wieland_klingsporMy name is Wieland Klingspor and I joined Husqvarna Group´s Global Trainee Program in September 2013. My home base is Husqvarna Group Germany and I’m currently working with the Sales & Services department in Huskvarna, Sweden.

The Global Trainee program provides me with the opportunity to build a strong network within the company and to get to know several departments outside my area of expertise. So far I have been working with Sales Husqvarna Germany, Sales Gardena Germany, R&D Electric, Product Management Pro Electric and Sales & Services Nordic. In each department I have been in charge of my own project and at the end of each assignment my results have been evaluated.

The assignments have been structured so that I have been able to bring in my own ideas and suggestions while getting a thorough understanding of the respective departments’ tasks, processes and challenges. After having worked with 5 different departments already, I can say that I have developed a thorough understanding of internal processes and the impact of decisions on other departments. Cross-functional understanding is core to work strategically. The more you work with and in different departments the better you understand decisions or concerns from various standpoints. Undoubtedly, these experiences prepare me for the time after the Global Trainee Program in a good way. Noticed: The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

I am looking forward to my next assignment in Charlotte, USA where I will be working at the U.S. Sales department. But before that, I will meet my trainee colleagues in Shanghai, China, for an intensive one week training module. Every six months we meet for a one week training module at one of the Husqvarna Group’s sites around the world. The training modules help us to improve valuable soft skills and broaden our horizon.

I am honored to be part of the Global Trainee Program and glad I have chosen this path in my career, since I have grown professionally and personally – and I’m very curious about the next couple of months. Let’s stay on our toes!

Wieland Klingspor
Global Trainee
Sales Department