What’s up, TraineeBloggen?

My name is Morris Tong, part of SKF Global Graduate Programme of Wave 3. I have a background in mechanical engineering. And I am from Shanghai. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to kick off the wonderful journey in September last year with other fellow graduates. And I am very glad to tell you about my journey so far and share some insights toward this program.

All of wave 3 enjoying the lunch together

The Program started in September last year, soon after I joined SKF. I could easily recall how excited and thrilled I was back then. The introduction month in Gothenburg was sensational. Not only did I get the chance to meet other graduates from all over the world, but the nice overview of the whole corporation. That month was so well organized that I also got the chance to meet those cool guys from wave 2, from whom I got multiple valuable advice on rotations. The diversity of our wave impressed me most. We come from different parts of the world with different backgrounds no matter in culture or in major. It is always interesting to learn different things or see things differently by collaborating with them.

The first 5-month rotation started right after the introduction month was over. I am currently working in my home unit as part of Product Line Management team. Soon after I came back, I was assigned to be the project manager to take charge of the development of a new ball bearing by my manager. To be honest, the pressure was a little bit overwhelming and the project was also challenging to me in the very beginning. However, one of the best things of this program was the connection with other graduates and my own mentor. We could share our concerns, discuss our problems with each other. Also, my mentor gave lots of ideas on how to run the projects. Now, the project is ongoing well. The factory is producing the samples. Once they are done, we will deliver them to our customer for the validation test. My first rotation is coming to an end. Looking back at the past five months, I tried to make small progress every day, even though sometimes they just turned out to be baby steps. And now I have got a better understanding of both product knowledge and project process.

Head office of SKF China, where I work everyday for my first rotation.

Next month, all of us will gather together in Gothenburg again. I’m looking forward to seeing them. My next rotation will be in France. Although the first rotation in my home city was enjoyable, I am now super excited to come out of my comfort zone and explore more. It’s going to be another challenge. And it’s the challenge that let you push forward. Thus, it’s a process of growing that never ceases.