After years of tough exams, late evenings (and long weekends) in computer labs, litres and litres of coffee and numerous student partys, it was (finally) time for me to take the next step out in the real world. The world of work. And what way would be better to start than as a Graduate Trainee? I can’t think of any! In this blog I will tell you about the life as a trainee and hopefully inspire you to apply for a graduate trainee position as well!

But who am I? And in which computer lab rooms did I really spend my evenings? My name is Charlotte Jalkebo. I am 25 years old, born and raised in Eskilstuna, and that’s where I returned after my graduation. I spent most of my study time in the A-house and the C-house at Campus Valla in Linköping (and some confused occasions in the B-house). I studied Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and and continued with a Masters of Science in product development and technical design. My profile throughout my education has been physical and cognitive product ergonomics.

I remember well the day when I got that one call that changed my life. I was the next Scania Graduate Trainee of 2014 (everything that we are proud of, we put Scania in front of). I got my dream job! Research & Development trainee within Styling and Vehicle Ergonomics. Can you believe it! Fantastic! The time from that call to when we first started the trainee program felt like a half eternity – and today that day is exactly 4 months ago.

So what has happened since I started that summer day the 18th of August? Well, a lot. I have worked in production, met with- and listened to many inspiring managers, taken driving licence for heavy truck (C ), and for heavy truck with heavy trailer (CE – am I a real trucker now?). I have worked at my home department and gotten education in both presentation technique and leadership. Amazing!

Tomorrow is my last day of my first period. It feels kind of sad leaving my colleagues, but I know that in the beginning of next year I am up for a great new challenge.

Stay tuned!

Charlotte Jalkebo