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Natallia Semianiaka

My name is Natallia Semianiaka and I am a Global Trainee in Manufacturing at Husqvarna Group in Sweden. Originally, I am from Belarus where I got my degree in Industrial Engineering. Later I came to Sweden to study Industrial Management, and in September 2013 I joined Husqvarna Group’s Global Trainee Program. The company’s respected name and innovative outdoor power products were definitely deciding factors for me when I applied for the position.

By being a Global Trainee, I’ve had the opportunity to work in five different functions at Husqvarna Group, namely manufacturing, sourcing, sales and operations planning, sales, and finally Research and Development (R&D).

Within the manufacturing function I worked on a production line flexibility project in Huskvarna, Sweden, where I got a good understanding of production planning challenges inherent to a seasonal business such as ours.

For my second rotation in the sourcing function I went to Shanghai, China, as commodity responsible for electric components. That was a time of an intensive learning of a different function and adapting to a different business culture.

After six months in China I have worked at the sales and operations planning department in Sweden and at the sales organization in Russia. I was impressed by the numerous communication channels in the Group and realized how important it is to maintain the transparency of all demand and supply processes. In addition, I got better knowledge of customer needs, especially in emerging markets. I started my last rotation at the R&D department one month ago, and my assignment is to support an industrialization stage of a new product and serve as a bridge between R&D and manufacturing.

The red thread through all my rotations is that you can’t overestimate the importance of communication and collaboration between different departments. People see issues from their function’s perspective, and it is important to double check and align with all stakeholders involved before making a decision.

The Global Training Program has been a great eye-opening experience for me and it has helped me develop a cross-functional attitude and understanding of how I would like to develop my career within Husqvarna Group.

End of March this year, I was extremely happy to go back to China for a training module, where me and my trainee colleagues visited three factories in China – Shanghai, Changzhou and the construction facility in Xiamen – and enjoyed discussions and hospitality of our Chinese colleagues. It was also really nice to meet all trainees again. During the two year program, we have become more friends than colleagues. I assume this was one of the purposes of the Global Trainee Program – to build up a strong network of people who can rely on each other.

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Training module in China

Now, time is approaching to start paying back for the efforts the company has invested in us trainees. It is time to think about my next challenge and how I can contribute with the knowledge generated during the training program to the Group’s best benefit.

I hope all trainees have an interesting and productive final rotation and find their place in the Group at the end of the program!

Natallia Semianiaka
Global Trainee