The abroad period I mean! As I mentioned before, I am going to São Paulo, Brazil. And last week I booked the flights! The planning of my work there is ongoing and I can tell you that it´s going to be really exciting! I will keep you posted, promise!

One thing that is included in our trainee program is an one week language course to prepare us for the abroad period. The week before my arrival in Brazil, I will be in Cambridge to study english. To make sure that all of us get classes at our level of skill, we have been doing some tests and filling out what we would like to improve. It is going to be an intense week for sure with classes, both single and in small groups. And there will probably be study trips and of course evening activitites as well. We are staying with host families so we will really get the chance to practice our english!

When talking to former trainees, they say that if they have to choose, the abroad period and the language week was the most fun and educational of the whole trainee program. That I am really looking forward to!