Hej readers!

My name is Raphael and I am the Global Trainee in Supply Chain Management. I originally come from Hamburg, Germany, but moved to Jönköping in summer 2016 to study Supply Chain Management here, like many of my fellow Germans. While most Germans returned to Germany after graduation, I liked it here in Sweden so I decided  to stay.

Before moving to Sweden, I worked in Germany and I bring experience in IT and data management from Hamburg. At an earlier point in my career, I realized  that I wanted to develop into an analyst role. When I start a new position, I like to differentiate myself and find a role in which I feel I can make a difference. And there are certainly many ways to do that, depending on your own talents and personality. I saw an opportunity to choose the Analyst direction and I went for it.
So when I started at Husqvarna Group some months back, I gradually recognized that my skills in SQL, Power Query and Excel would not get to waste.

I like working as an Analyst because it challenges me on a daily basis and it makes me investigate adjacent business areas that I may otherwise not have looked into. The process of making sense of data leads me to understanding processes from different perspectives by talking with different departments. When thinking of an Analyst, people sometimes associate that with a person who sits quietly in front of a computer the whole day but I think it is much more than that.
Next to that, I also work as a demand coordinator for several countries in Asia. I try to match their demand with our production as good as possible. That is sometimes challenging because we have customers all around the globe, even small countries like the Fiji islands, and we also produce our products in many countries. That creates a very complex supply chain that we need to manage.

I hope telling you a bit about my and/or our challenges got you more interested. As you can see, as a Trainee in the Husqvarna Group you are not expected to sit by and watch. Instead you get a lot of responsibilities and opportunities very early on – which I find very exciting!