My name is Joe Beck, and I’m one of the two American Global Trainees currently living in the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I’m working as a Trainee for Commercial Lawn and Garden Sales in the Husqvarna division. This segment deals with all of Husqvarna’s commercial end users who rely on our products every day to get the job done on time while maximizing their output and profit.


Husqvarna’s Global Trainee Program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To date, this position has taken me to Europe twice, all across the Eastern US, to industry-wide expositions, and to corporate top management conferences. I’ve met Husqvarna employees from Executive Vice Presidents to factory workers; from service representatives to the company CEO. I’ve recently celebrated my 1-year work anniversary, and I’m incredibly proud to say that I work for a company as open, dynamic, and exciting as Husqvarna Group. I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and I’m excited to see what challenges lie ahead for us Trainees in the months ahead.


As I rotate through each department in my program roadmap, my duties vary vastly from one role to the next. Each day is a new day, and every project I work on demands the utmost skill and attention. It is a truly challenging and stimulating work environment. To date, I’ve ridden with salesmen across the country, trained brand ambassadors, facilitated industry-wide trade shows for Husqvarna, and designed and executed several marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns. I’ve also worked on a variety of fascinating projects, including robotics marketing, data management, sales analytics, and product management.


As multi-faceted as this program is, its also important to realize the strong role that each of us trainees play in the future of Husqvarna Group. Our company is over 325 years old, and has a renowned passion for innovation and constantly looking ahead for the next big trend. Its up to us, as future leaders in this incredible company, to carry on this legacy. Although the challenge may be great, and the marketplace may become even more dynamic with the passing years, I have no doubts that with the guidance of our teammates, that legacy will remain strong for years to come.


All the best,


Joe Beck