Hello everyone!

My name is Aline Novaes and I am part of wave 3 in the Global Graduate Program at SKF. I am originally from Brazil and I studied a master in Logistics and Transport Management at Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg.

Starting in the program 4 months ago, I spend 1 whole month with the other graduates from different parts of the world. We had the opportunity to meet several of the high-managers and directors who had inspired us with their personal/professional paths. Workshops regarding behavior acknowledgement and case solving were also part of the schedule. Furthermore, it was very interesting to have a short trip inside Sweden to visit SKF Mekan, located in Katrineholm, where we learned about casting iron components. Additionally, we had time to do fun activities after working time and discover Gothenburg. After spending this period together, we started our rotations energized, with new global friends who are the support for good and hard times

Everyone at this program starts the first rotation in their home country. I know it can be hilarious but my home country is Sweden ! Yes!! I was hired just after finishing my studies in Gothenburg.

Purchasing is the first department I am rotating and so far I have been working on two parallel projects. The first one has its focus inside both factories and it involves processes mapping, total cost of ownership, risk assessment/mitigation plan and… believe or not, an implementation plan involving all the factory stakeholders. At first sight, this project seemed to be very challenging for a newcomer and, at the same time, an opportunity to improve my supply chain skills and show what I am capable of deliverying. With help of my mentor, my manager and my factory host manager, I could set myself an action plan and proper timeline. I am still working on it and it feels great to be learning so much!

My second task is a contribution for SKF risk mitigation plan for Brexit. It is regarding how our supply chain will react considering different suppliers, factories, warehouses and clients. This is a very interesting project because is giving me the chance of working with experienced colleagues from other departments and have an overview of all aspects in such a big project. My contribution is to control overtime actions regarding risky suppliers to avoid supply chain stops all around the world. Parallel of those activities I have been trained to be a world-class buyer! I have been doing request for quotations, visiting suppliers, learning how to do internal and external analysis, participating in various trainings, etc.

Me and the experienced buyer Thomas Loong in one of our business trips.

I am not going to lie, a Graduate life at SKF is busy! In addition to the already explained tasks, we join career fairs all around Sweden to talk to students about the opportunities in the company. In the evenings, we sometimes attend to fancy banquets representing SKF. It is an honor usually a lot of fun!

Me and the other graduates – Josefin Locking and Emilio Echalar, now located in Argentina. We were testing our robot for the career fairs.
Me and Veronica Rodriguez being super fancy and attending to one of the evening banquets.

One thing that surprised me is the type of leadership culture we have in the company. So far, I have been experiencing accessible managers who shows interest for my ideas and insights. They also empower me to think and decide. I am very glad to be part of an organization that have this mindset and I feel energized every day I wake up to come to work.

In 2019, I will go for my second rotation in Singapore inside the logistics department. I am looking forward for my first time to Asia when I will spend 5 months experiencing a new culture, new ways of working and living.

Wish me a good luck!!!