Whenever we thought about a trainee program the first definition on our minds could be “development and challenge”.

I can say that after almost 6 months as a Global Trainee in such an international organization those 2 Worlds are just the beginning to start describing the full experience this has represented for me.

Every day I feel like taking advantage of new learning possibilities I may face during meetings, projects, ideas, or small talks I may have with my colleagues, I feel this 2 years are running so fast and we need to appreciate and take every challenge as an opportunity to be better tomorrow.

Yesterday I was starting my first rotation, meeting all the trainees in the different functions and taking our introduction module together. Today they are already excellent friends, we have shared a lot of fun activities and I am closing this first part to begin the second assignment with the same or even more enthusiasm as the first one.

Only thing left to say is “Enjoy every day of this experience, because soon we will be looking behind us and see how much we have grown from it”.



1st. training module – Sweden