Phew, a short post.

Back from the road. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, but just like ice cream there is a limit where it starts to wear on you:

Stockholm-Amsterdam-Brussels-Stockholm-Umeå-Örnsköldsvik-Kittelfjäll-Stockholm-Ringhals-Trollhättan-Stockholm-Lindvallen-Stockholm-Umeå-Stockholm, with a maximum of 3 nights in one place.

Highs: energy politics in Brussels with visits to the parliament and the commission, climbing a 110m wind plant, passing through to the reactive side at a nuclear plant, vaca in the Swedish mountains, working at a sunny ski-event in Lindvallen.

Lows: repacking, shortage of sleep, my car breaking down on the way to the car dealership (two words you don’t want to hear from your mechanic: “motor salad”), speeding ticket (the expensive kind).

Now I’m back at the office in Stockholm trying to play catch up with my regular duties; not the most pleasant feeling I must conclude. As mentioned, a short post this time. Now when I’m back in Sthlm my blog frequency will hopefully increase. If not, then I’m officially a terrible blogger.

Some pics from the last few weeks:

Parlaiment and dinner in Brussels

Stroll in Brussels and vacation in Swedish mountains (Kittelfjäll)


Plague or cholera? (wind plant)

Have a great weekend!