Hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Since the weather is so good I decided to take a cup of coffee, sit by the window and write a post about a fun event we just had, the Fujitsu World Tour!

Every year Fujitsu puts on a world tour where we invite our local customers, partners and companies interested in Fujitsu to attend a fun and interesting day filled with lectures and information about new products and services. The tour is the biggest road show and this year is actually the 10th consecutive year the Fujitsu World Tour is on the road and also the first year that the tour has extended into Asia! Now the tour will visit a total of 22 countries with 25 events spread across six continents. The tour is still on the road and will be so for some time.

The theme for this years tour is Digital Co-creation, focusing on how Fujitsu works in tandem with customers to connect the digital dots and support business growth. The first stop on the tour in Europe was Stockholm and I got the pleasure to represent Fujitsu in the booth for Co- creation where I got to speak about innovation and one of our approaches for co-creating together with our customers.

It was a fun and interesting day! I even got to meet colleagues from Finland and England that came all the way to Stockholm to help me at my booth. We had a really good time together informing our customers about Co-creation. Below are some picture from the Co-creation stand. As you can see on the pictures, it is colorful and vibrant as we wanted to stand out from all the others!

Here is also a link to a short youtube video from the World Tour here in Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUvsZrcT864