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Hi again everyone!!

Since last time I’ve been to really interesting and exiting events! Last week I participated at Handelsrådets workshop about innovation in retail, where people both from the industry, the government and academia joined to discuss the future within retail. The dynamic group really generated good and interesting discussions with many different perspectives – it’s really interesting to be a part of discussions where the competences are so different. The discussed topic’s was about a seamless commerce, sustainability and also the need of raising the importance of retail in our society. The trade sector accounts for 11% of Sweden’s GDP and 1 of 5 young and foreign born get their first job within the retail sector, which means that this sector is an important employer in social perspective. This can give us an issue when the new digital technologies are introduced to our market, what will the first jobs be then?

The lunch view at Mordärna Museet where Matdagen was hosted

The day after I joined Matdagen 2019 which is a day hosted by Livsmedelsföretagen who is a branch organization for the food industry in Sweden. The focus area for this year’s event was public health. What can the industry do to contribute to good healthy lifestyles, spread evidence-based knowledge about food and health, create more food joy and simply help people feel better?

The winners of “Årets Livsmedelsexportör”

One exciting thing during the day was the award of the prize “Food Exporter of the Year” where Viking Malt was the winners who is partly owned by Lantmännen. Viking Malt has an export share of 80 % and annually exports 600 000 ton Swedish malt to breweries and distilleries worldwide.

In between the exiting events I’m still mapping up the value chain for oats – it is incredible how much you can do with oats and how many health benefits there are with oats.

Have a great week everyone and until next post, eat some oats – it’s good for you!

Best Regards,

PS. Did you know that the Food industry is the third biggest industry in Sweden?

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Oat-standing forcast

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Hello  everyone!

Since last time I have finished my last project for Swecon Baltics where I made a suggestion of a process of how to work with prizing of spare parts. I learned plenty during my time there, both about different way of working with prizing, the difficulties of having the right price when you hare hundreds of thousands different spare parts, and also the cultural differences between the three countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In other words – a great project!

Now I’m sitting at the strategic department in Stockholm HQ where I currently look at the value chain of oats within Lantmännen. Plenty is happening within oats in the food industry so it’s a very hot topic here at Lantmännen. So far, I‘ve had the great opportunity to attend external meetings which have given me insight in how to work with strategic questions, also on how decisions are made. As the business plans for the different businesses in Lantmännen are set during this time of the year, I also learn about that process – really interesting!

Last evening there was an Afterwork at the HQ office with a music quiz – great fun it was!

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Until next time!


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