Hi everyone, Camilla Wigren here, the fifth and final Graduate at Fujitsu Sweden! All the graduates are, as you might have read, placed in different business areas within Fujitsu. I am placed in the best business area, product sales! From the first day everyone welcomed me with open arms and my colleagues were happy to show me around and help me with whatever I had a problem with and answer whatever questions I had (and still have). So far the last couple of weeks have passed super quickly and I have had the opportunity to follow really exciting business opportunities, sales meetings as well as going to different locations promoting the company, which makes me think of how much I have learned during these different processes, and the graduate programme has only just started!


But now, on to what I actually meant to write about in this post (If you have any questions regarding my position as a Graduate, feel free to comment), the event me and my team went to last week at Kolmården! This event was held by Ingram which is a distributor that we work closely with. Fujitsu was one of the main sponsors which meant that we had a booth where we displayed our products and had the opportunity to talk to almost 300 representatives from different resellers. The theme of the event was Green IT, which was very suitable for Fujitsu, since this is a big part of our philosophy. Furthermore there were lots of seminars that touched upon the subject of sustainability. During the day I really got to test my skills regarding what I have learned so far about Fujitsu as a company as well as how the products are made and how we differ from our competitors. It was a lot of fun, and challenging, to talk to all the different resellers and hear their views on what Green IT is and their opinions on Fujitsu.


After the intensive day we got to enjoy a great dinner where I had the opportunity to meet even more interesting people and network some more. The day after was a bit more relaxed and ended with a panel discussion which my manager participated in, as well as other representatives from other vendors. Very interesting!


I hope this gave you a glimpse of what life can be like as a sales associate in the graduate programme!