Trip to Skåne

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Hi all,

Can’t believe it has been a month already since we started at Lantmännen. Where did the time go?

Sooo, since us trainees don’t see each other that often because of different geographical location (except the Stockholmers :)), few weeks ago we decided to meet up and visit some of Lantmännen’s factories in Skåne, southern Sweden

Initially, it was Moa, Johan, and Anton, who are placed in Copenhagen and Malmö respectively, who were invited to visit these facilities, but then they thought hmm the more would be the merrier, so they invited all of us to come and join the fun…and so we did!

First stop, we got the chance to look closer the grain handling process at Lantmännen Lantbruk in Helsingborg. We were accompanied by the operation manager who explains the flow of grain when they arrive from our owners, sorted, cleaned, then kept inside the silos, maintaining the grain quality, before being distributed to different Lantmännen’s businesses. There are 300 grain silos in total that are ranging from hundreds of tons only to thousands of tons. It is quite a busy activity but thanks to modern technology, almost all of them are operated automatically. Awesome!

The full squad at the grain silos by the harbor

On top of one of the grain silo, super windy btw

Second stop is pancake factory at Laholm. As heavenly as it sounds, we could look closer at the production of Lantmännen’s pancakes using only the best ingredients. Of course we had the chance to taste the products (so yummy!) and little tour inside the pancakes factory. The production line tour did not only show of how pancakes are made, but also how they are packed in boxes, down to the point where they are stored inside huge freezer, ready to be transported to customers. Since the area needs to be sterile, we had to wear protective caps, robes and shoes to avoid contamination with the products, but we could still took some pictures deliberately.

Freshly made pancakes yumm

With our protective suits

Stay tune for more posts from us and we hope you have a great week ahead!

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Tracing protein up to Norrköping

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A warm hello from sunny Norrköping,

Vanessa is here and on this post, I am really excited to share my experience as a trainee at Lantmännen!

For my first rotation, I get the privilege to do the assignment at Lantmännen Agroetanol, an energy division located at Norrköping, eastern Sweden. (Fun fact: Agroetanol is the largest bioerefinery in the Nordics with production of almost 25 tonnes of bioethanol (yes, that fuel that you add to your gasoline) per hour!). Apart from bioethanol, we are also producing feed products for livestocks and liquified CO2 known as carbonic acid that attracts customers from food industry.

For my assignment, I will investigate the traceability of protein content in our feed products, right from the delivery of the raw materials up to the loading of logistics to the customers. Sounds trivial, but I can assure you it is absolutely not :p

The perks of working on a production site: this is my everyday view at work. In front of distillation tanks.

This field is completely new for me, but this is when the fun parts come 🙂 My project instructor has given me a free space so I can decide how I would like to execute this project. Therefore, I could be creative, show some initiatives, and point out critical points since this project is basically my “playground”, but of course from time to time I still need his supervision. Also an important part in this project is networking. To be able to collect data, I need to talk to a lot of people from different professional areas. This is the part where I got to polish my communication skills and an opportunity to start building contacts. Some can be approached through lunch, mails, or as simple as coming by their offices. To have their various insights and linking them together on this project is interesting but also tricky 😉 All in all, so far I can say Agroetanol provides a friendly environment and a welcoming atmosphere for a new employee like me.

In front of fermentation tanks, where all the magic happens

For me, being a trainee (even though it has been 2 weeks only) is definitely pushing me out of my boundaries, in a good way of course 🙂 I don’t mind at all because I realize this is one of the ways to enhance self-development, so I am up for the challenges! Bring it on!

Time to wrap up my post and head straight to the weekend!

Until next time,


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