Hello all,


We’re getting deeper and deeper in this amazing adventure, and I get more and more excited to face the adventure that I have in front of me, 5 months in India.


Today I want to talk about emotions, expectations, thoughts and future opportunities to learn from people and places…


First of all I cannot wait to meet my companions for the second time in Gothenburg, I think we have a lot of things to tell each other, a lot of projects to show, a lot of ideas to share and also a lot of fun to have together! After the two weeks gathering each one will start his/her adventure, and mine will be in the bearing manufacturing plant in Pune, India. I cannot wait to start this experience, it will be amazing to work in a new culture and I will bring with me the wish to open myself to these people and their culture. I don’t want to forget the openness of my mind because when different culture and different mindsets with such a big distance meet there are opportunities for incredible source of improvements, ideas and of learnings.


I also will bring with me the wish to travel, to discover new wonderful places, but also to embrace the Indian culture and get a deep understanding of it. My thought is that curiosity is a prerequisite for learning, because through curiosity you can learn and understand things but also challenge things that others only see and accept. Challenging the status quo is one of my biggest drives.


Despite all this I will keep my country, family and friends close to my heart. In every new adventure it’s important to maintain your roots and keep in mind who you are. The best achievement would be to integrate yourself in new cultures without completely changing your mindset but adapting yourself to it. That would be great and I’m sure that the Indian culture will help develop myself.


After six months I could say that this experience has enriched me not only from the professional side (in which I am surprised of the number of things I’ve learnt) but also on the personal side. That’s the main reason I recommend this working opportunity to all the young people who want to discover the world and learn something new every day.


I want to thank all of my colleagues who help me develop and SKF for such a great experience.


Can’t wait to tell you more about my stay in India as well as our next training modules in Sweden.


Ciao & All the best