I thought I would try to describe a week of non-trainee related work.

So, what has happened since last Friday? Not that I managed to blog last Friday or anything, but for the sake of the argument, imagine I did.

Last Saturday the alpine branch of the ever so appreciated sports club at Vattenfall, Vattenfalls IF, organized a trip to Romme Alpine in Dalarna, Sweden. Me and a few fellow colleagues accepted the offer and endured the 5.30 am wake-up call while praying to the weather gods. And boy did that pay off, clear skies and -1 celcius. Turned out to be a perfect day in the slopes. Sign me up for next year!

The normal work-week then started off Monday by an even earlier wake-up call to catch the early flight to Helsinki. Spent the day at the Helsinki office, unfortunately without any opportunity to see what the city had to offer. Me and me colleague Sven had a very productive day of meetings. So inspiring to see a different market, with its’ pros and cons. Back in Sweden just in time for dinner.

Another notable activity I have undertaken this week is the highly prestigious Power Grid challenge. I would be the first guy to admit to its geekyness, but yes, it’s a board game about building power plants. Like Monopoly meets Risk meets the electricity industry. Like I said it is a very prestigious battle at the office, unfortunately 3-time champion Håkan snagged the victory right in front of my nose. Cried myself to sleep that night.

Other than that I have spent the week working on my projects, late nights and early mornings. Just like I like it. I guess that phase will pass 🙂

I have gotten requests to explain the trainee requirement process, which I will do. So keep your eyes open people.

Till then, have a great weekend!