Exploring new territories, finance at Cerealia!

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Hi best blog-followers!

This period I’m positioned at Cerealia within their finance department, which has been really interesting for me since I where more or less clueless about what actually goes on in a finance department. My project is about facilitating the move to the new organisational structure for Cerealia by establishing new monthly reporting material. Now, with a few weeks left of this assignment I can start to condlude my learnings and it’s been a very insightful and interesting time, giving me an holistic view of the organization, much thanks to the nature of the project. Because, to be able to put together this reporting material that is expected to cover large parts of the organisation, it have forced me to explore and understand many unfamiliar territories. So basically the essence of the trainee program! 🙂

As told in the previous post, a whopping 78% (or exactly 7/9 for those that prefer) were able to sync their calenders and take a weekend to Sälen. A few days packed with skiing, sauna, afterski etc etc teambuilded our group even stronger and we left with a big smile on our faces. And maybe some aches in our aging muscles, 1/1 (100%) worth it!

Almost whole crew lined up before another unforgettable ride in the slopes

Also, Johan left last post with a big cliffhanger, promising pictures from an epic squash game. Unfortunately, all I can offer is an anticlimax since the game was postponed due to a striking knee (not ski related). However, might be for the best not to test that teambuilding too soon 😉 Instead I will leave you with a picture from this week’s dinner at Vanessa’s!

Indonesian dinner. Good food – Great company!

Next time you hear from me I’ll be in Finland looking into the agriculture business, talk to you then!


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Back in Stockholm!

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Hi blog!

Finally it is my (Johan’s) turn again to write a blog post. Currently, I am positioned at Group Business Control in Stockholm. Here, I have a project connected to the follow-up process of the larger investments that take place within the group every year. Given my background in accounting and finance, this project is a little bit more within my comfort zone. It is also great to be back in Stockholm since it is easier to hang out with friends and family compared to when I lived in Copenhagen during the autumn (even though I really enjoyed living in Copenhagen 🙂 ).

A fun thing about the trainee program, except from the great experience you get from working in different parts of an organization with completely different projects, is that we as a trainee group have so much fun together. We try to have AWs, do sport activities and similar together. For instance, Hugo and I have started doing a sport activity once a week, usually squash or badminton. And currently, we are sitting in a car heading to Sälen for some skiing during the weekend! Hugo will show you some pictures from the squash games and the ski trip in his next blog post.

A quick stop at Moa’s family home for some hot chocolate on our way to Sälen!

I have also started to think about the last two positions. For the first two positions, we couldn’t really influence in which part of the organization we were placed. One of them should be within the comfort zone and one outside the comfort zone (mostly connected to our studies and earlier work experience). However, for the last two positions, we have much more possibility to control in which direction we want to go. For instance if we want to be positioned abroad (and then in which country) or if we have more specific work related desires, e.g. marketing or just a certain business unit.

In my case, I have not been at Cerealia, where the brands such as AXA, Kungsörnen and GoGreen are included. At the same time, I wanted to do another project abroad and then I heard that Cerealia has two offices (one main office and one production plant) in Kiev, Ukraine. I have not visited Ukraine before, and from what I have heard, many people in Ukraine hardly speak English. So I believe this project will be challenging in a new way, besides just a new project in a new country. But I see it as a really exciting challenge, and I am sure it will be a great experience bringing a lot of joy. Kiev is apparently the third greenest capital in Europe, so I look forward to some great running in the parks and along the river.

Talk to you soon again!


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Could be the slogan but it is not, though Gooh! is extremely tasty. My name is Anton and I’m now trusted with producing some content for the blog. Currently I’m on my second assignment at, as you might guess, Gooh! which is the brand under which Lantmännen sells their Ready-to-Eat dishes.

Trial run for one of the new Gooh! dishes at Lantmännen’s plant out in Järna.

Back in September I started out my time as a trainee at Lantmännen Agriculture and their office down in Malmö, before heading north up to Stockholm. Down in Malmö I looked into the interest and feasibility for a grain with smaller carbon footprint, a highly interesting task which really could make a difference for the climate and make us more sustainable. Now I’m on my second assignment working with the product development for Gooh! which is great fun!

Apart from our daily work we trainees also engage in training sessions where we deep dive into topics such as leadership and supply chain, as can be seen down below.

You never get too old for Lego!

And if you yet haven’t, try out one of the dishes from Gooh!


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Stockholm: checked!

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Last time I wrote a blogpost, I just started a few weeks at Lantmännen and now I am already on my second rotation! Where did the time go really? 🙂

After Norrköping, I am currently stationed at the head office in Stockholm. I have been to Stockholm only several times but have never really lived here so I am excited! I am working with Group Function R&D on the topic Sustainable Nutrition. The idea is to influence consumer to eat in a healthier and more sustainable manner (by considering possible emissions production and food waste) and how Lantmännen should position itself within this trend.

