Soon I will be finished with my almost two month long stay at the Quality Department. As I wrote in an earlier blog post I didn’t know much about the Quality Unit before my stay here, and the reason for that is probably that they do so many different things so it is not the easiest thing to explain in a simple way.

The different parts of Quality Unit are apparently involved everywhere: From the control of every single plasma donation, through sampling in the different steps in production to assure that everything looks all right until finally they put together the documents necessary to release the final product. They also keep track on the current regulations (and make sure that we follow them), that we document changes and deviations in a correct way, educate the staff in GMP, conducting internal inspections, supports the production in quality matters and much more.

The diversity of the tasks performed in the Quality Unit means that almost no day these last couple of weeks has been the same as the one before. Some days I’ve been in one of the labs, learning about the different analytical methods used and how the receiving, analyzing and reporting of samples from production works. On other days I’ve been I meetings with representatives from other departments regarding changes or deviations in the production and learning a lot not only about quality but about the whole organization.

This diversity and the involvement of the different quality functions in all other areas of the company is something that made me feel that quality is so much more interesting than I thought it would be before I got to see it. And this is one of the reasons I think the trainee program is such a good experience, because you get to go into a department with a lot of prejudices of how it will be, maybe hard, uninteresting or just not for you, and get out on the other side with a completely different opinion.

Glad midsommar!

Cheers, Hanna