Welcome to my blog, I hope you will find my first year as a trainee at Vattefall interesting. Where should I start? Introduce my self maybe. My name is Johanna Häägg and I am from Uppsala, Sweden’s forth largest city and a big university town as well. After high school I moved to Perth, Australia for one year, where I studied and also worked as a graphic designer. When I got back home in 2006 I started studying Computer Science and System Development at Uppsala University. After four amazing years in the student’s city Uppsala, I started working for Vattenfall 1 Sep 2010!

I have now been a trainee for 6 months and the time as been flying. I started working in my home organisation Vattenfall IT for a couple of months. I was part of a project building up a new Test Centre of Excellence within Vattenfall. This was a perfect start, I was from day one part of a team, I could contribute directly whit the knowledge I had gain from my thesis work (Requirement management and Test) and I got to know a lot of people within the IT organisation.

During this half year have I also been on 3 seminar week’s whit my trainee colleges from all over the organisation. We are 15 international trainees working in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Poland, Denmark and UK.

The first week we where outside Stockholm, mostly working on building our team and getting to know each other. We also visit Forsmark nuclear power plant and Älvkaleby hydro power plant.

The second seminar was held in Berlin and the area around Cottbus which is a big mining area in east Germany. We started of whit a day at the main office in central Berlin, meeting some of the people working there and also 20 former Vattenfall trainees from Germany, Sweden and Poland. When you join the trainee program you also become a member of Vattenfall Alumni Association (VITAA). The second day we had a very interesting and inspiring day at European School of Management and Technology (ESMT). The rest of the week we lived in the small village Lübenau and visit a coal power plant, an open coal mine and a village that hade been moved because of the mine. We hade a lot of interesting discussions about coal as an energy source and how different the conditions are in all countries and how that affects the choice of energy sources in each country.

The third seminar was held in Warszawa three weeks ago, there we got an insight on the aspects of running a large company buy playing a business game. We also visit the office in Warszawa, a heat power plant and learned about polish history and culture.

I have also have had the time to do one of my two assignments abroad. The first one I did at the Sales department in Berlin. It was very interesting to get insight in a new business area and in the German way of living and working.

Now I am back at the office in Stockholm but that I will tell you more about later on!