I cannot believe 1.5 years have passed and me and my colleagues are now close to ending this amazing experience. Being a Global Trainee at Husqvarna Group has been an exciting and definitely challenging journey.

At the same time I have gained 10 wonderful friends, accumulating so many fun and interesting stories during our training modules in Sweden, Germany, USA and China so far, which goes from meeting our Group Management team to assembling a drill stand, one of our Construction products.
I just finished my six months working with the Sourcing team in Asia, I’ve spent one month in Japan and five in Shanghai as well as in many other cities around China visiting our main supplier base together with the Quality Assurance Engineering team. It has been a great learning opportunity, working in different countries and experiencing new cultures, is just a complete new and wonderful world that I would highly recommend everyone to take the chance to experience.

Two weeks ago I moved back to Sweden to continue with my last six months as a trainee, although I will miss some things I discovered during my time in Asia, like bubble tea which became my favorite drink! I am also looking forward to new challenges during my last rotation and to think that after the summer we will finish the Trainee Program and move to our target positions!”

All the best to my colleagues and friends with their next challenge, and if you are about to start a graduate program you can expect nothing but exiting times ahead!