Hi, blog-readers!

I’m the Global Trainee in Brand & Marketing in the Husqvarna division, Oscar Gezelius. I’m 24 years old from Stockholm, Sweden and the first trainee in our new group to write a blog post. Even though it’s just over a month since the Trainee Program started, I’ve been here since the beginning of May, since both me and my superior thought – “why not start straightaway if we’re both ready for it?”. Even though I’ve been here for over five months, I still feel really new in a few ways. There’s a lot to learn here and new experiences and new people to meet every day. This was part of the charm of working at a larger company like Husqvarna Group and one of the reasons I applied for this program.

As a Swede, Husqvarna is a brand which I’ve known for most of my life – even if I’ve known it for products which aren’t manufactured today – and the great history of the brand really attracted me to the company. This, coupled with the development possibilities and the promise of at least 6 months abroad is what made me apply in the end. And I’m really glad I did!

As my first assignment, I work as a Social Media Coordinator, working with all aspects of our channels on a global level. I was handed lots of fun tasks and responsibility from the get-go:

  • Being part of developing and implementing a global social media strategy
  • Evaluating, investing and rolling out a social media management software internationally
  • Being responsible for social media campaign and influencer management for one of our biggest global launches for 2018
  • Heading up a new influencer marketing program.

These are my major projects, but I keep busy with other stuff as well. So there’s a lot of trust put in you from the beginning, something I hope will be the case in my other assignments as well. My colleagues have been very welcoming and are eager to help (something I’ve noticed everywhere in this company) which makes this a whole lot easier!

Looking ahead, I’m really excited about what’s in store for the coming two years – going to Paris for my next rotation is one of those things but also the training modules we will have in China, USA and Germany! As a keen traveller, the international spread of this company means there are doors to the world everywhere. Not only that, but you are given important assignments and a lot of possibilities to really have an impact on the business as well as your own development.

Until next time!