Right after my vacation I packed my bags and moved to Vienna for my first placement at another site than Stockholm. I will be based in Vienna for almost four weeks and during this time I will visit the production department here.

I have arrived in the middle of the summer shutdown when maintenance work is done to large parts of the production area. So yesterday I got the chance to move around in what is usually the cleanest area of the company, the filling of the products, but which is now a construction site. Everywhere people are painting, drilling, doing electrical work and replacing parts and the work has been thoroughly planned to be done in the short weeks that the production is closed.

I have also spent some time this week in the part of the production which is still running. The Stockholm and the Vienna site are more or less producing the same products but even though the production steps are the same it is very different here. I try to focus on learning how routines and organization differ between the sites so that maybe we could learn from each other in some aspects. Even though I don’t speak German and my colleagues here in production doesn’t speak a lot of English everyone is really helpful and trying to explain the best they can.  And I’m sure that even though everything is really new and a bit confusing now in the beginning I will soon know everything there is to know about the Vienna production plant. And I might learn some German on the way as well.

Auf Wiedersehen