The Dynamics trainee position

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Hello again!

In this post I will tell you about what me and Stefania are working with at the Gothenburg office. Both of us got a position within our Business Application Service (BAS) where our team works with selling, implementing and supporting the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics. The majority of us are based in Gothenburg but the rest are spread out across Sweden and we also have a group of people working in India. Since both our team and also our customers are spread out, we have had the opportunity to travel a lot within Sweden, which we think is exciting! During our trainee programme, the plan for us is to try out the different positions within the group. This varies from project management, business consultancy, service delivery manager and sales, and thereafter see which role think is most interested to work with after the programme.

A part from testing and learning the different positions, we also work with different internal projects. Lean is a big part of the Fujitsu way and something that interest both of us. Therefore, our internal projects for the Dynamics group revolves a lot around that. One of the projects we are working with right now is to implement an electronic Commcell for our team, which is a management tool used to help visualize and communicate important information in a good and efficient way. Another project involves the workshops which our consultants have together with the customer. We are supposed to investigate whether we can make them more efficient by creating a more standardized workshop structure. Both of these projects gives us a great overview of the performance of the team as well as deepening the knowledge of the implementation process.

Here are some pictures from our first months!

Have a nice weekend everybody! 🙂


Greetings from Kristianstad


A part of our team at the Fujitsu 80s Christmas party

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Introduction days in London

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Hi everyone!

My name is Stina Nilsson Helander and I’m the other trainee located at the Gothenburg office.  I’m originally from Stockholm, but I’ve spent the last four years in Linköping were I studied Business and Administration at Linköping University. So for me, both the Graduate Programme and Gothenburg are very new and exciting!

During our second week at Fujitsu we travelled to London to meet all the other graduates from across EMEIA for a two day introduction. In total we are about 80 graduates enrolled in the programme, with the majority being based in the UK and Ireland. In addition to us five Swedes, we also have one graduate located in France, one in Belgium and another in the Netherlands.

The two days in London were really fun! It was a great mix of information regarding the programme and the company. We also took part in several group exercises that ranged from a team juggling challenge to testing our Lean skills by becoming paper airplane manufacturers. One of the main focuses during these two days was to network and start building relationships with as many of the graduates as possible, but I think only a few managed to talk to all 80 of us! Now we’re looking forward to the next joint event together. This event will be held in Stockholm and introduce us to the Lean methodology (Sense and Respond) used in Fujitsu.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂



Fujitsu EMEIA Graduates 2016


The fives Swedes


First day in London


Celebrating a grads birthday


“The Gothenburg twins” exploring London








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