I’m in Prague! Since I now live in a country that lacks åäö on the keyboards I will start writing in English instead of Swedish (I want to make it easier for you as a reader). Since I haven’t written anything during the last two weeks I will start with a recap.

Two weeks ago we had a seminar week that dealt with the “sales-to-delivery” process. Markus has already mentioned some of the things we did that week and I really can’t do anything else than to agree with him that it was a very nice week. I now have some knowledge in the selling process, which is very good since I’ll be working at the Importer in the Central European Region (i.e. Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). The importer works more strategically than the dealers and has all central functions required in the region but it is still a lot about selling trucks. Today I will meet my manager for the first time and he will give me information about the projects I should be working on during my time here. I don’t think it matters that much what kind if projects I will get, I still think I will have a great time here (I heard some rumors that I will be going Hungary for some time as well, fun!).

Last week, six of the trainees went to Cambridge for language training. It actually was really challenging, in the mornings we had 3 hours of group lessons and in the afternoons we had 3 hours of one-to-one lessons. The teachers were great and we focused a lot on interaction and discussions, we were also pushed to use common phrases and expressions such as “are you telling porkies?” and “he is trying to pull a fast one on us”. We actually got points every time we managed to use any of the phrases that we were taught and in the end of the week the winner got a price. It was a fantastic week with intense days and fun evenings. We managed to visit at least six different pubs and bars and we also had dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant. All six of the trainees really tried to get together as much as possible since we all knew that we would be quite lonely in the coming three months in our new postings…

So, this Saturday I arrived in Prague. At first the taxi driver could not find the correct address since it is such a small alley that it is almost impossible to drive there and the GPS did not show it. When I finally got there I was really tired and hungry so the first thing I did was to eat at McDonalds…. Then you at least know what you get. I will however tell you all about Prague and the real Czech food in coming posts – now I will meet my manager!