The headline of this post seems to be a thing many students are wondering. So I thought I will try to answer it!

When I was still in the university, I almost always had a lunch box with me. Mainly because it’s cheaper than eating out all the time. But since I started at Scania, the lunch box normally stays at home. Partly because it is easier, not having to bring food and cutlery on the train, but also because it still feels “a little luxurious” eating out.

The lunchbox is still with me from time to time, but I don’t feel as tied to it now as I was when I studied. So if you are wondering if the answer is lunchbox or no lunchbox, you don’t need to worry. That’s usually sorted out pretty quickly. You can always ask you colleagues how they normally do. And your first working day you are probably invited to lunch with, and paid by, your manager. I’m not saying that it is like that everywhere, but generally that’s the custom.

So the short answer is, it depends. There really is no answer. Do whatever suits you!

Until next time…. Take care!