Another week has passed, and it’s been a hectic one. I spent the whole week at the Stockholm office, working on getting my Product & Pricing projects off the ground. I have a lot to take care of since I’ll be out of the Stockholm office for about 3 weeks starting next week. However, I don’t mind one bit, just love working with pricing and product development.

As mentioned earlier, my upcoming weeks will be out of the Stockholm office, and I’m really looking forward to it. My upcoming schedule:

Monday morning: seriously early flight to Amsterdam where I’ll meet up with my trainee colleagues for four days of seminars, training and study visits to different parts of the Vattenfall value chain. Friday we’re all going to Brussels to stopover at our Belgian office and visit the European Parliament. Hopping on the 6.45 flight back to Stockholm, re-pack my bags and get a few hours of sleep. Saturday an even earlier wake-up call awaits and I’ll, hesitantly, get in my car to drive up to Umeå in the north of Sweden (where I’m originally from). I’ll work at the Umeå office on Monday and then, in the evening, I’ll take my car and drive up to Kittelfjäll for a few well deserved days of vacation. Well deserved according to me at least. And yes, I’ll be the judge of that.

Next Monday I’ll meet up with my Swedish trainee colleagues in the Gothenburg (Kittelfjäll-Stockholm-Gothenburg) area to visit Ringhals nuclear plant, a wind farm and a wave power plant. Tuesday evening it’s back to Stockholm to re-pack my bags again and get ready for an early drive to Sälen Wednesday morning. In Sälen I’ll work with a Vattenfall sponsored event, Ski Funtastic, for a few days. If you happened to be in Sälen at the time, please stop by our tent to say hello!

Puh. That’s a lot of travelling come to think of it. Pretty sure the Stockholm office will feel like a blessing the week after that.

Playtime is over, time to get some work done so I don’t have to spend the next three weeks on my cell.

Ah, just remembered, subsequent to writing this, that a promised a description of the recruitment process. Next time, promise. See it as a cliff-hanger.

I’ll get back to you guys soon, take care till then!