I have always wanted to learn more. It’s like I’m always thirsty for knowledge. So it’s no surprise that when I got the message that I will go to Sao Paulo, Brazil for my abroad period I immediately started a Brazilian Portuguese language course. I mean, I wouldn’t want to work in a country not being able to at least say good morning! Had a nice weekend? A big cup of coffee please. Would you? So now I study a new language during work hours. Well not all of the studying. But the lessons are work, actually learning it I do on my spare time.

Some seem to believe that as soon as you graduate and start working, your learning curve flattens. My experience is the opposite – mine has never been so steep before! What you learned in school is all good, but it’s only the foundation on which you will build all the rest.

To all the graduates reading this: Welcome to the rest of your life! This is when it starts!