Hello everyone!

I want to share with you a really interesting event that us Fujitsu Graduates got to experience recently. It started with us traveling to Manchester for a training session where we met up with our fellow Graduates from the UK, France and the Netherlands.

The training session was called Personal Impact and was designed to help us develop our self awareness. This was a one day event where we had two trainers that specialize in this type of training. The training was about understanding the different personality types that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test is build on. For each personality type they made us play a game to help us understand each type better and then we had to guess which type in each category we thought described us the best. You can see the 8 different personal types in the picture here below:

After playing the different games, everyone got their real results from the Myers-Briggs test that each of us had to take few weeks before the training. It was really interesting to see if you perceived you to have the same personality as the test results gave back or if you had other ideas which category fitted you better. For me it was really interesting to be able to compare what the Myers-Briggs test result gave and the personality type I perceived myself to have. It gave me a lot of information about myself that I can use to help develop myself in the future.

After a full day of training we went out to dinner at an amazing pizza place in downtown Manchester. As you can see the pizzas were really good!