Okay, let’s say that you are the next Scania Graduate Trainee 2015. Then you might wonder how your program will be planned?

Well, first of all there is a framework to keep within. For example, we started with six introduction weeks. Every other week we had lectures held by inspiring managers, and every other week we worked in one of the workshops. I assembled V8 engines and helped to assemble the whole cab on the chassis, among other. Besides that I also got to help a production manager with her improvement work – loads of fun!

Then we have four periods of about three months each. The first trainee period will be at one’s home department. I am employed at a section which is divided in several groups. So my first trainee period, I belonged to the group that works with the physical vehicle ergonomics related to the drivers, but not repairmen and assemblers.

I know that various managers have wanted to do the planning of the trainee program in different ways. But in my case I presented my vision with the trainee program, how the knowledge I generate will help me in my future career and what departments I’d like included. As always, I want more than what there is room for… And my managers agreed with me, had the same vision and thoughts. So in many ways, I got to decide most of it on my own. Another thing (among others) that I really like with my managers is that the planning of what I will do after the trainee program is already discussed. And I really hope that I can end my writing at this blog by telling you about my next challenge.

The following three periods will give me more knowledge about our customers, how a Scania truck or buses are sold and experience from both production and purchasing. I will tell you about this continuously in this blog.  You can read about my underground adventures here.

What I wish to convey is that everything exciting and challenging you take on as a trainee does not have to end just because the program does. As I wrote in my last post, this is when it starts. My impression is that opportunities to try something new is always there, you just have to see it yourself, or have people around you who can see what those new things could be. Remember that when you are suited for something, you don’t always have to push it all by yourself.

The application time for Scania Graduate Trainee Program 2015 has run out. I hope that you all applied, and I hope that I have conveyed some kind of piece of the puzzle as to what it might mean to be a trainee. Do not hesitate to ask questions if there is anything you wonder! I’m happy to answer what I can 🙂 To those of you who applied this year: Good Luck to you and I hope I will see you in the fall!