It is almost one year since I started as a management trainee at Handheld. I remember how exciting it was to enter the office and meeting all my great colleagues. The first month me and Christian spent most of our time in the conference room with colleagues who educated us in products, logistics, organisational structure, strategy and much more. During that time a hunger grew to go out and implement everything we learned and believe me, we got that chance. After only 5 week we went to Cebit in Hannover, this was our first chance to meet with customers and potential customers. From Cebit and all the way through the program we worked with sales and different internal projects. The program has taken us through many European countries and to USA.

In USA we have really been tested, our main task here has been sales and business development but at the same time we are managing projects in Sweden. I can tell you that it is not always easy to do this from the other side of the earth. It has been a very good experience to meet clients here and to see the variety of ways than conduct meetings in, I have held presentations in everything from nice board rooms to sitting in a diner and showing products between dishes. I have realized that you cant sell in a standardized way, you need to adapt to situations and to customers.

Right now we are wrapping up our work here in USA and prepare to leave for Sweden. A year goes by very fast, I am looking forward to starting a new one at Handheld and also starting my new postion (more on this later).

Merry Christmas everyone!