This weekend have I been up in Åre working and enjoyed the Swedish mountains. Vattenfall is proud sponsor of the Swedish ski association, which means that Vattenfall takes part in different ski events. We hade a big event during WM  in Garmisch –Partenkirchen and now this weekend a event during the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in Åre. We where 11 persons from different locations in the Vattefall organisation working during this event. We had a big tent at the arena where visitors could try ski simulators and see how much energy the generated while doing slalom, cross country skiing or ski  jumping. We also had a cheering competition where the person how cheered the most by shaking there phone whit the app “Power of cheering” won. It was a great weekend even though we didn’t get any Swedish medals.

 Someone how  was there? Let me know what you thought!