I’ve heard from older trainees that have been in Czech Republic that they have had too little to do at work while being here. Maybe it is just the culture or they really want us to enjoy Prague instead of feeling pressed because of work. The same thing has happened to me. Last few weeks I have felt that I’m about to finish my projects soon, which I also told my boss. This however made me end up with a new office…

Or maybe not just one office, rather a whole city full of offices. Because when I told my boss that it was boring to have too few things on my daily agenda, he thought that I just needed new inspiration, a change of working environment. So instead of any new projects he told me to find I nice café that I could work in. Since I run my own projects without any connection to the daily work of any of my colleagues he thought that I should take the chance to find inspiration somewhere else than in the Scania office.

So here I am, at café Louvre with a Summer Ice Tea in my hand. Maybe my boss was right, sitting eight hours a day in front of the same computer isn’t the optimal solution when you need to be creative (but isn’t that just what I have to do when starting my “real” working life?). Of course I can’t say no when I get this chance so if you need any advice on cosy cafés with free WIFI in Prague, please contact me J

The part with not getting any new projects was not 100% true. I was actually invited to take part in the release and maintenance of Scania Czech Republic on Facebook. That is a project that really needs creativity. I read a lot of blogs and different advice on the Internet of how to use Facebook for marketing and communication. Most of them agreed that the language has to be very informal and friendly and you really can’t sell anything directly on the page. The fans have to feel that the company has a real personality and is interested in listening to the customers. Still, the hardest issue in the beginning is to reach the fans and involve them in creating the page. My colleague that is responsible for the page wants to have 80 000 fans within one year. That seems way too optimistic to me, but we will see who has to buy a nice dinner in June next year (I have put a note in my Outlook so I wont forget to check).

Now I will order a strawberry pancake… Good that I was out running yesterday!