Hello, my name is Chao Zhu (Terry), I’m from China and I joined Husqvarna Group in September, 2013. For those of you who don’t know, Husqvarna Group is a producer of outdoor power products, garden watering products and cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction industry. After almost two years at the Group, I can say that I definitely don’t regret my decision to take the job when I got offered a position as a global trainee within purchasing.

Product day of first training module in Sweden

Testing products during the first training module in Sweden

The trainee program includes four, six month rotations and I’m currently at my fourth and last one. This time I got to work in Huskvarna, Sweden, at the global commodity department and support them on some very important projects. I have been in Sweden for three months now and it has been one of the most impressive experiences in my life. The working culture and environment in Sweden is very different from what I’m used to and I’m grateful that all my colleagues are willing to share their knowledge. Even more important is that I get to work with challenging tasks and projects and gain valuable knowledge.

Working with R&D electric in Huskvarna

Working with R&D electric in Huskvarna, Sweden

Also, I have to say that I am really lucky to have met my assignment manager – Jonas Andersson and my colleague – Jonas Mattsson. They are both amazingly nice guys that have worked at the Group for many years and have a rich working knowledge. They have taught me a lot and always guided me on the right way.


After having worked with four different teams, I have truly gained a lot of precious experience and useful working skills. I have also realized that alignment and communicating with each other is the real key of success, especially in such a large multi-cultured group as this.

When my six months in Sweden are done, I will join another amazing team – the supply chain and demand team in China. I am really looking forward to it and hope I will get to work on even more challenging and interesting projects!

I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work as a global trainee and I’m glad I chose this program as the start of my career! What interests me most is that as a global trainee you can try different things and work at several departments. That way you can approach problems in a different way and eventually, you contribute with valuable insight and knowledge!

Chao Zhu (Terry)
Global Trainee