The project is personally interesting for me because I know that my work would more or less be able to contribute to the society and sustainable development in the long run (hopefully). This motivation gives me energy to wake up every morning in Stockholm dark sky. Little goes along the way 🙂

Last working day before Christmas

Being in Stockholm also gives me new experience about living in one of the biggest Scandinavian cities. Stockholm is huge! It is funny to remember how I struggled to commute with T-bana because there are lots of exits and entrances at each T-bana station, even though I only live couple of minutes away from the office. I am now also used to have my trainee friends and other colleagues to have fika with, which is a very nice opportunity to have especially now during winter gloomy days.

Now I also regularly have Swedish lessons and I can feel some improvements. I can understand conversations better and feel more confident to speak even though not entirely perfect, but I am glad I can try it out. I also have supporting group of friends and colleagues at the office who continuously encourage me to speak, listen and write in Swedish. If I am too tired from the day, I cheat and say “English please” :p Swedish, I am going to get you!

Time to head off for weekend!

Until next time,


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From bagels in Denmark to loader in the Baltic’s

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Hi everyone,
my name is Moa and in my first trainee project was located in Copenhagen at Lantmännen Unibake where I improved their platform which distributes information about the products to Unibakes webpages and other digital marketing tools. It was a very fun project as I got to talk to all the different markets and thereby get an understanding of the complexity of working in an international project and company. Also I learned plenty about marketing and bakery products.

At my last day at Unibake we had a good bye fika at the office

After finishing my first project I moved to Stockholm where I’m now working with a pricing and supply chain project of spear parts for Swecon Baltics. So far it has been a lot of traveling, both in Sweden and to the Baltic countries, which is great as I get to see different sites and meet a lot of people in the organization. I even got to see Volvo CE’s production in Eskilstuna which was really fun – as the mechanical engineer I am!

Above are some pictures I took when I visited workshops in Estonia and Latvia.

In Tallinn there was a beautiful Christmas market.

So from marketing of bakery products I am now working within sales for construction machinery – the diversity of the trainee projects are obvious and I enjoy it!

So long,

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My time at AS-Faktor in Stockholm

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Hello readers,

If you read the last blog post about all the fun times we have had in Stockholm, you have already heard a little about me. But since that post was really just an excruciating cliffhanger, hinting at the story of my life, I thought you would want to hear more. So here it goes!

My name is Sebastian and I am of course a trainee at Lantmännen. My first rotation was at AS-Faktor, a subsidiary to Lantmännen that sells the very well-known products Salovum and SPC-Flakes (they are not very well-known, but you should definitely google them). AS-Faktor has conducted a bunch of research studies over the years together with universities in Sweden on a protein called Protein AF. There is an amazingly well written Wikipedia page about the protein and all is amazing capabilities if you want to learn more about it, which you should.

At this point you are probably asking yourself – what does this have to with Lantmännen or agriculture. Fair question. The protein comes from specially processed oats and as you know, Lantmännen really does everything you can think of with grains, so really, this makes perfect sense.

My role at AS-Faktor is in business development of foods with special medical purposes (Salovum & SPC-Flakes) and functional foods. This role fits me well, given that my both my bachelor’s and master’s degree is in business and economics. Basically, I have been figuring out how to sell products that are really good for people for the past few months. My biggest project has been developing a new concept for diabetics based on some exciting research from Göteborg Universitet. I have analyzed the market, created business plans, made sales material, done costs analysis’s, some classic SWOT’s, and much more.


Me along with Mikkel at a career fair in Lund!

One of my key learnings from my first rotation is how exciting it is to turn scientific research into financially stable products and concepts. Creating strategies for products that can bring a lot of value to people’s lives has been an incredible experience. Doing that togehter with all the great people at AS-Faktor and at HQ in Stockholm has made my first rotation even better.

I am actually writing this post on my final day in Stockholm and it is with mixed feelings I am moving on to Unibake in Copenhagen next week. I have had a great time in Stockholm, but I am of course super excited about taking on new challenges (like understanding Danish) over the next few months. But more of that in my next post.

Over and out!

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Fun times in Stockholm!

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Hi blog!

Now I, Johanna, is back and I have Sebastian here with me. Soon it is time for new exiting projects, but unfortunately that means that our time at the Stockholm office is ending. So, we thought that we should share some precious moments from this period with you.

Here at Stockholm office we have been five trainees and we have really gotten to know each other well over the past three months.

As we remember it, “morning sandwiches” (read breakfast) was our first routine here at the office and we had so much fun together that these routines escalated quickly. Lunch became more frequent and before we knew it everybody just showed up at noon every day to have lunch together. But wait, that’s not all! Everyone needs a short break in the afternoon, so why not take it together over a quick fika?

Okay so now we might come off as a bit codependent. At an early point our super receptionist Jörgen made us our very own fika-sign. Se the excitement over the sign in the picture below.

One thing that became clear during all the fika and lunches was that the group seemed to be very competitive and we realized we wanted to challenge each other. This led to hours spent competing in tennis, bowling, badminton, racket ball, shuffleboard and mushroom picking. Mikkel usually lost (or maybe not?).

Above: Hugo bowling, go go!

Above: Lovisa cheering on her team!

Apart from that we have had the time to celebrate some birthdays and go to some after works. But the most magical time of the year is now (Christmas is almost here) so we took the opportunity to go to a julbord (Christmas buffet) and play shuffleboard as a way to conclude this amazing first period!

