Hello everyone!
My name is Alessandra, and I come from Italy. More than one year ago I was joining SKF Global Trainee Programme, and I remember very well when I was preparing my luggage ready to go to Sweden to have my introduction month with my new colleagues. So many emotions back then, a mix of thrill and excitement that comes along with every big change. I had a lot of hopes, but nothing could have prepared me to this fantastic journey that I’m having the chance to be part of.

This is me, Alessandra at the Gothenburg HQ.

After the introduction month I left Sweden with new friends, not only colleagues. I started my first rotation of 5month in Italy, and that rotation has brought challenges that I didn’t expect. I had been working in Manufacturing, and beside the two projects that I was assigned, I was also highly involved in many activities that exposed me directly to a daily interaction with one of our biggest customer. It have to admit it had been extremely tough, but incredibly satisfying at the same time.

Me and my Global graduate colleague Li from China.


My second rotation was in Germany, and my project in Supply Chain department. This has been a place where I learnt so much, and where I definitely and unexpectedly left my heart. I have been able to see a structured and precise way of working, and I have really understood the importance of a good team-work, and all the advantages that this brings along.

Then, time for a new adventure: India! I arrived one month ago, and at the moment I am working here in Bangalore on projects that involve cross-functional roles, from Sales, to Application Engineers, Business Development, Product development and Process Development. It is so interesting, and I am learning so many things!

On an excursion exploring the amazing nature with my Indian colleague.


Monkeys at the SKF site in Bangalore, India.

Monkeys at the SKF site in Bangalore, India.

This program is giving me the unique chance of rotating through different departments, giving me an insight of different functions: this provides me with a 360° exposure that is absolutely rare and unique, and is allowing me to really have a priceless experience.

It’s not always easy, you have to adapt and start from scratch every time, new people, new projects, new roles.. but it’s also so exciting that I wouldn’t change it for nothing else! It allows me to learn a lot not only about a big company as SKF and its dynamics, but also about different cultures (still have a long way to go before I can say I have understood everything here!), and last but not least, about myself. You need to be humble and tough at the same time, be determined and be also able to drive yourself your development. Nothing is served on a silver plate, and this is also part of the fun, going and getting it yourself 🙂 Work hard and have fun along the way!

I am extremely thankful and satisfied of this journey up to now, combining professional growth with travelling and, as a side effect, it also gets you friends from all over the world!

Over and out,