Last week was this year’s Trainee Day in Stockholm. 20 hopeful candidates for the corporate trainee program gathered for a day filled with information and exercises. The point of this day was both to evaluate the candidates to see which ones will fit the Trainee Program the best and also to give our top candidates the opportunity to get to know Octapharma better.

Me and my fellow Stockholm Trainee colleagues took part in this year’s Trainee Day to mingle with the candidates and to answer any questions they might have about the program. Since I was a candidate last year, and spent the day being really nervous about my performance, it was really nice to experience the day from another point of view. And I was really impressed with the candidates, they were interested and had thought through questions and made a really good impression.

What I thought was the best thing about the day, except of course for all the great candidates that I got to talk to, was the involvement in the day by the Octapharma staff. In addition to the corporate and local employees included in the different assessments employees from the different departments came by to talk to the new candidates and to answer questions. It shows that our staff is engaged in the program and thinks that it is important.

While still in the middle of the recruitment for this years trainee program we’re already looking forward and preparing for the next recruitment process. On October 2nd we will attend Traineedagen in Stockholm and hopefully meet with a lot of great candidates for future trainee classes. Hope to see you there!

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