Above: During Mikkel’s birthday we were invited to his fantastically beautiful apartement.

Above: Julbord with the gang.

Next week we will attend a recharge with the whole trainee group 🙂 and after that we will start our next projects. Very much looking forward to that even though we will miss each other and our current colleagues. That was all for now! Happy weekend!


//Sebastian & Johanna 🙂

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Taking responsibility from field to fork in practice

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Hello blog!

Johanna here to tell you all about my first project as a trainee at Lantmännen. I have now been working at Corporate Communications & Branding at the Stockholm headquarters where I have been well welcomed to the team. It has been a great start for me, working with the cultivation concept within Lantmännen!


Here’s me and my team at Corporate Communications & Branding

So, what is a cultivation concept? Lantmännen’s cultivation concept is a way of farming in a more sustainable way compared to the conventional way of farming. The farming concept aims at reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also to increase biodiversity. This is done by establishing a number of criteria that the farmer should farm according to in exchange for a reimbursement. An example of these criteria is the implementation of skylark plots, undrilled patches in fields where larks can land and find food. Another example is to use sensors to be more precise when farming and spreading fertilizer. As of today, you can see the result of the cultivation concept in stores as Kungsörnens “Vänligare Vete” (A friendlier wheat) and “Vänligare Råg” (A friendlier rye). So if you want to eat in an even more sustainable way and support Swedish farmers at the same time, you know where to find your flour 😉


I flied to Malmö every now and then with this project and saw some great sunsets on my way home!

My task has been to try to decrease the complexity with the farming concept in-house and at the same time make it more unified and easier to understand for all actors in the value chain. During the project I have learned a lot about how to farm, which is a whole world of its own. So much to learn still!

By the way, did you know that a large part of greenhouse emissions that can be traced to a bag of flour in the store, comes from the cultivation stage? I sure didn’t know. I would have guessed at transport or packing, but hey that’s just me! This is why Lantmännen is working with various initiatives and projects, to make farming even more sustainable – among them the cultivation concept “Climate & Nature” that has been the focus of my past trainee period. This is actually one of the many fun things with this project, that I get to learn a lot about sustainability within farming and all the solutions there are to tackle the challenges. During these months, I have realised how innovative Lantmännen is as a company as they are constantly investigating what can be done and trying to push these new innovations to the field through the farming concept.

Another thing that I really enjoyed with my project is that I got to meet many people with different roles within Lantmännen. This has led to me getting a great start here and getting to know several new colleagues.

Our first projects are soon coming to an end and as of the beginning of December you will find me at our office in Malmö, working with profitability in fixed priced feed sales. It will be a lot more falafel and excel then, looking forward to it!

Until next time!


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Our first training session

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Hi again!

Last week we had our first training session, which was great! This training was about self leadership and professional accumen. We focused a lot on getting to know each other better as a group and feeling secure with each other. We also talked a lot about how to utilize our strengths.

Many things that we discussed turned into the subject of showing vulnerability, and how it is the key to connecting with others. When feeling connected and secure you perform better, and you express your thoughts to a greater extent.

Dinner together (Mikkel is behind the camera)

The training session was in a really nice area close to the water. There was also a sauna where we spent our evenings together, disussing important and less important stuff.

The view from the ballcony

Moa getting some fresh air between the sessions

A tip from the training is to write down what you need to work on, for example asking for feedback, setting reachable targets, dare to ask for more specific coaching, and finally set a target and a timeframe.

Until next time, take care!

/Lovisa and Johan

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My first project at Cerealia

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Hi everyone!

The first half of the first project has now gone by, and it’s my turn to say hi!

Last week Johan wrote about his project at Unibake, and now the honor of writing the blog has turned to me. I’ll tell you about my first period in the other part of the food division, Cerealia 🙂

Moa, Johanna and I

My mission is to study our warehouse in Järna, where Cerealia is holding inventories for well-known brands such as AXA, Kungsörnen and GoGreen. The purpose of doing so is to evaluate if there is potential for an even more optimized way of managing the inventory.

I studied business and management control at Lund University, so supply chain management is pretty new to me, but it is a lot of fun. I am part of the planning team, which is located mainly in Malmö. I am located at the HQ in Stockholm, so it has been some traveling to Malmö and also to the warehouse in Järna. The first couple of weeks I interviewed several people to get a picture of the current situation, and to get an understanding of the scope of my project. Feeling a sense of the current situation, I dug into the data of the warehouse in Excel. In the beginning of the project, Excel and I were not such good friends, but as the time has gone by, we have started to become really good friends.

During these last weeks I have learned that supply chain management and inventory optimization are complex topics, and they need to be studied from several perspectives, for example the perspectives of several stakeholders. What I really like about the trainee program is that we have the chance to see several different perspectives that exist within a company. We experience different perspectives from working with various cultures, having several roles and working in cross-functional teams. That enables us to get a more holtistic view of the company.


Sebastian, Johanna, Mikkel and I are having a workshop discussing our projects to give each other new perspectives and feedback

Last week we found out our next project – I am heading for Copenhagen and Unibake!

All the best!


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