Hello everyone!

My name is Stefania Reynisdottir and I´m one of this year’s Fujitsu Sweden graduates. I originally come from Iceland but I have been living in Gothenburg the last two years. Before I got this position I was a student at Chalmers University of Technology where I studied Industrial Engineering.

The Fujitsu Graduate Programme is a 2 year international programme with around 80 graduates across EMEIA. This is the first year that Fujitsu Sweden has launched the programme which is really exciting. In total we are five graduates, three of us are located in Stockholm and two of us in Gothenburg. Together we want to share with you our journey as a Fujitsu Graduate.


Maria (Director HR), Gizem, Camilla, Stina, Stefania, Rachel and Karin (Managing Director)

We started on the 12th of September and already in the first week, myself and Stina, (the other graduate located at the Gothenburg office) travelled to Stockholm for two days to meet the other graduates. Our first day was an introduction day for all new Fujitsu employees in Sweden. We were introduced to the management team, learned about the different business lines within the company and lastly were introduced to Lean@Fujitsu which is a really big part of the Fujitsu Way. This was introduced by dividing us into two groups to play a Lean Game so that we could experience and test the Lean principles and practices in action. The second day of introduction was organized specifically for just us five graduates, then we met more colleagues from different departments and learned more about the different areas within Fujitsu.

These two days were really fun and packed with valuable information regarding the company. However, the best part was to get to know the other graduates which to our pleasant surprise were all girls!  🙂

Please comment if you have any questions or would like us to write about something special!