A nice week in Copenhagen :)

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About two weeks ago I was at a seminar week in Copenhagen together with the other trainees. The first day we talked about communication and did a intressting exercise about communication in big and hierarchical companies. We talked about what is hard with communication in big companies and what is important to do to be able to succeed.

The two upcoming days we talked about cultural differences. We talked among other things about similarities and differences in the many cultures within Vattenfall and how it is important to be aware and be able to use our differences in a positive and constructive way. I especially liked the exercise were all of us presented the culture of the country that we grow up in.

Another thing I really appreciated was the study visit to Lillgrund wind power park. I learned a lot more about wind power and it was quite cool to be in a boat surrounded by almost 50 wind power plants.

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From the top of a wind power station

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Nuclear power, wave power, wind power and nuclear waste management are all very interesting subjects and something that all of us Swedish trainees would like to explore further. Therefore we went on a small study tour within Sweden. The trip was not organized by the trainee program but something we organized by ourselves.

The first day we went to Ringhals nuclear power plant. The first stop was at the information center where we were allowed to hold a uranium pellet. Secondly we visited the reactor hall at Ringhals 1, which is a reactor of a model called boiling water reactor.

Early in the morning of the second day we travelled by car to Lysekil to visit Seabased, which is company that are researching and developing wave power. At Seabased we were given a lot of information and saw some of the plants that later would be placed into the sea. I did not know that much about wave power before so it was interesting to learn about the basics.

After a quick lunch we continued our journey to Brålanda where we visited a wind power station. We climbed the whole way up to the top which was an amazing experience. The wind power station was 107 meters high, so it was a bit of an exercise to climb the whole way up. From the top we had a remarkable view and it was very exciting to see what the mill looked like from the inside and get to know more about how it functions.

On our third day we visited SKB: s facilities in Oskarshamn. SKB is an abbreviation for Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company). There we visited Canister laboratory and Äspö hard rock laboratory, two research labs which focus on nuclear fuel management and Clab, the Swedish interim storage facility for spent nuclear fuel. I did my master thesis within radioactive waste management and I have earlier during the trainee program done an assignment at SFR (Swedish: Slutförvaret för kortlivat radioaktivt avfall, English: Final repository for short-lived radioactive waste). Radioactive waste management is a subject that I am very interesting in so it was great to have the opportunity to visit the facilities in Oskarshamn. I would like to thank everyone who have helped and guided us on our study tour. It was three extraordinary days!

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