Tyler Fuller

My time in the Global Trainee program with the Husqvarna Group has flown by so quickly; sometimes it does not feel like it has been almost two years. I have gotten to see and learn so much during my time with the company. I have had the chance to visit over ten unique facilities in five different countries. It has been amazing to have seven other trainees from all over the world going through the same program that I can share experiences and challenges with.


I’m from the U.S. and my first six month rotation was in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where I worked in the quality department. I spent the first few months working in the plant with various quality issues ranging from metal stamping and robotic welding of mower decks to weekly manager audits in final assembly. I spent the last half of my quality rotation in supplier quality. The experience I gained at suppliers auditing processes, finding root causes, and corrective actions will serve as beneficial assets that I can draw on throughout my career.

Charlotte, NC USA - Chainsaw Training

Chainsaw Training in Charlotte, USA

I was able to utilize my experience in supplier quality at the plastic suppliers in my second rotation in Nashville, Arkansas, at Husqvarna Plastics Nashville (HPN). My main project was to completely redesign the original assembly area by helping to install six new assembly lines, supermarkets, overhead power and overhead air. The productivity for assembly improved over 30%. It was rewarding to create such an impact and help facilitate a safer and more efficient work environment for the operators.

I spent my third rotation in Shanghai, China. While working in China, I also got to help setup Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) at our facility in Kawagoe, Japan. I participated and prepared information/slides for the Shanghai S&OP monthly supply planning meeting as well. I was even able to work with people in Nashville to ensure on time delivery of production parts to Arkansas back in the States. Living and working in China was quite the experience and one I’ll never forget.

Factory in Kawagoe, Japan

Factory in Kawagoe, Japan

My final rotation is back in Orangeburg. I’m currently working to understand Work-In-Process (WIP) inventory and its impact on daily productivity, absorption, and employee morale. I’m putting together a team to create a value stream map of one production line from distribution to planning, which will then be completed for other lines in the factory to reduce customer response time.

The Global Trainee Program has equipped me with a broad perspective and exposure to many sides of manufacturing. It has provided me with the opportunity to learn and travel in a supportive environment while advancing my career. I’m really looking forward to starting my leadership position at the end of the program in September and meeting with the other trainees for the conclusion of the program back in Stockholm, Sweden, where our two year journey began.

Tyler Fuller
Global Trainee Manufacturing & Logistics