over. I will be here for 8 weeks in order to get a understanding for factory supply chain and all the processes involved. It will be fun and really interesting.

The next blog post will be written by Laura-Marie.

Have a nice week everybody!


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Västkustresa och nätverksbreddning

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På inköp tickar klockan ofta fortare. Många slåss mot tiden och ibland kan det se hopplöst ut. Dock så är det som mycket annat – det löser sig, för att man sätter sig ner för att lösa det. Så även om många inköpare talar om att de har mycket att göra och att det stressas ibland så märker man väldigt tydligt att alla trivs fruktansvärt bra på sina positioner. Med välfyllda agendor så hinner man med mycket, man känner sig effektiv och det blir roligare för man märker av resultat av sin strävan och slit.

Teckning av Lindström som jag finner härlig

Frekvensen av mina blogginlägg har sjunkigt något under min sista tid på inköp. Det kan bero på många olika leverantörsbesök där det senaste i raden var ner till Göteborg, min gamla studentstad. Nostalgin var på topp när jag checkade in på Hotel Post i Götet (hotellet som jag gjorde mitt exjobb på för ett år sedan och som då var en smutsig byggarbetsplats hade nu förvandlats till ett vackert vattenhål för hotellgäster och glada Göteborgare). Två dagar gick åt för att prata kvalitetsfrågor och framtida samarbeten med fyra leverantörer innan de tre Scaniaiterna drog sig tillbaka österut.


Klappar postlådan på Clarion Hotel Post i Göteborg


Jag och Anders testar restaurangutbudet i Göteborg

Vid sidan av inköpsarbetet så har jag även arrangerat ett besök för ett gäng SKF:are som reste  till Södertälje för att lyssna till hur Scania jobbar med ledarskap. En dag med intressanta ledarskapsföreläsningar, rundvandring i produktionen samt avslut med lastbils- & busskörning på Scanias Demo Center resulterade i att tummen var upp från samtliga deltagare. Att man bygger ett starkt nätverk inom Scania hade jag förväntat mig när jag började på traineeprogrammet men att man även skulle bredda sitt nätverk genom att träffa kollegor från andra branscher hade jag missat men glatt välkomnar.


Två glada SKF:are testkör några tungviktare


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