Hi everyone!

Long time no blogging, but the Fujitsu Graduates are back from a 2 month blog-break. We have all been busy with our different projects in our business areas, but now it’s time to share the last experience we had together when all of us had a training session in Stockholm! We also had the pleasure of welcoming our graduate colleagues from France, Belgium and Holland. Let me tell you about the days that we spend together!

The training session we had was about Sense and Respond, which is a Lean course, it aims at teaching how to do things in a more efficient way. Always looking at different processes and see how they can be done more efficient. But before the training all the Graduates came to Stockholm, Kista and we went for dinner and some drinks at the ice-bar even though there was a snow storm outside.

At the day of the training Anthony, our trainer, went through different tools within Lean. The day was great fun as it was very interactive, we even went through real work problems where we could apply the knowledge. For example, “10 second lean” which is about finding little things you do in your daily job ineffective and see how you can make this more effectively. This does not only save the organization money but also saves you time. Mine was for example that instead of refilling my water glass 3 times a day, I can instead bring my own water bottle and simply fill it once. A minor detail, but in the long run it saves money and time. This gave us tools which we can use in the future to argue for change and now which arguments are the most important. Furthermore we did some group exercises where we had to find the best way to bounce a ball between us in the least time possible. We ended up being the fastest group so far!

After the training we took the metro in to the city to eat a well-deserved meal as well as enjoying the city. We showed them around Old town and we even drank some mead.

The learning experience was really good and I had so much fun getting to know all the other graduates a bit better!

Until next time, have a good one!