So, another exciting week has passed and which included lots of travelling and 7 countries to visit to be precise and where I could add a few countries I visited for the first time, including Bulgaria, Estonia and Lithuania. It was amazing to meet all the staff and management in the different countries we have offices in, and since we’re among the market leaders and growing fast  in this area, it was of course a energetic atmosphere to come to!

One of the differences from our Nordic operations is that we also broadcast news in several countries in Eastern Europe, so it was really interesting to see how a news station works. In Tallin, the biggest scope of the day included a story where dogs in Tallinn mysteriously were poisoned by someone putting out small capsules on the street! Terrible of course but I couldn’t help smiling about the whole news department’s excitment about this, “And we have a dog owner coming into the studio, god job!” There, I also got to act as a stand in host, and if I only had known Estonian, it would probably even have been possible to get on air since everything you say is written on the screen in front of the camera!

Acting as an estonian news reader

My first meeting with a real wheather man!

On Friday I was also participating in X games, a large gaming fair, and although computer games not really are my strongest side, I did the best I could, promoting our new computer game site called Viagame, a project run by a previous trainee. Participating in those extra projects, as the trainees often do, gives you a much better overview of the organization and everything we do, plus that its great fun of course, learned a lot from talking to 10 year old gamers!

building up our Viagame booth

Next week, me and some trainee colleuages will be standing at Handels Göteborgs’ career fair Gadden, so if you’re nearby, pass by and say hi to us!

Until next time, have a great week and thanks for reading!